Did I know this guy in my past life? And what will come of this?

  • Hello All,

    I haven't been here in the forums for awhile. I guess life has been going much better for me lately. πŸ™‚

    Well today I'm back with a question (not a heavy one... a lighter one out of curiosity). I met this young man online and I'm wondering if I met him in a past life because when I was scrolling through photos on Facebook when I saw his photo there was something inside of me that just seemed to spark or something... I don't know why but for some reason, I felt so connected to this young man whom I have never met before. All I had was a photo and a name and yet, it was like I was being sucked and and like I've known him from another life or something. When I saw his photo, I couldn't NOT send him a message to try to get to know him. It was like I had to.

    His name is Dmitry, dob August 2nd 1987. He attended a university in Saint Petersburg, Russia that I'm interested in spending a year at (I'm looking into being a Russian major right now in college) and so I started a conversation by asking him about the university, the city, etc.

    He's sent me three good-sized messages so far.

    I'm just wondering what's going on here. What does he feel about me messaging him right now? Does he answer messages in great detail simply because he's nice and I might be bothering him (he seems to be a very nice and kind young man) or do you think that he feels that weird connection as well and might actually be starting to enjoy speaking with me? (We've moved into conversations about Russian literature) Do you think we might have a soulmate connection (I understand that soulmates do not have to be romantic) or perhaps have known one another in a past life? And what do you see coming from this correspondence that I've recently started? Do you see it blossoming into anything (at least a friendship) or perhaps dying sometime soon?

    Thank You,


  • I'm also interested in simply knowing what are some general signs as to whether or not you've known someone in a past life. Because I've had this experience before where I've met someone and then felt like I must have known them in a past life yet, of course, could not be sure

  • I'll relate my feelings on this subject. I feel past lives are psychic experiences. To me, there are different levels of spiritual realities, so to speak. Those that remain close to us and don't ascend are live(s) lessons. He may be aware of some of the same lessons on a spiritual level as you. A lot of these lessons that I'm in tune w/so to speak, are war crimes. I've had psychic remembrance of some. A lot of the spiritual realities that don't ascend are lessons like this. Being aware of what happened and what can happen are lessons for us. And it's not something that we pick-up from school or have learned about. It's our spiritual realities. It's no coincidence that 911 happened in this month (September), a holy month for the Jewish people. The 911 attack was as much (or more) against the Jewish people. This is a spiritual reality.

  • Oh okay so do you think that perhaps he has a lesson to offer me? Is there a way that I can figure out that lesson or is the way to just simply get to know him (if he even wants to get to know me...?) and it will open itself up to me at the right time?

  • Right off the first connection is the geographical area that you are drawn to. I guess you know some Russian history. I've heard that the people of Russian in past have been persecuted against. Hard to tell how much as that was such a secret society. Russian catholics, they say, were the largest religious group persecuted ever. Regardless, and I don't want to get into a discussion on that. I would ask him if he has had psychic phenomenon before. That is a broad subject. If you are drawn to picture, might want to include your ideas. I sense he enjoys talking w/Americans. I feel your romantic inclinations are interfering with some communication here. Why are you so drawn to this area--might want to start here. What led you to this area.

  • DesiringLove, as a Russian born, I can say that Russians are pretty communicative people overall. A person studying in the Saint-Petersbourg University must be very intellectual and probably quite curious towards other cultures. I don't see the communication dying sometimes soon, you'll probably get to know him well. What goes he study ?

  • Daliolite, I was definitely drawn to the geographical location. I'm studying Russian right now in college and I've always been drawn to the culture, the literature, the art, and the language. Who knows, maybe I was a Russian in my past life! πŸ™‚

    I guess that I am also drawn to him in a romantic way... I think that part of it is that for some reason, for the past few years I've had this image of a certain young man in my mind. One whom I've never met before yet I felt would come into my life at one point or another. He looks a lot like that young man and also has many of the qualities that I started to "know" the young man as having.

    I guess that there are romantic inclinations out there (I'm a sensitive romantic at heart!). Do you know how he feels about me? What I'm just wondering with that question is... does it bother him that I'm talking to him? Or does he enjoy it? He told me in the last message that he sent me: "You are welcome to ask me more question if you want, but please don't expect me to answer fast. I'm having quite a busy period in my life right now. But I still like to practice my English from time to time πŸ™‚ "

    I'm not sure if I should take that as a sign that he's frustrated by me emailing him or that he truly is busy and just doesn't want me to feel hurt if he doesn't email me that often.

    Thank You

  • VolpySolpy,

    He studied Applied Informatics. I'm not very knowledgable in that area as we don't have that course of study here in the U.S. - if we do, it has a different name so it doesn't ring a bell when I hear it. πŸ™‚ Saint-Petersburg University is supposed to be one of the most prestigious and selective universities in Russia (I heard that Saint Petersburg University and Moscow University are seen as the Top 2) so I did assume that he was very intelligent, intellectual, and hardworking.

