Astral Angel can please interpret a 3 card spread for me?

  • Hi Astral Angel,

    I was hoping you would interpret a 3 card spread for me?

    Ace of cups

    9 of cups

    Knight of wands

    I asked about my relationship & if we're going to stay together he feels like one!

    my DOB 07 July 1970 & his 31 August 1976

    Thank you & bless you,


  • Hi Zana

    Sure thing let's see what Heaven reveals for us...

    I first looked at your charts and compared them... the first thing that jumped out at me big time is that you both have almost all of your significant energies on one half of the zodiac wheel - between Cancer and Sagittarius. So that could mean you need something powerful over on the opposite side to balance the relationship out. Like when you go to buy a tire for you car and they put those little weights to balance the wheel out, your charts TOGETHER need some weight in on the opposite half - to me it looks like Aquarius is where your opportunity is in the relationship to help keep this wheel moving smoothly along. So right off the bat I would be focusing some effort to bring some Aquarian energy into the relationship to help keep everything flowing nice. That really stood out to me. Some ideas here are shared time in some beautiful spiritual activities, Aquarius is VERY imaginative and psychic by nature so the more shared time in ways that activate your imagination together would be so fantastic for you - Crystal work would be perfect for the two of you... spending time holding a crystal and guiding one another to some dreamy places... You two start doing that and you will probably both float off into the sky never to be seen or heard from again. You won't care though, you will be in Heaven together.

    I think you have something here, and I'll tell you why. Your North Node callings are a nice balance and seem to play to your past life traits.... Your North Node is in Pisces so your life is trying to move you toward something very compassionate, imaginative and free-flowing, feelings being very important - not too different than your Cancer nature however it is a new direction, a little more adaptable as compared to Cancer (which can be rather fixated on security issues and nurturing at all costs). His North Node is in Scorpio! So he has a stinger and wants to be more independent and will seek life situations that play to this, more decisive,an intensity, and so your Pisces calling is nice balance to that. I think that is very positive. He senses that you will be a nice balance to him in the future. The North Nodes for both of you are very important especially yours as that is in that area of the wheel where you need some strong energies.

    He is a Virgo so he has this Virgo mystery thing going on, he floats into your life, and there are these cool as a cucumber aspects of his nature that make really gives your Taurus earthiness something different for sure that balances you out. So this is what I see, you two are already balancing each other nicely and with the North Nodes balanced as well for the future, it bodes well for your progress! You are a Cancer, with Mars and Merc there as well, so you are nurturing right now with intensity and you don't mind talking about it. Virgo and Cancer can be a rather wild mix, like you are creating a home for a visitor from the Stars...

    You have Chiron in Aries, and his is in Taurus. He can't help you much with the Chiron pain you have going on which appears to be in the area of confidence, decisiveness and enthusiasm, that's okay though as our Chiron is something we all have to figure out for ourselves. His Chiron in Taurus shows that he has some little broken place in that warm hearted and persistent. So you have Saturn there to turn the heat up a little on that area which is actually a good thing as that helps him face whatever is broken and assimilate it.

    Okay, the Tarot can now show us the present state of affairs and what to expect... I want to see this as a past present future spread somehow

    Ace of cups - A new love, the seed has been planted in you both, and it looks like a nice beginning. You both have a sense that as long as you keep a loving respect between you the relationship looks very promising!

    9 of cups - A celebration of love, this feels like the present, like it is dawning on you that you do have nice thing going between you, the table is set, and you are ready to start sending out invitations!

    Knight of wands - Focused on self image and inner life issues - this seems to address that North Node calling you have where the goal is actualizing your future life, the selves you are both wanting to grow into and become.

    I think it all looks nice to me! The North Nodes are important for the relationship, and the Aquarian energy to help keep the circle unbroken between you, do that and you should have a lot of fun. Go buy some crystals unless you already have them, keep those on you, both of you handle them and pass them between you and dream of the life you would love to live, and nothing can stop you!

  • Thankyou Astraangel,

    You put so much effort into this reading and I really appreciate that!

    I understand that Jake and I are very similar in many ways but there are some aspects, unspoken that seems to just bottom out, no arguments, but times when we dont communicate at all? He finds this easier to do than i do, i just give him his space, but sometimes its difficult as i sometimes think im selling myself short because I want more communication, I need to know hes there for me or that he does love me....Aquarius, I really dont see him taking on the crystals, although I certainly will. Could this also mean that we should try to take on some aspects of aquarius traits into our relationship?

    He's a stubborn Virgo & im a moody Cancerian haha that says it all really, we both have insecurities & fears regarding relationships but It just feels right with him and im 99% sure he thinks the same, its an unspoken thing, a knowing. But boy he tests me with his silent episodes!

    Can you please suggest which crystals we should use?

    Thankyou again for your time & effort.

    Zana 🙂

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