Pisces guy...reasons i havent talked to him since last monday?? hellpp!!

  • Friday night I was with this guy I've been talking to for a minute and you could say we spent most of the night together he was hugging/ kissing on me and pretty much just talking (I.E he was kinda drunk). this was Friday night.

    OK yesterday night it was a different story. I saw him with a lot of his friends and he came over gave me a big hug and went back over to them basically acting like Friday didn't happen. so I left it alone and kept walking.

    later on I saw him again w/ his friends and as I was walking I saw him again and said ' so you actin like you dnt know anybody' he walked over and put his arm around me and we started walking but a minute after he told me to go with my cousin and he started walking w/ his friend again.

    the other time I saw him he was walking by his self he came over to me and asked why I said that comment earlier about him acting like he didn't know me....he said I needed to cut it out because he spent most of the night with me before and yesterday he just wanted to spend the night with his friends....am I overreacting?.....everytime i would walk past him he would look at me... THEN LAST MONDAY.....

    he texted first.

    HIM...whats up?

    HER...my dads been blowing up my phone talking about somebody saw us together friday night...i just wanted to tell you

    HIM,,hell i dont care! he needs to chill because your almost a grown a** woman!!

    HER..he called me about 15 times talking about you need to get your ish together and he;s not good for you and stuff like that but im gonna do what i want regardless.

    HIM...that man doesnt even know me...

    HER..well idk he's overreacting...i just wanted to tell you...

    so based of this do you think this guy shes talking to cares about her??\

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