    He seems to be a very kind, very polite, and very sweet young man. I didn't want to scare him by sending a message telling him how I feel weirdly connected to him. I was afraid that would scare him! I started out by asking him questions about Saint Petersburg State, saying I was interested in studying there for a year (I'm majoring in Russian here in the U.S.) and I started a conversation by asking him his experience at the university, asking him about the city, etc. I decided to build up to it... the last message he sent me, he wrote this at the end:

    "You are welcome to ask me more question if you want, but please don't expect me to answer fast. I'm having quite a busy period in my life right now. But I still like to practice my English from time to time πŸ™‚ "

    I'm not sure if I should take this as he's frustrated and annoyed by me sending him messages and would like me to distance myself a bit yet he's too nice and polite to say so directly, or that he honestly is busy and just doesn't want me to feel hurt or take it personally if it takes him awhile to answer. Going to university at Saint Petersburg University, I'm sure that he's a naturally hardworking and ambitious person. He's already graduated and is actually doing his graduate studies in France. So he's in France right now. πŸ™‚

    He's friendly, sweet, and polite yet he seems to distance himself a bit. He'll write me long emails with smiley faces, yet he doesn't really ask ME questions. It's pretty much me who's asking him questions and his long messages are him giving long answers. Perhaps that's a sign that we didn't know one another from a different life, or perhaps that's just his nature, that he can be a bit shy at first (especially when it's someone he doesn't know) and will open up if you lead in the beginning and slowly pull him out of his shell...?

    Thank You


  • Hi Nina,

    Probably he is having a busy period of his life, just as he said. Also he might be a little bit shy, as you said. Russians can be somewhat reserved at the beginning. Anyway, whether it's that, or just him being polite, it's better not to mention anything about past life connections, as men are usually more sceptical about this kind of things in all the countries, and to take things slowly in general, perhaps becoming friends first would be a good idea. Possibly he has a girl-friend and wants to keep a certain emotional distance out of ethical considerations.Yes, Saint Petersbourg University is the second best university in the country after Moscow (arguably, of course, as there is a rivalry between these two cities ,lol ) It's an absolutely stunning city, with great art museums, theatres, concert halls, you name it. I'd say, this is a city with a rich cultural tradition and rotten weather πŸ™‚ Definitely worth visiting, but take some warm pullovers, even in summer, as it's dump and windy. Good luck to you !

  • Hello VoplySoply (my goodness, I think I spelled your name wrong before! Sorry!):

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I did hear that Russians tend to be more reserved at the beginning. πŸ™‚ Perhaps also because I'm a girl, he doesn't want to come off as aggressive. Socialization between a male and a female can be tricky and misinterpreted if you're not careful. He seems like the kind of young man who would want to be respectful and not make anyone uncomfortable.

    It doesn't seem like he has a girlfriend... no girl is mentioned on any of his social networking profiles. And if he's so busy (as ambitious Saint Petersburg University graduates often are πŸ˜‰ ) I guess he might also currently view himself as not having enough time to properly devote himself to a girlfriend...

    Do you sense anything with him at all about us communicating? How he feels about talking? he doesn't seem to be frustrated as you said but do you know if he's enjoying it somewhat or if he's a bit indifferent?


  • Nina, I just know the busy university type, so I can make guesses. I'm sure he enjoys it, otherwise he wouldn't be writing regularly. Having said that, you have to trust your intuition and respond in a kind. Write him at his own pace. If he takes 2 days to reply, for example, do the same, take 2 days. Don't make a mistake of overcrowding him (or any man for that matter), let him miss you a little bit.

    No problem about misspelling Voply Soply - actually it translates as "Screams and nasal mucus" from Russian, and is used to describe an overly dramatic situation πŸ™‚

  • oh so is "screams and nasal mucus" an idiomatic expression of sorts? πŸ™‚ Slang? Like, if there's a very overly dramatic situation one could say: "Eta Voply Soply?"

    I'm studying Russian language so this kind of thing is interesting to me! πŸ™‚

  • If you want to make an ironic comment about somebody overreacting,or being overly dramatic, you would say something like: "on razvΓ©l (razvyol) vopli sopli". Literal translation - he produced screams and nasal mucus. Yes, it is an idiomatic expression of a sort. I don't advise you to use it at black tie dinner parties πŸ™‚

  • So... it's an idiomatic expression that could be seen as poor taste? As in... I shouldn't use it with a professor when I'm studying abroad there? lol

  • I believe he is busy. I feel that he can be of help to you as you go thru your studies. I know your drawn to this area. You probably mentioned already but what do you plan on doing after you graduate. I can't speak for him. Enjoy the fact that you've found a friend. I think he would enjoy the thought of coming to the US, but it's way too early to even discuss at this point. As a looker on, I think it's really great that you've found an overseas friend.

  • Nina, this idiomatic expression is not exactly in poor taste, just a little bit informal, comical and slightly patronising. Using it with the professor probably is not a very good idea (depending on what he's done to you, lol)

  • Can you relate to something about a fire. You or your friend because I'm getting this regarding your post.

  • VoplySoply, thank you for helping me with the idiomatic expression. πŸ™‚ I now understand... and I realize that in Russia it's very formal between a student and his or her teacher or professor... so no using "voply soply" for me! πŸ˜‰


  • Daliolite:

    Thank you for your message. I'm not yet sure what I'm going to do after I graduate. I'm thinking about going into opera management, becoming a teacher, getting a masters... I am still unsure! My dream job would be to be a novelist, however that's a stretch... it's such a hard job to get into. 😞

    About the fire.. I do know that he's a Leo which is a fire sign. That's what comes to me first... and I was reading a lot about the Leo today. He seems to be one of those more calm and quiet Leos... the ones whose fire burns in private. πŸ™‚

    Nothing significant happened in my life pertaining to a fire... maybe his!


  • Nina, I can't really say that it's particularly formal between the student and the professor. Just depends on a professor and on the student, I guess. I haven't noticed any difference between the student - teacher relationship in Russia and, say, France, where I also studied, or Portugal, where I teach now. Don't know about the US. Don't worry, if you want to use Voply Soply it would just sound a little bit funny, but nothing bad. It's not a bad language at all, just informal. Hope you'll have lots of fun in Russia !

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