Captain may i ask your advise please???

  • I posted earlier regarding: Are we a match made in heaven ?

    my day is 11/07/67 (Scorp) and his day is 07/06/61 (Cancer)

    Please.....please help me with anything you can offer.

    Thank you very much!

  • Piggy, this is a mysterious one - your relationship is hard to fathom. The two of you can have an easygoing and pleasurable relationship. Yet your involvement goes far beyond pleasure, being enigmatic even to the two of you yourselves. A deep magnetic pull often draws you together and once your relationship is formed, it may be difficult to modify or break apart. Feelings intertwine subtly and compellingly to create bonds of loyalty, but also of dependency. Egos can dissolve here, then, boundaries can blur, and individuality can fade.

    Your love affair will be passionate and binding. You two may not realize it but you have often staked a claim to one another, and with that claim have taken on a huge responsibility. The mysteries of sex, love and relationships in general will unfold here like an enchanted panorama that has you both under its spell. Even when trying for an analytic objectivity that would explain the process and plumb the depths of the mystery, you two pull back from the shock of recognition, falling instead into the unconscious stream of forgetfulness and abandon.

    Marriage here may suggest a more objective orientation. but getting lost together will remain a constant activity here. It can be a long, long time before the enigmatic quality of this relationship is exhausted, but it never completely fades. To the end, long periods of quite ordinary interaction will be dotted with magical moments, unforgettable in their charm and illumination. Understanding this relationship isn't always possible because love asks few questions and gives fewer answers. Surrender is sometimes required. Just don't forget to pursue individual goals and activities as well as those you follow together.

  • Hi Captain,

    First and foremost I want to thank you for the information. I just wanted to share more information about our past. Me and cancer dated ten years ago for 1 yr and 6 mos but ended the relationship because he wanted to renew his vows with his kids mother. I didn't even know they were married and separated. Anyway I told him good luck with that and left and he never saw me again for ten yrs. Only for the cancer to run into my sister and kept sending messages that he would love to see me. I met him one day and he was shocked to hear I was with the same person after we split up for the whole ten yrs. My relationship was with a sag much younger 12/20/75 and was the worst relationship ever he cheated the whole ten yrs . Now me and cancer are trying again and he told me he never stop loving me while we were apart and i still love him the same as if we never parted....but I'm afraid to trust him with my heart again...but i love him dearly and would love to marry him one day. I dont want to be without him again. But he had a very bad marriage as well.....please help me with this i have no one else to help me.

    Thanks again for your time


  • Piggy, your tie to this man is intense and deep which is why you keep coming back into each other's lives. Both of you must trust enough to explore this connection because it could be the best thing either of you ever have. The way to trust is by not assuming that every person will treat you the same way as other people have. Just because your other lover betrayed you doesn't mean this one will. You have to give each other a chance to make a fresh start. In a way, it's a good thing that you have both experienced pain and heartbreak - it means that you will be extra careful not to make each other feel as you felt in other relationships. You have both survived pain and suffering and it has made you wiser and stronger. You can use what you have learnt from previous relationships to make this one better. Just don't get so wrapped up in each other that you forget the rest of the world.

    Piggy, your longing for human contact, for love and affection, makes you fragile and vulnerable emotionally. For you, the ecstasy of being in someone's arms is indescribable and frees you from all the stress of the outside world for a while. It's like a drug to you. Don't let your desperation for connection cause you to be too quick to rush into a relationship or be too submissive once you are in it. You need to see the other person for what they really are before making a decision because you tend to chase after fantasy or impossible relationships. You can't resist creating a whole magical story in your head about a relationship that would not and could not come true. You give yourself away too easily to another person, forgetting to take off your rose-coloured glasses. Slow down and take it easy - take the time to really get to know a potential partner. You need to understand the difference between being alone and being lonely. You don't need another person to make you happy. Once you have a better relationship with yourself, and really like yourself, you will never be lonely agaiin.

    Your Cancer friend has a deep need to feel desirable and wanted, especially sexually, and this need can propel him into some disastrous relationships just to assuage his insecurity about himself. He is deeply and religiously rebellious over issues of sex and sexuality. Physical contact allows him a way to let off steam from a life that revolves around business and finance, but he fears being trapped by his own deep need for love and sex or being controlled by society's values. Love and money and sex are all intertwined for him in a tangle. He can be very afraid of emotional intimacy, however. This need and fear of his makes it hard for him to be monogamous but, if you really love him, you will help him deal with his problems and he can help you deal with yours, too.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks once again for the information. I so appreciate everything that you are saying I feel as though you went deep into my soul as well as his . Your hit the mark right on with both of us. And with both of us owning businesses and the kids it is a little difficult to figure things out. I dont have a problem anymore with being alone. I spent a great deal of my time alone raising a child because I had put him first in my life and Didn't date much. But I will say after my son left when he be and grown I felt as if I lost my best friend. He and I are sooo close. But were in you h everyday. I dont fall into relationships to fast the longer the friendship the better for me. I dated the sag for five yrs before I gave in to commitment with him. Before him and cancer I just dated. Bit o understood that I needed to do some soul searching after a abusively relationship with my Childs father an Aries...i've learned lot on my time and had an abusive mother as well. But through everything I love me and who I've become through the years lifes ups and downs has made me unbelievably strong. My cancer is a mirror of myself and he scares the crap out of me. My friends use to call me runaway bride because when people got close while dating...i ran without a trace. I don't like to be pressured into anything and when I tell someone that I like them but not for relationship and they dont get it I just disappear without a trace. I dont fall on love that easily and I have to feel it in my heart. I dont have a clue as to how to work this out with cancer but I know we love each other and I'm willing to sit down and talk about is maybe having a future. Captain he is truly my first love. The others I wasn't in love I just loved and respect them. I truly want to say to you again that I appreciate you as I dont share my life with anyone because people don't understand me I feel that I have found a friend in you and thanks for being real up front with me you know us scorps love real friends and truths .

