May I ask for a relationship reading?

  • Hello,

    I'm new to this forum. I'm wondering if I could ask for a relationship reading? It could be tarot or just psychic reading.

    I was dating a man for about 6 weeks. He just told me he is too blocked to be able to fall in love or have ****. He would like to continue seeing me as friends, I told him I didn't want to. We discussed his problems and I wasn't entirely sure he was being 100 percent honest. The conversation ended on a bad note, he was rude. I am wondering if this is the absolute end. Or will he regret that the consequences of his behavior are that I am now totally gone, and will he call to reestablish some form of contact?

    If you need a description of me - I am five-two and a bit curvy, have thick, curly dark hair and large brown eyes. He is about five-eight, extremely thin, and walks with a limp, has auburn greying hair, a very angular face and large blue eyes.

    Many thanks to all,


  • I'm just wondering, why didn't you want to be friends? Was he a jerk? Or would it be too painful for you?

    I would suggest calling him, and asking if he wanted to go to dinner or something just as friends, and see how it goes. He may have realized he is missing out on a potentially happy relationship. Either way, just try to get to know him better now. After some time goes by, he will likely open up to you. Or you will realize you're not right for each other after all. But you can't lose anything by getting to know him better. Good luck!

  • Hmmm, I think you felt something down deep inside which prevented you from accepting friendship with this man. Maybe he draws something out of you which is more a sexual thing too. It could also be that as he said he was too "blocked" to fall in love or ****, maybe you started wanting **** and love only, because they became taboo.

    Have a think about whether this man has become something you can't have and you want him because of that. We all do this, sometimes over and over, so don't be hard on yourself if that turns out to be the case.

    If not, think about why you really didn't want to be friends with him. Could it be that maybe there was little common ground (other than physical attraction) that could produce a lasting friendship? Or were you so interested in him romantically that friendship would be too painful, as was mentioned - wisely - above?

    To be honest, the message I get for your situation is: avoid him at all costs, for now at least. He honestly sounds like trouble, and someone who has the potential to be downright nasty, even sarcastic. I could be wrong, but I don't get a good feeling about the two of you, either in a relationship or friendship. Let him sort his stuff out on his own; don't let him move into your arena and start pulling you down, because I get the strong sense that he'll do that, even without realising it.

    The other thing I get, which may sound awfully cliche, is: does this man have issues with his mother or some other significant female in his life? Is it his left leg which causes the limp? I feel he has a real fear, bordering on dislike, of women. Again, my word is not gospel and may not be correct, but these are the impressions I get.

    You on the other hand, come across to me as an open, giving lady who deserves much better than what she's currently looking or settling for. You also have creative potential which you're not using much of at the moment - maybe because you're waiting for that perfect love? Give YOURSELF a chance; now is the time. You deserve it. Those latent talents of yours need to get out there .... do you sing?? I'm picking up some musical leanings here ... gorn, get some lessons to refine it if you do. Write some songs too. WHATEVER. Just open up that heart space of yours, love yourself and you'll find all sorts of grand things coming to you.

    Are you a water sign? I get that he's more of an air sign, which isn't always a good match for watery people. Again, if I'm off the mark, take no notice of my ravings!!

    GOOD LUCK. I sure hope you make the right choice for yourself here, but I understand so well how hard it can be sometimes; we often think other people are more important than us 🙂

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