AstraAngel...please help!!!

  • AstraAngel,

    I have read several of your post and you seem to have quite a bit of talent and wisdom with the cards. Could you please help me to figure out what is going on with me! I feel that I am in a very confused and torn place right now.

    Is there a reading that can help to put things into perspective?? Please help if you can!


  • Hi blue intensity,

    Sure thing, we'll try a celtic cross and go from there... thank you Heaven for your counsel for Blueintensity...

    Significator - the Magician - well we are getting off to a good start anyway. The first thought that came to mind was that you are a very sensitive, you have gifts. It seems that those who have the gifts are the ones that get slammed with life issues that rend you... seems to go with the territory. You are strong.

    Your present environment - The Ten of Swords (rev) - no doubt about it, you feel dead, empty at times and wondering why am I feeling this way? "I thought life was supposed to be nice... and then this?" Something is going on for sure that is causing you a real sense of waste. Reversed tells me this will turn around. Hang in there.

    Crossing you - the Page of Swords - this is something you have to face, pages are young, innocent, often understood as a child, in your case it is this innocent feeling i am getting. Like you need to be more innocent and let yourself go about something. Pages are risk takers, and you are being asked to take a risk about something, maybe you have shied away from. Could be something you need to say, write to someone significant in your life.

    Your hopes and dreams - the Moon (rev) - what a lovely aspiration you have, any time I see the Moon I feel like heaven just settled in over us. I get this really strong feeling that you are an empath, and very emotional, and you so want to see your emotions channeled in a positive, beautiful way to help others. You cry and wonder why you are crying, you feel sad, and then happy. You are learning some beautiful aspects of your emotional nature, you will helping others in similar circumstances. That is your hope. You have a beautiful feeling nature, very strong... through very confusing times we experience real growth. Ouch, i know.

    Difficulties in the past - the Emperor - the first thought that came was someone who was rather authoritative who you had a relationship with? Somewhere there was a severe figure who you struggled to understand and reconcile with. Your lunar empathies were pounced upon perhaps, you may have run from something that was painful because you had no choice.

    Last of the present - The Chariot - woah! Where is this chariot going? You gave felt like life was taking you for a ride and you have wondered, when is this wagon train ever going to stop?

    I need to stop right here. Already I can see the intensity of your life... no wonder you are blue+intensity! Already we have FOUR major arcana cards showing (and the High Priestess is next). My goodness blue intensity, NO WONDER YOU FEEL so confused and dealing with some very unsettling questions, these major cards are all signs of someone going through a major life phase change, something of a VERY profound nature for you. You are asked to fasten your seat belt and HANG ON. You will get through this, if I were there I would give you a big hug and smile (probably through my own tears) and say you are so strong, and you are going to come out of this smelling like the roses of heaven... i am crying... i have been there I know the feeling... and still do... This is revered so this is turning in your favor.

    Next, the first of the future, the High Priestess - not reversed, RIGHT SIDE UP, and this is what you need to keep your eyes on this is your next stop. You are the High Priestess, so lovely, having come through all of these issues... not perfectly, none of us get it perfectly, however you are determined to follow heaven at all costs, and the reward is this very wise and mature perspective that is solid and sure. The High Priestess is not moved by the changeable circumstances of life, she is calm, focused, centered on higher truth. That is where the Chariot finally stops and lets you off, at the doorstep of her house, and you will be so glad you kept fighting the good fight of faith.

    Furture environment - the Five of Swords (rev) - this card really stopped me. What? Blueintensity goes through all of this pain, and her future setting is the Five of Swords? I see this as a sign that you are just entering your own personal philosophy, your own perspective of life that you have had to fight hard for (no doubt in part to the pressure of Emperor types telling you how you are SUPPOSED to think. In the five you dominate your mental powers and establish your own unique viewpoint which will then continue to grow in your life. So no wonder you are feeling so much confusion you are working hard to establish your own special outlook. This is reversed

    Outer influences - the Ace of Cups (rev) - there is a love offering here, something is out there that you are aware of that is a new love, something that has the potential to begin, something being offered to you. This is the first time we have seen a cup show up in this spread so this is a new love atmosphere from outside in some way. Nice to see an ace though, something has potential here to develop for you. Reversed so this situation is very active right now, coming into force.

    Hopes and fears - okay, this is significant... a second CUP and this is your fondest hope and some fear as well. A new relationship it seems to me, and very sweet, innocent, this is your heart's desire, and yet there is a fear here as well. My guess you were hurt by something in love in your past (Emperor) and it has been hard to trust again? This is a very strong hope for you though, you are optimistic that something will still come about that is a lovely picture of love. Twos are choices so you may have to make a decision about this love potential in some way.

