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  • Please someone help me as im a new reader. I done this EX spread i found and have a problem reading the cards for myself as im too clouded by my own emotions

    1)Our past relationship history ...Knight of Swords

    2)Where i'm at now ...3 wands

    3)Where my ex is ....The hierophant

    4)What i feel about getting back together...4 coins

    5)How my ex feels about getting back together...4 cups

    6)What opposes what i want...the world (it appeared reversed and i dont use revers cards)

    7)who or what can help...6 coins

    8)Something that i should know or is hidden ...The emperess (this appears alot in my spreads regarding this relationship)

    9)outcome 5 cups

  • Hey aqua, I will take a crack at an interpretation, and I am sure others will jump in too...

    Past - Knight of Swords - it sounds to me like the relationship had a LOT of verbal issues, some communication issues which can happen.

    Where you are at now, Three of Wands, you are working in developing a positive and bright self image of yourself post-divorce, you are working hard on maintaining a positive view of your life and that is excellent keep doing that!

    Where your husband is at. The Hierophant - this sounds to me like he is a rather traditional, set in his ways kind of person, and maybe that was part of the issue in the relationship. Maybe it was his way or the highway, and you finally got on a bus out of town! Doesn't appear to me that he has changed much since then?

    How you feel about getting back together? Four of Coins - tells me you are defensive right now about that, and not exactly ready to forgive and forget and cuddle again. I belive you are acting wisely there, take your time, you are protecting your own heart and that is appropriate for you.

    What opposes what I want - the World - you may be sensing some sort of pressure from your environment to restore the marriage. Maybe family or friends want you bak together... I would listen to your own heart and tune all that worldly chatter out.

    Who or What can help - the Six of Coins - material stability. You should stay focused on your own material needs and make sure that you are nurturing yourself, This also ties back to the Four of Coins we saw at (4) so there is a thread there... maintain your own material and financial security, take care of yourself foremost.

    Something that I should know (hidden) - The Empress - hmm... my first thought was another person involved with your ex, is that the case? Maybe you aren't aware of it.

    Outcome - Five of Cups - sounds to me like you should move on. A change of heart is indicated. You must still have some real feelings for your ex though as you are putting spreads together about it. I drew the High Priestess and were she there to sit by you I am guessing she would counsel you to look to the future and let the past go. My sense anyway.

    These are only my impressions.... Heaven can work miracles though, so anything is possible. WHat does your future look like? I drew the ACE of PENTACLES which is a wonderful card the root of the powers of the earth, so you have something NEW beginning soon and it will be good for you.

    Peace to you aqua8.

  • Thank you for taking the time to help! it was my ex boyfriend....i was hoping of a reconciliation?

  • Wow! AstraAngel. Awesome reading. I've been trying to figure out the tarot for years and you said it all in really nice and straight forward way. I always have trouble really articulating what the cards mean or else I second guess myself. I have a question about the the 5 of cups for this one as the outcome. Do you think the 5 cups in this position could mean taking a look to really see what is around you...a hidden happy surprise possibly? Not a reconciliation with Aqua's ex but rather she is focusing on the cups that are spilled and not recognizing the gift of the other upright cups that are just behind her? Moving on and no longer looking toward the past .. yes.... but also perhaps there is something else (good) around her that she may not be recognizing?

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