11 card celtic cross for marriage question

  • Hi! I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help interpret this for me because although it seems like it might indicate a marriage I get so confused reading for myself ...and the 3 of swords makes me wonder if this is positive or not...

    4- 3 of swords

    6- 10 of wands 1- 10 cups 2- justice 7- 9 of cups 11- the hierophant

    3- the devil 10-queen of wands

    9- ace of cups

    5- queen of pentacles 8-king of pentacles

  • ok sorry that didn't show as i typed it out... here it is again and the question was if I will marry my boyfriend thank you

    1- situation- ten of cups

    2- around me justice

    3- crossing card - the devil

    4-crowning card 3 swords

    5- foundation card - queen of pentacles

    6- past card10 wands

    7 future card 9 of cups

    8 me card - king of pentacles

    9- surrounding influences card- ace of cups

    10- hopes and fears card- queen of wands

    11- outcome card the hierophant

  • Sorry - but one thing I will tell you right now is that this spread is NOT about marriage. I hope you aren't offended by my bluntness. You will not marry him - in fact - you should NOT even be with him. He is cheating on you. You are in love - completely and totally, but the devil is around you so he is feeling guilty about lying to you. the three of swords above you signifies a third party involved - with someone getting their heart broken - it may or may not be you. The Justice card doesn't always mean marriage - in the case of this spread - it means that karma is coming around and you need to speak up for yourself. You have to look at your situation and determine whether or not it is fair to you - or even both parties. You are the queen of pentacles, but in your hopes and fears the queen of wands shows up. This is a woman about town - so to speak. She wows him and he's feeling guilty about it. There looks like sneaking around - the ace of cups shows a new relationship (not with you) but you are so in love that you are wishing and hoping that the outcome will be what you want (nine of cups). If you look at the last card, the heirophant has many meanings - and one of them can be healing. It is a very positive card, however it doesn't necesarily mean marriage. It could mean that you confront your boyfriend and work things out, or you learn new things about yourself in this whole process.

    I am sorry for putting this so bluntly - and I do recommend having someone else read your cards for you in the future. If it your deck you use - cleanse it before you use it again and try to remain clear in your mind (not hoping one way or the other) before you pull your cards. Either way - I can never read my own cards and the readings I have done for myself have always been screwy.

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