Did I know this guy in my past life? And what will come of this?

  • Hi VoplySoply,

    What I meant is that Russia is more formal than the U.S. in terms of the relationship between the teacher and the student. 🙂 Europe in general is more formal than the U.S. in that regard which is why you didn't notice a difference between Russia and France and Portugal. Europe as a whole is just more formal than the U.S. when it comes to relationships between teachers and students. 🙂


  • Possibly. Just depends. I, for one, am rather informal with my students. Maybe that will get me fired one day. 🙂

  • I think your students will love you for it! 🙂 I'm lucky enough to have attended a high school and to be attending a university where students get to know their professors/teachers. I feel like it's much better on students when they can have a friendly and close relationship with their teachers/professors (while the teacher/professor still keeping a sense of authority). It's easier on students, in my opinion, to be able to see their professors as human beings rather than this huge strict authoritarian figure.

  • Forgive my intrusion..


    I can't wait for the opportunity when I can say, throwing my hands up in exasperation..

    "Ayyyyeeee....he just screamed and had nasal mucous!!!"

    lol..thank you for the translation

    As for the young man..Im feeling a connection, past..... not a romantic sense

    does feel like a familial connection...from the past. You have great pride and appreciation for his intelligence...you are tuning in like a magnet....while he seems a little oblivious...especially so because of the importance of his intent and goals for the future that are before him.

    He may have been someone you lost...and are remembering

    I have this vision of curly dark hair...

    like Dimitrious of greek Mythology....must be the name

  • Hello PatchLove,

    Do you see where this is going? If this will develop into at least a friendship/regular and dedicated correspondence? I feel like there is much we have in common.

    If this is someone I have lost from a past life, I would like to regain him back in this life. He recently told me that I'm welcome to ask him more questions but that he is busy and not to expect him to answer right away (and also that he does like to practice his English from time to time). I've already sent him two messages and I know he's read them (I've seen him online on Facebook) but he just hasn't yet replied.

    I'm trying not to scare him off... sending him one and waiting for him to answer... not bombarding him... the only reason why I sent him that second one was because another Russian I know was telling me that in their language, it's so formal and almost rude to call someone my own age by their surname, and I've been calling Dmitry "Mr. Pankin" this whole time! I just wanted to send a message to tell him that I was doing that as a way to show respect and I had no idea that in his culture it could be seen as impolite and I'm sorry.

    He hasn't responded and for now, I"m just going to wait and let him come to me. 🙂 I am afraid that he's forgotten or been scared away but right now I'm just going to let him come to me... take it slow... show some restraint, LOL.

    He does not have curly hair though. Maybe in his past life he did!

    Do you sense any energy in how he feels about me? Does he think that he may be willing to be friends? That I am intelligent and/or cultured (I've been speaking to him about Russian literature in the last message (not the apologetic last message))? Or that perhaps I am annoying him with the correspondence?



  • Nina,please don't appologise too much, especially for something like calling him Mr. Pankin. It's not rude at all in Russian, don't worry, just very formal. If he studies in the university, surely he is intelligent enough to understand that you are just being polite. Maybe you can simply ask him if you can call him "Dmitry" ?

  • Okay VoplySoply... it's just that another Russian told me that calling someone Mr. Surname is very very formal almost to the point of rudeness. When he told me something I couldn't help but think of Dmitry and go "AAHHHHHHH!!"

    I guess because formal was supposed to be something like Dmitry [Father's name]ovitch, perhaps I just went to a whole new level. 🙂

    Right now I"m not going to ask him anything because he still hasn't even responded to the first message and I don't want to scare him off or suffocate him.

  • Desiring,

    Diaolite and Voply have a much better sense about things to help you, honestly.

    I am not as talented as they, and my perception not near as keen or mature..

    That being said, I think you are wise to wait and let him make the next corresponding move.

    He will be more likely to continue communication if he doesnt feel "bombarded" as you say. 🙂

    Let the scene open before you without expectation...just enjoy whatever comes. Remain light hearted...and I agree with with Voply...no need to make apologies.

    Continue to be your charming self. 🙂

  • Question... I noticed that in my last message i sent (before the apology one) before he stopped respond, I was speaking to him about my opinion on the Russian writer Tolstoy and and the Russian writer Dostoevsky. He told me that in Russia they say that there are two types of people: ones who enjoy Dostoevsky and ones who enjoy Tolstoy. I told him that I feel like Tolstoy is more elegant and lyrical while Dostoevsky, although thoughtful and talented, can be quite depressing. I mentioned to him that I cried while reading Dostoevsky (Dostoevsky to me is just so depressing!) but I also mentioned that I cry easily and am easily affected by emotions and that I cry easily for things both happy and sad.

