Shuabby help please

  • Hi, Have different energies (people) I'm dealing with. Some relatives, some personal. Retreating to my inner self and that's the only thing that's bringing peace right now. Mainly 2 people with 2 different sets of problems. Also, looking forward to hearing some news in near future (2 months.) Can you do a reading. Would like any insight. Thank you.

  • 3 twos equals meeting of the minds. Things will work out but not as you expect. There will be surprises in store. Looks like it will take place in October - November over a family get together.

    Good luck. 2s are good cards.

  • Wow--Thanks. I do in fact await important news during the time frame regarding entrance into a program that I've been preparing for. Also, am going out of town during thanksgiving to be with family.

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