Captain, reading please???????

  • Captain

    Would you mind giving me a reading also. I saw the DOB and thought I would ask.

    My dob is also September 2. Different yr though. My dob is 9/02/1968.

    I thought it would be interesting to see how much difference there may be.


  • MatureVirgo, your goal in this lifetime is to let go of your exacting attitudes in order to approach life in a more open, relaxed manner, one that is defined by a childlike sense of awe at or a delight in the world. Cultivating and experiencing wonder are the purpose of this life path. This requires releasing an overemphasis on the details of life and a propensity to perfectionism in order to achieve a broader view. By being less critical and focused and by extending your vision beyond the mundane, you will significantly enhance the quality of your life and will become imbued with a sense of wonder as you get in touch with the larger forces at work in the Universe. Awe is the natural by-product of such a process. A fairly cool customer emotionally, you will usually need to become more familiar with your own feelings in order to become more spontaneous and fun. Play is the simple key to this path, and releasing yourself from an overemphasis on work and its many tasks by remembering to play is the core lesson of your life. You must put on the brakes and slow down regularly to take time to enjoy simple pleasures. You were born with a desire for order and need to arrange your world in a way that feels right to you. Efficiency, management, and organization are your gods. But the worry and stress that comes with having too much to do can be overwhelming. Your goal must be to cultivate an ongoing and inspiring sense of awe of the world and living. Instead of being repressed, critical and overly exacting of yourself and others, use your gifts of charm, frankness and dynamism to achieve your goals.

    Your life journey will be difficult until you learn the fine art of managing your sense of anxiety and letting the world go its own way. Though you may well be inclined towards hypercriticism and a rather shocking need to order events and people down to the smallest detail, perhaps the biggest danger is that you may attempt to shore up your self-image by turning inward in an increasingly exacting fashion, resulting in the conviction that you are never quite good enough to live up to your own rigid standards.

    Still, if you work to combine your natural modesty and dependability with greater flexibility, tolerance and openness, your success in life will be ensured, especially when you use your gifts to motivate rather than intimidate others. Learn to recognize when you have become trapped by your mental constructions and that, precisely this, was your secret desire. The fulfillment of dealing with these issues will come from enjoying friendships that pull you out of your well-ordered inner world and allow you to have a good time. You have very high hopes in relationships of all kinds (be careful that your expectations aren't too unrealistic or perfectionistic) but they may only serve to mask your fear of being unable to sustain them.

    What you desire is to experience happiness, harmony, fairness and support with one partner whom you love. But you must be your own partner first to achieve this. By getting to know yourself, you will begin to do the things that bring you joy and increase your level of self-nurturing so you feel strong, confident and supported. As you treat yourself more fairly, you will feel the sense of balance and justice that you seek. Only at this point can you establish a healthy partnership wherein two individuals share equally with each other without feeling debilitated.

  • Thanx for the reading Captain.

    This does sound very much like me. It does explain alot. Now I have a better understanding of myself.

    Could you do a reading for me regarding my marriage? Husbands dob is 5/18/70.

  • This relationship makes for a better friendship than a love match. Yet at its best, it is fun, expressing a certain zaniness and a great deal of humour, but this is not the kind of humour anyone would expect from the two of you. Together you have a pointedly observational approach to human interaction, and a dry and compassionate wit - you laugh with people, not at them. This can be very entertaining - your relationship takes both of you out of your ordinary selves. Your husband, while natural, is always a bit self-important, while you are a little rigid. The greatest gift this relationship can give you two is the ability to laugh at yourselves and each other.

    You are in many ways opposites - your husband more free-flowing and you demanding structure - but you can accommodate each other, often through unconventional solutions. Your husband's life can have a kind of entropy, a natural tendency to disorder, which is precisely what you need a bit of in your somewhat inflexible life. In fact, your sternness and rigidity may be a defense against unconscious fears of disorder and chaos. Through trust, understanding and perhaps love, your husband can inspire you to be a more complete person. Being service-oriented, you may benefit from a love and/or family matchup with him because he is independent and may give you something of a rest from duty and responsibility. His spontaneity will be somewhat exasperating but it can also perk you up, energizing you and pushing you out of depression. Friendship is probably the best of relationships for this process. As friends, you will appreciate Taurean naturalness and the two of you can relax and have fun. Little will be out of bounds here - to be silly, goofy or crazy for a while will be valued rather than criticized as in a romantic matchup. More serious relationships like a love affair, marriage or a work pairing may involve expectations that make it difficult for either of you to be yourselves. You are likely to be emotionally demanding yet unable to give, while your husband will feel judged for his sloppy behaviour.

    At its worst, this relationship can be expectant, judgmental and coercive. Beware of laying on heavy or unrealistic expectations. Self-fulfilling prophecies do come true. Learn what others have to teach you and put your energies to work efficiently. Laugh at yourselves.

  • I do see alot of truth to that reading. That is weird. I say that bcuz we were together for 15yrs then got legally married 4yrs ago. Yep that makes it 19yrs together. At this point in my life I do feel more like a friend than a wife in the marriage.

    Do you see any changes in this situation?

    Could there be a different someone that I should be sharing my life with? And if so, do you see somekind of indication/sign of who that person is?

    Lots of DRAMA in this marriage in the past couple of years? Wondering if its time to let go.

  • Try not to look for someone else until you have found out if your relationship with your husband can be improved or repaired. If you are both prepared to work on your weaknesses, be open and honest about how you feel, and meet each other half way, then there is a very good chance of making this work. But you both have to want it. If you can both really be yourselves with one another, letting all the good and the bad in you hang out, and really communicate, then things may yet turn themselves around. Maybe you have never seen each other's real selves - thus it could become a whole 'new' relationship.

  • captain,

    If you have any free time, could i please get a reading for a dob of 7/26/86? I see you have a lot of different requests so if you are too busy, i understand. Thank you for your time either way 🙂

  • What type of reading did you want for this person - a general life reading, a romantic reading, or a specific problem reading, etc?

  • for now a life reading i guess.

  • OK Taurusmanconfusing - please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

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