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  • In what will be the greatest cooking demonstration in the history of time and space, Sonja Morgan, part of the Real Housewives of New York gaggle, will make an appearance at Macy's on Thursday night to promote ugg boots sale new toaster oven cookbook. Yes, you read that right. The single greatest member of an increasingly depressing and ill-mannered cast (e.g., Jill Zarin and that terrible lady who made millions shaving vaginas) will be in the city this week to sign copies of her latest book about cooking for royalty (et al.) using a toaster oven. Really, a goddamn toaster oven.

    Entrepreneur and author Tiffany C. Wright spent the last several years advising small and medium business owners about company finances. It is their biggest concern according to her experience. Her prospects and clients cite working capital and expansion capital as their number one issue. Now she cheap Tiffanythat experience in a book that speaks to many of the concerns businesses have. “Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses” is written in the same easy manner in which the author speaks.Ms. Wright thinks the timing of the book is highly relevant. “I’ve read numerous articles about how difficult it is for small and medium business owners to obtain a bank loan or access other large corporation options.

    ECO SWIM BY AQUA GREEN is a new brand of women’s sustainable swimwear utilizing innovative technology to help customers reduce their carbon footprint in the sand. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of sustainable swimwear, and this family-owned, American business is driving innovations to lessen the swimwear 2011 impact of their goods while creating fashionable, comfortable swimwear that is just as high quality, if not higher, than their conventional counterparts.

    Three new maps for 343i's Halo: CE Anniversary have been announced and detailed by Microsoft's Major Nelson. Classic maps "Damnation" and "Beaver Creek" cheap Tiffany Combat Evolved and Halo 2 (respectively) were showcased during last night's Halo Fest event, while 343i and Microsoft revealed returning classics "Timberland" and "Prisoner", plus new addition "Installation 04".

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