Always messed up.

  • I'm so fed up no matter what I do it's always wrong . I've been started going out with this Capricorn man and I thought he was especial and I'll put my all for all of his reason. I've been to a lot to this man help me out to trust myself and grow up and move on and give peace of mined and reason to believed that not all the people are awful. After believing him and he wanted to take everything slow cos his priority is his work but I felt really something wrong on his alibi. I was told that I got all the quality and he really like me till last night when I ring him a lady spoke to me and tell me what's been going on cos she was the mother of 10 week old baby and obviously his the father . Can sleep last night and he wouldn't even bother to call me nor explained everything I'm now feeling again a piece of shit and I don't really deserved to be used by people who only wants me for their own reason. I wasnt even sure if I can really trust my opposite they always ruined my everything. Were not having an affair by the way we look after each other and the words that I always trusted him to take things slow but this is all ive got for taking things slow surprised that I never once dream that um

    The one who will ruined their life. I was totally devastated and horrible for all of this messed I can't take all of this too much too to soon..

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