Whar I have seen Capatain and Blmoon

  • Me

    As the answers I see tell me I Know

    Thank you Capatain and Blmoon

    As you Have help me to see more in our world.

    You may say what you see but I have seen more as one statememet..To Think.

    You give things out to help and all is good as that helps me to see what the world sees.

    My world is me

    As I alwaqys knew to take care of others

    I need ME

    Thank you as you try to help so many women

    Ok Captain I am a trickysy I know and I know for why ...

    Bloom my Daughter said lighten up to you......I do as I have no choise.

    and I have done ro see it is limited to what we strive.

    So I say many things only to see more.

    It comes when it comes to our own time .

    We only try.

    Thank You fot your time and energy

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