Frustrated !!- Would love a reading

  • Hi. It seems as though my life has been stuck in neutral for quite awhile now. My bf and I have been in a mercurial relationship for the last 10 years and aren't moving forward. The last couple of years haven't been that great. He has stated he's willing to go to therapy and wants to working things out. I'm unsure because we have tried therapy before and it didn't work. I wonder if I should try to work things out and go to therapy again because we have been together for a long time or end things and move on. My birthdate is 12/18/78 at 8:19PM and his is 12/1/77.

    My career seems to be stalled as well. I went to school to become a therapist and have had difficulty finding a job since leaving my last one. I'm a bit discouraged and am starting to think perhaps I should persue a different line of work..

    I would appreciate a reading or any insight anyone can give me. Thanks!!

  • Hi AngelGoddess,

    First, with regard to the relationship, I am getting that you are operating too much in your head and need to pay attention to your feelings more. Disconnect from the brain and connect with your body - pay attention to how it feels in certain situations as this will guide you to your answers. It also feels like you are avoiding conflict in some way and you need to accept that sometimes conflict can be good. It brings out what is hidden and needs to be addressed. It feels like there is something going on that you are either in denial about or are afraid to bring to the surface. At some level, you are trying to blot out what your heart knows with your mind. Don't try to go through life avoiding pain as it brings insight, understanding, and ultimately, peace. Also, I am getting that what you have been avoiding cannot be avoided any longer so let the discord begin as it will assist you in reconnecting with your passion and commitment in what YOU believe in. Hidden within drama are the seeds for true understanding. Have you been submitting too much to what your boyfriend thinks or believes? It feels like you are submitting to his desires in order to keep the peace. If you do this for a length of time it results in a dissipation of your inner strength and allowing yourself to be manipulated or even victimized by others. Find your strength. Reach for growth. Become the leader of your Self. Reconnect with your own motivation and inspiration rather than submitting to others' will. Lead with confidence. When is the last time you experienced joy? Your mind has backed you into a corner which makes you think you have no options which then leads to feeling "stuck." So shut off your mind, take a step back from the situation - refresh your soul - and reconnect with your own heart to discover what it is you really want. Then do not be afraid to communicate it. It is not necessary to analyze things to death. Adopt an attitude of going more with the flow and allowing things to unfold more "organically". When you connect more with your spirit and get out of your head you will be more able to have the wisdom to know when to step away...

    ...This is what came through and I am sorry that it may seem vague as far as the answer to the question on whether or not to try therapy again. But what I am getting is that you already know what you want to do and are avoiding it. If in your heart you know that the relationship has run its course, then stand up for what you believe in and do not allow yourself to be manipulated in what will ultimately be the whipping of a dead horse. If, on the other hand, there is a resistance to therapy then you need to connect with the resistance and ask yourself why. It might be that your boyfriend and this current situation is what we would call a Divine Lesson/Divine Teacher. So in order to get the answer as to which way to go you need to stop analyzing, reconnect with your feelings and then have the confidence to stand up!

    With regard to your career, I am getting that your purpose is to be of service to others which leads me to believe that counseling is indeed the right path for you. However, I also feel that maybe it will be taking on a different form than you are or have been used to. Once again, I am just getting that you are way too much in your head right now. Instead of resisting your discontent - heed those feelings and allow yourself to go through the process of discovering what your true wants and needs are. Shift your vibration from one of lack, worry and/or fear to allowing yourself to enjoy the free time you have right now. Play! Just be and enjoy without THINKING so much and then your creative muses will come out and guide you to your wishes, dreams and desires. Forget about the rules of society right now and any other people's judgements or demands. You are feeling way too sterile, controlled and stagnant. LOOSEN UP and allow your life to flow. Expect good things to come to you and they will be on their way.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thank you Watergirl for your reading!! It is true that lately I've been working from my "headspace". I'm working on learning to blend living in both my "headspace" and my heart instead of just one or the other. I do spend a lot time worrying about what my boyfriend thinks and don't want to get into conflict because it seems like all we do is have conflict. Actually when you stated I needed to loosen up and stop thinking so much I wondered if you were picking up my boyfriend's vibes because he is the "rational" one in the relationship and analyzes things to death. At times, I struggle with decisions because it is hard to know what I really feel about the situation and I want to make the right decision.

    You mentioned as far as counselling goes I am on the right path, however it may be in a different form than I am accustomed to. Could you tell me more about what that looks like?

    When it comes to expect good things to come me, I really struggle with that due to past experiences. Can you tell me would is coming up for me in the next coming months if you have the time?

    You are right on about a lot of things, your gift is amazing! Thank you so much!


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