    Outcome - the Ace of Wands - whatever the whole jigsaw puzzle is, ultimately turns in your favor as you are establishing something new in your life that is a very powerful and mature self image. You fought and won, you cried the required number of tears, you paid the price, and now you are confident and very capable. A new path opens before you where you are a fire of passion, and this time it doesn't engulf you, you are in control and channeling your emotions (The MOON) into some new directions in your life that are very rewarding and just the start. Even with the possibility of a new love seed growing, the emphasis still seems to be on you as a person, establishing your will, and force of intellect governing your emotions (Ace of Wands - The MOON, the High Priestess)

    The sense I have is to remain focused on yourself, whatever that cup stuff is that is coming from without, and which represents some very real desires from your heart, will come to pass in the right time. For now you should be centered on the journey to acquiring the crown of the High Priestess and entering your own intellectual and personal space, where YOU have a story to tell, where YOU are the centered in your own powerful energies, which is your destiny. There were three swords in this spread so the realm of mind and thought is very pervasive in your life right now. These accounts must be settled before you can move into the Ace and Two of Cups. They could be very sweet for you though! Could be the carrot in the stick for you. 🙂

    Wishing you a LOT of strength and fortitude, I can see you are dealing with a lot. I am going to give you the same advice I gave two others today... go find a good book to read and let your mind be absorbed in some fantasy or sleezy romance novel or something (lol) ... you will need some reality breaks for sure over this you are dealing with.

    You have what it takes though. You are a magician deep down... becoming the High Priestess.

    Peace and strength.

  • AstraAngel, def hit several nails on the head here!! You would not believe the overwhelming emotion in just reading this. If you would...please read my post from a few days past...'is this just insanity on multiple levels??'.....I would really love your opinion of this situation and after your reading I feel like this may play a lot into what you are seeing. If you have time to check it out that is...I have seen how very much in demand you are!

    Thank you so just don't know how much you have helped me. Praying you can help me to shed some light (or more) on the situation in my other post!


  • Hi again blueintensity

    Yes, I saw that other post of yours and wanted to step in there however it seemed like you were getting some wonderful counsel and didn't want to add too much for you to consider.

    So, you have a great marriage, very close, and you share a connection with a "Mr. X", and you are wondering what is going on? Is it okay? Why is this happening? I am happily married!

    I will give you my perspective based on my own experiences. You weigh what I say out in your own heart and YOU make the final call.

    I know exactly what is going on. You are having an angelic encounter. At least it sounds like it is angelic in nature to me. You can try to think your way through this, manage it, or decide to avoid Mr. X at work to protect your marriage, and so on. Unfortunately once there is angelic activity there is not a lot you can do except hold on. My advice? Stay in prayer, meditate, journal, and take as much time taking walks by yourself as you can while this situation is developing. I could tell you (as someone else suggested) that you should cut it off with Mr. X. ...Easier said than done and you know that.

    I just drew the JUDGMENT card which shows the Angel above a man, a woman and a child ascending from whatever life they had. That is what is happening to you, you have heard the trumpet of the angel and your life is now shifting under you, and you are becoming more sensitive and aware of spiritual things and the angel realm. This is your resurrection.

    And the HERMIT - which tells me you are now on a solitary path, even though married etc.

    What this means blueintensity is that there is a calling on your life, a work of your heart or something that you are being summoned unto. Mr. X at work is simple ministering to you in some beautiful ways that are communicating to your heart, imparting some heavenly light especially for you. You are drinking it in.

    And the WORLD - yes, you are stepping into a fulfillment of something beautiful, a new phase of life is opening for you! This is exciting. I wouldn't be too concerned. Keep your heart centered in heaven, and pray this prayer a lot... Our Father and Mother who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, THY kingdom come, THY will be done in my life. Amen."

    You pray something like that as you go through your day (or you can pray to spirit or simply "life" it doesn't matter what label we put on it), and everything will ultimately work out well for you. With that attitude you can't go wrong. Stay dependent on the Universe and the Positive Energies to carry you along and all will be fine. There might be a few moments where you aren't sure about some developments, or a tiny bit of trepidation... don't worry, you are in good hands. The Universe knows where you live, and sees everything, and there is no way you can go wrong.

    That WORLD card tells me a lot. Some shifting events, some changes perhaps... a little too early to tell. You are heading for a very special time in your life. You are blessed to have a wonderful marriage, and it sounds like you have a very understanding husband. That may be put to the test. Everything in life is always tested. We think something is dependable... and then a little heat is applied... and then we find out what is dependable and what isn't.

    Page of WANDS - expect a message of some sort soon that may add some clarity to this situation. Remain patient. Stay sweet no matter what. Take that time for yourself as often as you can.

    We are all experiencing this angelic activity right now in different ways. You are being carried along in angel's hands. Your spiritual life is deepening and you can feel it. You know life is shifting around you and yet you can't quite put your finger on it. All will fall into place for you as you keep going in faith and trust. You are definitely having a spiritual experience.

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