    Sorry again for the

    Yours truly


  • Sorry for the typos 😞

  • You say you dated the Sag for five years but did you really get to know him all that well - after all, he cheated on you as you probably never believed he would or could? Maybe you saw the signs but felt he might change in a committed relationship? What about your abusive husband? There are always subtle signs about a person's true nature, even if they try to hide them. Rushing in to a relationship is more than about time, it's about seeing clearly what is real and not fantasizing or ignoring your partner's faults and weaknesses - or simply moving on if you feel they are too problematic.

    Piggy, I hope you will feel free to talk with me as deeply or as much as you like. I am here for you online, even if I cannot be there for you in person. (Just take into account the time difference as I live in Australia.) 🙂

  • Hi Captain

    I agree what you're saying and I feel as though from my past experience that I have matured and have learned lessons regarding life and relationships. I feel that I am ready to have a healthy and stable relationship. And would like to share my love and time with my cancer friend. What concerns me though is how to deal with him as a divorced man and knowing the right things to say when he is feeling low. I know he gets moody a lot and so do I. I have no idea on how to communicate with someone coming out of a bad marriage whether its him or a female friend. I just know how to share who I am as a friend and be supportive. You just don't know the right things to say. I know as for myself when I have problems or an issue I deal with it. If I am having a bad day then I will do something to kind of snap myself out of it. Maybe relationships are not for me I don't know. I do know that I care about people and what they are going through. I understand that some are weaker than others. Who are we to judge? Or is it that some of us as a people their life is so perfect that they are to above anyone else to say a few words of encouragement. Sometimes just listening helps when people need to just vent. I know that I am not perfect and I respect others for their mistakes as well as accomplishments .it would be great if we all can try doing this. The world would be a better place but ot has to first start with the people. I have a lot to offer of myself for a relationship and would like to even have a husband one day. But that is only by the grace of God. I will still be able to function as a mature healthy minded individual if I don't have one. I told myself many years ago that it is not my fault if people don't want to accept what love I have to offer. Hey! We are not perfect. I will take things one day at a time as far as building healthier relationships hopefully things would work itself out between my friend and I. And when things are a little too overwhelming. I will seek my comforter as I have always do. Jesus Christ. Well as always it's a pleasure speaking with you. And if you have any information that you can share on life after divorce and how to cope and be supportive to someone coming from one please advise. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Again. Thanks for the invite

    Piggy 🙂

  • Instead of worrying about saying or doing the wrong thing, Piggy, just open your heart and be there for your friend. Cancers appreciate good feelings more than words or actions anyway. Stay positive for him and for yourself and you will never go wrong.

  • Hi Captain

    How are you? I would like to ask if you can give me a reading on what my future looks like. I have been wondering what I would like to do next in my life. I have often wondered how successful I will become. Or if I will receive at least half of the things I would love to have in this lifetime regarding finances, career,health and love. I think a lot about getting older and enjoying my life to the fullest.



  • Piggytoo, success doesn't happen randomly - you have to put in the hard work, time and commitment to make it materialise. And you have to have patience if it doesn't happen for you right away. Many successful people have waited years for their rewards but never gave up until they got what they wanted. And they weren't afraid of failure - statistics show that successful people fail more often than others, but they just get up and keep trying more often too. Your success depends on how much you believe in yourself and how much effort you are prepared to put in to get what you want. And successful people all advise the same thing - do what you love, follow your passion.

    What is your passion?

  • And the same with your health and love life - it's all up to you. If you want good health, eat right, exercise and de-stress. If you want good love, love yourself first and deal with any issues that might be preventing you from giving or accepting love.

  • 😄 he he he......the obvious.


  • Obvious, yes...but how many of us do it?

  • hi......captain..............

    i m teenage girl n i want you to help me out..................

    hey as my name is anjali n i m age is 19.................. but still i look all phase of life...............

    as i m in relation wid some guy n now i m very much confuse about him because now i am serious about him but dont know dat he is or not???????? and his date of birth is 17/1/1992 and name vikash and mine iz 1/12/1992 and name anjali.................................

    i tried a lot 4get him but 6 months r too less to 4get................ because i have no one in my life accept dat....................

    plz suggest me what now i have to do.........................

    i want to achieve my goal as well as i dont want loose dat guy because i love him very much but dont know him.............. as i know him past 3 years

  • Koolkhushianjali, if you want an answer, you will have to start your own thread as this thread belongs to Piggytoo. Just click on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

  • piggy can u tell me plz how can i get an answer to my quedtion... how can i iteract with captain.... please help me out.....

  • thanx a lot captain ........

    i really very thank ful to u................

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