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  • We dated back in July of 2010. It was a short relationship, but I still care for him. He dumped me and well moved on but we still talked as friends I guess you can say until lately. I took him off my facebook and what not. He was supposed to have seen me for my b-day, but it seems he didn't want to but instead was saying things like "I want to, but I'm so overwhelmed". A lot of things are going on with him I know (he rushed into a marriage a month after we split up and now they're divorcing), so I was understanding, but just recently I saw on FB that he was hanging with some other woman...which made me mad/angry/hurt to the point that I took him off everything and haven't spoken to him since. I know she's a rebound (I have a strong feeling on that) but I was wondering - basically what do you get? I do still love him, but I know he'd have to change in order for us to be together again...and change for himself b/c he wants to, not b/c I want him to. Anyways, my bday is July 13, 1990 and his is October 07, 1983. More than likely possibly a year to three years is when I feel the change, I just want some confirmation.

  • I forgot to add, I know it's not going to be immediate because I am working on myself with the fact that I want to be a lot more independent then what I am now. I also have a job, going back to school, hopefully start a successful business in the near future, etc. So this Saturn in Libra has hit me hard since though I'm a Cancer Sun, I have a Libra Rising and a Pisces Moon.

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  • This relationship makes a better friendship than a marriage or love affair, although a friendship and a love affair here are often related. It is often more a bond of the spirit than the body - you two might even be taken for brother and sister. Although you both have quite different approaches to life, you do recognise a kindred spirit in each other, with religion or spirituality being quite prominent here. You YellowLove tend to be a bit too demanding for your friend to cope with, because he needs to be free to fly and can feel you try to hang on to him too hard. The beginning of this relationship can be fascinating, the middle productive and trusting, but the breakup will be extremely painful, especially for you YellowLove. However, this relationship will never really end and you may stay in contact for a very long time, even though you will not be lovers any more. This idealistic relationship is much more secure in the spiritual or intellectual realm, as a meeting of two minds and hearts, rather than in the physical as a love match.

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