Can someone give me a birthday reading please?

  • Hi 🙂

    I'm hoping someone could give me a love reading... Will i be meeting my true love soon? Or maybe reunite with an ex-boyfriend? Is there anyone around me now who is interested in me, a friend maybe?

    DOB 9-8-76

    Thank you!

  • Hello SherryBlossom,

    Happy Birthday to You, and you can expect this one to be a bit livier than you expected. You will be hearing from an old friend and I do not get that this will be male or female.

    You will find yourself getting much happier as the year proceeds in the area of love mostly.

    There is a dark haired quiet man that seems older than he is coming in around you and I hear the name of Clem around him. He seems to like the great outdoors and will want a woman to camp and fish and swim with him. No adversion at all to children as he may have a daughter that he does cherish.

    Your home life seems up and down here like you are not settled where you are and want to move. You will but not until the spring is what I am receiving for you. A cottage type house is appearing here and it is quite lovely as it has been taken care of by the owners of it. You may rent first before deceiding to buy. What is with this color of orange, I get it, the fall of the year will somehow be made special for you as I see you receiving money crossing your palm that will be much needed as a car or truck needs brake work done.

    If you have a question I have not answered than please send it along.

    Have a great day,


  • Thank you for the reading Shaubby =)... I had a nice birthday, though i didn't hear from any old friends. So relieved to hear i'll be happier as the year proceeds, this past year has been very difficult and lonely for me.

    You are correct in regards to me wanting to move. I've been living with family and though i love it here i've been feeling very restless and in need of a change. The cottage house you speak of sounds perfect for me. Do you see me living with someone or living alone?

    I have one other question if i may.... A long distance male friend and i have been very close and deeply involved in one anothers lives. Recently however he has 'pulled away' and 'withdrawn', doesnt say much to me anymore or joke around like he used to. Can you pick up on what may be going on with him? And will i hear from him again? He hasn't contacted me in over a week, which is very unusual. Is he interested in another woman now?

    Thanks so much for your help 😃

  • Dear Shuabby

    Can you do a reading please.

    My husbands son born 10-4-81 who is bipolar (he seems OK as long as he is taking medication) has been living with his mother & stepdad eversince. Him & his girlfriend bought a 40 year old foreclosure house. Do you think everything will work out for him living with his girlfriend and both of them buying this house? This is the fist time he will be living without his mother which is good so this way its his first time to be independent.I just hope if something traumatic happens in that household he doesnot break down.

    What do you think?

    Thank you so much & Blessings

  • Sherryblossom,

    You may not hear from him again unless you write to him and ask him the questions you have on your mind. LD romance is never a secure one. As you do not know him really only what he tells you, you can do a background check on him and see if he is married.

    In the meantime, if you are lonely join a meetup group in your area and go to church if that is something that resonates with you. We are lonely because we sat and wait for life to happen to us and do not seek it out and make it happen. You will become stronger this new year and many wonderful changes will come of doing so.


  • Magickal,

    Your husband son may have bi-polar condition but he is learning to live with it and handleing it very well , he will love that old house and really enjoy working on it, he is also in love is what I hear and this will make his life blossom and grow so that if anything tramatic happens , he will have grown so emotionally that he will be able to handle it. This is a new beginning for him, please be happy for him and with him, and send out postive thoughts for him only. That way he will be blessed and so will you.


  • Dear Shuabby

    Thank you so much. I'm glad everything will be Ok with his son. I have a few questions again please.

    1. First of all I (birthdate 7-21-45) dont have any personal or marriage problem (thank you GOD). But I have insomnia problem. I have difficulty sleeping and have taken over counter pills but they give me headaches when I wake up. My doctor says my brain doesnot know when to relax.

    I have to learn how to relax. I tried but it still didnot work. I dont like taking prescripton pills also cause they give me headaches. I can sleep a little better in the guest room

    which is the SW area of our house but the master bedroom (SE area of house) I have difficulty

    sleeping. Why is that so? And what do you think is the problem?

    2. Do you know when Rachel (born 10-28-48) will contact me?Time frame more or less please.

    Also she has difficulty selling their small business resort. Will it be sold? if so time frame please

    if you can. She found out her husband has a mistress and have 3 kids with the mistress.


  • Magickal,

    I cannot give medical advise to you as I'm not a medical intuitive.

    I will make a suggestion though, at night you can drink Chamomile tea and take a warm bath to relax you before bedtime. Sleep in a comfortable room, as some rooms are better temperature wise to sleep in. The reason you may not sleep well is inactivity is what I receive. Start walking more or get involved in a senior activity center or do light pilates.

    Rachel will contact you in the next three weeks if not sooner, you could send her a cheerful card to prompt her contact.

    The small resort needs work done on the inside walls is what Iam receiving here. Plumbing also is a problem in areas and the kitchen has a weak spot in the floor due to water pipes leaking is what it feels like. They are asking to much money for the resort at this time and need to reconsider selling it for a lower price. I feel like it has a beautiful landscape and that should help in getting a buyer that may want to just take the resort and tear it down and build something else in its place like a hotel or Inn. I feel it should sell to a man that is well rounded in the middle as well as financially. He wears a light colored hat and it feels like summertime to me when it is sold.

    Her husband and mistress is truly something she will have to deal with on her own terms. She will have to make personal decisions that will be smart ones to secure her financial future, I feel she will be all right with the support of good friends and family.


  • Dear Shuabby



  • Hi 🙂 Can someone give me a reading on my post (Should I follow my heart...). I need some advice, thanks to all.

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