    Too forward? Too much too soon? Perhaps emotional girls scare him off? Woopsies! Well, if he found my admitting that as anything much much less than cute or adorable, I guess I've weeded out someone who's incompatible with me, both romantically and amicably. 🙂

  • He may be scared he'll make you cry.....

    instead of finding it an open baring of the soul he percieved it as frightening to see someone else as vulnerable as they are intelligent.

    a possiblity...

    I like your attitude.... 🙂

  • Well, at least he thinks that I'm intelligent... that's always a good quality to be associated with! 🙂

    I guess I see what you mean... it might not be not that he sees me as "weak" because of my vulnerability or that he finds it disgusting as much as that he just doesn't want to accidentally "break me" because he views me as fragile... do you think that if we became closer friends this quality would still push him away as much or more that he'll still be nervous about it but will also take that nervousness into being protective and "taking care"?


  • Nina you should leave Dmitry alone. He is someone you know in a past life but your both choosing an odd way of living right now. When you both go back to a happier place you and Dmitry will be happy to talk again. if you know what i mean?

  • Hello MsScorp, thank you for your message.

    Define "happier place"... you mean better time? Or you literally mean... after we're dead?


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  • Hi Desiring Love,

    I'm sorry, I feel like this is a one way situation...that you are hopeful about a situation that isn't being reciprocated.

    When the man does comes who will light up your life, it will be when you don't expect it...it will happen naturally, so quietly that you wont even realize how important this person will be.

    You will not have to wonder when the fireworks start...you will know for certain that the attraction is there, and is very much a two way communication.

    I want to know when it does!!


    Hope this finds you well. God Bless you with self confidence and joy in your strengths.

  • Nina, at least you know who Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky are, and have read them, that's already something he would respect. Don't be so ready to doubt yourself. Just express yourself freely, and if he is not happy with who you are, than it's better to find it out sooner or later. For now, just be friends with him, and stop worrying too much. By the way, I used to be a "Dostoyevsky" person, now I'd rather read Tolstoy. Life is too short to get depressed, that's my reason. 🙂

    Actually, now I'd rather read "Gone with the wind", ha, ha ! The book is great, actually, much better than the movie. And in a way not unlike the "War and Peace".

  • to find out sooner than* later I meant

  • Hello everyone,

    Well actually he messaged me today. I responded and started with: "Hi! I'm extremely sorry for such a late answer. I started to write a message to you, was interrupted and completely forgotten about it. Sorry."

    I guess that when it comes to the opposite gender, better things will come from sitting back and being patient. 🙂

    And actually, both of you.. there is another young man that I'm currently more "into." He's been on my mind for the past two years and it seemed that things were developing and suddenly, now anytime he sees me he looks scared/nervous/awkward. He'll look at me and when I make eye-contact he'll look away and then when I look away again he'll look back... and the last time I was walking in the neighborhood and I saw him walking towards me with his parents and as soon as he saw me he pulled out his cellphone and pretended to be checking it... his name is Andrew, dob Sept 12th, 1991. I like him more actually and have liked him very much for more than 2 years now... I guess that I brought up Dmitry here because I"m the kind of girl who doesn't believe in The One... I believe that there are multiple men that I could have very happy compatible relationships with. So that's why I was just being open to the possibility that Dmitry might have been a match for me whereas Andrew would have continued to be nervous around me (and Andrew was so confident and playful with me before! heavens knows what happened... especially since I didn't change MY behavior) and committing to the idea of only Andrew would have taken me nowhere...

    I just don't know what's going on here with Andrew so I guess I was trying to be open to the idea that there might be someone else and that Andrew would have kept on getting nervous whenever he sees me.

    and VoplySoply, "Gone with the Wind" is a wonderful novel! 🙂 And I feel like someone who enjoys Tolstoy will enjoy "Gone with the Wind"... they have similarities in subject matter and style. 🙂 And although the novel "Gone with the Wind" is better than the movie I liked the movie... just for Clark Gable as Rhett Butler! 😉

  • lol..that is adorable...pretending to check his phone..lol

    My older brother's name is Andrew...born September 14th


    I wonder how many Andrews are born in Sept?.


  • Patchlove do you know if there is a chance that Andrew and I may start a relationship?



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