Oh what am i supposed to do with this cancer man? pls help!

  • My friend introduced this man to me (I'm a Gemini) at a bar; he's 32, carefree, handsome, outgoing, definitely not shy and damn he's got all that charm! However, throughout the conversation with him, I was a bit uncomfortable as he was being touchy. I guess he noticed that and that's when he said, "Well to be frank with you, I just wanna f*ck you. You're hot and I just don't want to hurt you or to mislead you."

    Honestly, I'm glad he was being brutal honest with me but I told him I'm not that kind of person he was looking for as I am seeking for a serious one.

    Anyway, we became friends and somehow after awhile, he trusts me. He'd share all his dirty secrets, sexual encounters & some bits of his past with me. It's like I am the listener and he is comfortable talking to me. From what I know, he is afraid of commitment and he's enjoying his life right now. He loves meeting women, going out with them and sometimes I wonder if I am the only one he is telling all these to. He has an awful past and therefore, he does whatever he feels like doing now. He can be philosophical at times too, telling me life is too short to be tied down but he KNEW eventually he has to settle down with the right woman.

    However one night, he called me. He thinks having sex is pointless. And he is somehow sick of it and after all, he realizes he just needs to be loved. You see, I don't know what is going on with him. Is he confused with what he actually wants? Too scared to admit he does want to be loved? Too timid to find someone to settle??

    And also, he ever told me that he'd like to go out with me (as in a proper date) but I don't know what happened and he didn't talk about it after some time.

    When is he going to settle down? I can't help but feeling confused about him, especially his behavior.

  • What are your birthdates?

  • he's July 6th and me 31st May. 😃 thank you. and by the way, I think I am confused about how I feel for him. friends or uh.. I don't know.

  • This is not a good matchup for friendship but it can work somewhat for love. You Rox will find it difficult to give this man all the emotional understanding he needs, however. This relationship will explore the darker depths of experience, the shadow side of life. In love here, you two will explore many unusual experiences, especially sexually, as well as unusual people and places and the metaphysical. This relationship can be threatening to you Rox because this guy lives in a much more deeply emotional state than you normally feel comfortable in. Yet you may also be fascinated by him. He may also take the lead in the relationship here, something to which you may not be accustomed. Fishing in such deep emotional waters is not without its dangers and psychological issues can be brought to the surface in both of you. Rox, any anger, disapproval, and aggression issues you might have and this man's hurt, withdrawn and possessive attitudes will make this relationship difficult unless they are resolved - you will both need to deal with problems fairly and squarely. It's just that you both have a tendency to flee from emotional issues, rather than face them. If you feel you are in over your head here and cannot handle such problems, go no further.

  • Thank you so much, I really appreciate it =))

    You're right, and right now we kind of stop contacting already. And I'm moving on 😃

  • men are liars and it's always about having sex with you. if they can't figure out one way, they will use another. so payment is either by marriage first, or cash. don't take less than $500 per.

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