How do you recognise visions?

  • Just thought would start a discussion thread where we could share how we recognise and understand the visions we have.

    I am not tuned into 'seeing', although I do see things and people when I close my eyes and especially while praying and meditating. I cannot understand and put an understanding to most of the stuff I 'see'.

    So would like to know how do you recognise and understand what you see?

  • However, I am fast learning to recognise signs through the Synchronicity principle.

  • hey sag, i see things when i close my eyes like people's faces but im not sure who or why. also its not real clear but kinda like i pick it out of of a constantly changing dark cloud , i only see the face for about 3 seconds usually. maybe its because i get excited or loose my focus when the face becomes clear.... sometimes when i get on a roll with things i start to become excited in some way and loose it.

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