Could anyone help me interprit this? Astrangel Maybe???

  • I have done a celtic cross rading today, the question relating to a very new situation with a man that has had 2 false starts, mainly due to my guardedness, his too to a degree. I'm wondering whether to be patient or accept that its best to move on. The cards were as follows:

    Sigificator - ace of pentacles

    1 - the hanged man

    2 - the knight of wands

    3 - Page of wands

    4 - the world

    5 - 10 of swords

    6 - ace of swords

    7 - Wheel of fortune

    8 - the emperor

    9 - Judgement

    10 - the fool

    My sense overall is that the reading is mainly telling me about the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. I have just closed a chapter in my life that had a real emotional hold over me and feel open to the lessons life wants to teach me. I wonder if this person is part of it? For the first time in my life I was very open about my feelings without fear of rejection - this is a big deal for me. I just wonder if the false starts are a signal that its not meant to be. I hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi saranavitch

    I will take a crack at this and give you what Heaven seems to be saying...

    Significator - the ACE of PENTACLES - the "root of the powers of the earth", this card tells me that you are very solid, stable with your feet on the ground. You have experienced some pain and learned a lot through those past situations and now you are ready to accept whatever the Universe has for you. You are very open, your heart is so wide open to whatever, I feel that very strong with you. You have a very trusting heart and you have a wisdom born of experience that you worked hard to attain.

    Leading you to this present situation - the HANGED MAN which says you are experiencing a change of heart about something, this man perhaps. You are wanting to open your heart to him, you are wiling and trying to see these false starts in a positive light, like they were meant to be, to teach you something about him, about the two of you together. So that is a great attitude. Your situation is showing you a lot about some part of yourself that you have run from in the past (guardedness) and I have a feeling you are being asked to move forward in a new faith. A new light about relationships dawns for you.

    Covering, this is something you must accept and move through in order to proceed now. The KNIGHT of WANDS my first thought was messages or writing. Knights are single minded and very focused. This situation has you very consumed with checking it out from all angles... do I move in, do I move on, do I do nothing? And all of these questions are really questions of your own heart, your own sense of self, your identity is at stake here and you know you must guard your heart, and yet you want so much to believe and trust that a step of faith is where you next need to go. That is what I am hearing, this Knight is you taking off, running into the arms of love, and casting aside all of that guardedness to take the risks that love always asks of us.

    This plays in nicely to your Hopes and Dreams which is represented by the Page of Wands, again a Wand speaks volumes about you, you have a very innocent heart, very childlike, trusting has come easy to you, and then some pain and you have wondered was trusting wrong? No, that was never wrong, although it forced you to erect some defenses in your life. The defenses can't last forever though especially with that very youthful, exuberant passion you have. Wands again speak to your self-image, how you understand your own self, coming to accept yourself. And you have worked hard to develop that and your fondest dream is to see a relationship where this beautiful inner world of yours has a trusting and safe place to play and love. This is your longing.

    Not easy to get there though, and the road has sent you all over the place somehow. THE WORLD card showing the difficulties leading up to the present situation, and to me this is saying how the world at times has felt threatening, and you pull back and stay within yourself. So the pain of retreat actually led you to this Wand work you have been doing inside yourself, and even though the past has had some real hurts, you understand that it was all necessary somehow, and your man has experienced similar.

    The last of the present is indicated by the TEN OF SWORDS so the pain of what you have remembered mostly from the past comes flooding back at odd moments, and you duck back into your shell to wait until the coast is clear. This card tells me the end of that process was reached, you came to really see that love always involves risk and so you left your old self, with all those swords stuck in your back, in the past and feel free at last to take lovely steps in lovely new directions.

    First of the Future shows the development you can now expect as you purpose to "erase" the old tapes and programming, (ten of swords) and make a fresh start with a clear and simply mental outlook about your life represented by this ACE OF SWORDS. This card marries nicely with the Ace of Pentacles that is you, so I see this as a confirmation that the REAL you is coming forth ready to start fresh, like on a bright sunny morning again, very beautiful feeling i get about you here.

    This is further solidified by the WHEEL of FORTUNE saying that yes, you are absolutely right, a new chapter opening for you, the beginning of a new cycle like you said. This is the setting you are stepping into and it has been a while in coming and yet you always knew the day would come when your heart's desires would manifest. Patience pays off. You have every right to be very optimistic about your life at this point there are very strong energies of change at work for you, ACE of SWORDS + THE WHEEL. Matters are turning around, and you will have the life you dreamed of (PAGE of WANDS).

    How other see you, this to me is the atmosphere around the two of you right now, represented by the Emperor who is authoritative and transfixed in his power over the world. I feel this card is a heavenly affirmation of protection or a shelter around you and your man, as a security almost that fears should not play into it. You can trust that heaven is watching over the both of you and there is absolutely no way you can go wrong. Take a chance and the Emperor is there to keep the wolves and birds of prey away from your feast.

    And then you still have the expectations of tomorrow to contend with. The JUDGMENT card is another card of heavenly protection and affirmation, you are hoping that what is being raised up here (after the false starts is genuine and trustworthy), the angel is calling the dead to raise and that is good news for you. This card also represents fears, so you are concerned about the outcome, these people coming up are naked so there is vulnerability now being asked of you, and that can strike some fear in your heart. However I trust that you have nothing to be worried about. You will rise up naked, and in a relationship that is ultimately a nice thing.

    And all settles down now into the future assurance represented by THE FOOL and that is always what we must become in order to take a new step in love. This FOOL is not as foolish as you think though, because as soon as we reach the WORLD and the end of one phase, we circle back to the FOOL to start again in a new bright way, and there is a lot of wisdom hidden in the fool, behind his tattered clothes and meager belongings. He is ready to go anywhere in the name of love, and I see this as a very positive sign of something very new and beautiful beginning in your life, and I believe to be with your "2 start" man.

    I have had lawnmowers that needed several pulls before they finally got going. Once they started up though, they always did fine.

    And that is what I see for you, something very fine, very lovely and trusting and sweet you should not hesitate.

    I hope that helps saranavitch, you strike me as someone who is very perceptive and mature and you would not be in this position were your heart not ready. You interpreted your spread wonderfully, I just added some cake decorations. I wish you all the best, and I know everything will go very nice and sweet for you. You have such a lovely heart, this man is so very lucky to know you.

  • Thank you so very much for your interpretation. These 'cake decorations' have really blown me away, the way you have described things, my open heart, my childlike trust, the difficulties that have made me so guarded and the readiness for something new could not be more true. Unfortunately this second false start has gone from bad to worse, with his barriers going right back up and him almost trying to prove to me, and himself I think, that he is the bad guy. I have no doubt that he let his guard down and felt something, but he got scared and ran. Thats how it looks anyway.

    I am trying to be true to myself and keep my heart open to new things, but I think I may have to accept that to keep my heart open to him would be too risky. This is all so new to me and I don't want to go back to being the guarded person that I have been all these years. I am trying to have compassion for him rather than feel angry. But maybe I have to offer that compassion to myself also and allow myself to walk away.

    I feel very strongly, a real gut instinct that this situation has a way to go yet, but maybe thats just the way we feel when we don't want it to be over. In the meantime, I'm licking my wounds and trying to remember that if I give out love without the barriers, it will find its worthy place eventually and come back to me. At least thats what I'm trying to tell myself 🙂

    Thank you so much again for your generous reading and beautiful, kind words.

  • AstraAngel, would it be asking to much to ask you to do a chart reading?

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