• O and Daliolite, I asked my friend about what you wanted to know, they have the same problems with her as with any household with teenagers, but there is a boy she is not allowed to see and his mother wont speak to the parents at all? If that says something I think it is very ugly about her but I always say "You get wise people and then you get otherwise people" I just hope she has nothing to do with this?

  • Hi. I am not psychic at all, just interested in this case. Paddifluff, you mentioned a white building or tower. Being as she is from the Cape, could this be a lighthouse?

  • To say there is nothing drastic to make her run would mean either that you are not being told the whole story or that the parents do not know theur daughter very well. To not be allowed to be friends with someone because the parents cannot stand eachother is also asking for trouble. I guess the first. Sad. Keep us posted anyway.


  • Lilymoon it could be a lighthouse, at any rate a place of refuge and safety, which is why I thought a church.

  • Just saw her sister's page. She has been found! Thank the Lord!

  • That is absolutely great news!! I hope the parents embrace the fact that they need to understand their daughter more.

  • wonderful news I am glad she is home safe!!!

  • Oh that is great, I hope she fares well when the doors are closed, I hope her parents go easy on her.


  • Hi everyone YES THANK GOD SHE HAS BEEN FOUND! lilymoon you got ahead of me there! And yes apparently her ex boyfriend (who is an addict as suggested by Diolite) and his mother hid her away since she dissapeared, and her parents kept phoning and asking him and his mother if they had seen her, that his mother actually made a police case against the parents for harrasing!? Have you ever!! Anyway the parents got a PI and this morning at about 11.30am went to his house and they found her hidden( in a box!!!!) somewhere in his back yard and thats where they found her. My friend phned me and just told me that but dont know the whole story as they were at the Police Station at the time and will phone me later today again.

    To ALL OF YOU - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! For all your input and possitivety that we received from you. Getting in touch with all of you was MY ONLY hope and the only way I know to assist the family as I was just as worried about this child. My friend Monica (the grandmother) and I have been friends for 36 years now so she IS lilke family to me. May God bless you all for helping us and keeping us possitive. God Bless you all abunduntly. Thank you again Chappies (Yolanda)

  • Just to also let you know - her parents are good, honest, hardworking people and that between the kids (2 sisters and a brother) they lack absulute nothing. The parents are just like all of us and sure if your daughter is involved with a drug addict you would also not allow this. Jade is the youngest of the 3 and also a bit spoiled, and maybe have a bit to much free time, and maybe they should address that. Teenagers will be teenagers, but to put your loved ones thru something like this is terrible as they were frantic with worry. But yes - at least this is over,THANK GOD AGAIN, and after speaking to my friend and hear the whole story will let you all know. Chappies

  • Thank you God for being there this time .

    Im so Happy that she has been found .This is wonderful news

    Love, light and Hugs Loap:)

  • Amen. My son had problems during his teens. This can be a common problem--there's an adult involved in helping for whatever dysfunctional reason. I've been thru this same type scenario w/my son. I can not say enough about the ability of Watergirl. The cards help quite a bit, faith even more. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and got a good feeling concerning this---

  • OMG Watergirl sorry I did not mention what you did, but sure you understand my gratitude! THANK YOU! You were ALL FANTASTIC - I know I keep saying THANK YOU but THANK YOU a thousand times is NOT enough when someone like you give your time in trying to help! Daliolite yes maybe the dysfunctional adult is the boy friends mother? I do not understand how an adult (a mother at that!) can hide a child from another mother knowing what she would be going thru? Watergirl I cannot thank you enough! You are FANTASTIC! And so is all of you - you are all like a puzzle that fit the pieces together. Thank you soooooo very much from the family as well. By the way, my friend always give me a hard time regarding me believing in phychics, tarot's and being a bit supersticios, but I think after this she will NEVER laugh at me again;-) She is a wonderfull person my friend but some things we dont agree on- I think till now thank you all. Tonight we can all sleep at peace. God is good! And again faith did it again as well. I feel good today. Chappies

  • Ahhhh, I am so glad to hear of a happy ending 🙂 And now that Hermit makes more sense as my "advice" card (it was still "bugging" me last night as I went to sleep).....the private investigator!!!

  • Watergirl, you were wonderfull! Go and have a GOOD nights sleep, nothing to "bug" you tonight 😉 cos I know the family you have helped will!


  • Hello, I read the post about the missing girl and here is what I feel. She purposely left behind her cell device because she did not want to be tracked. She erased text and calls so that no one could track her quickly. She did however leave the device knowing that thanks to modern technology the information could be pulled from its history. There is indeed conflict in the home, and I am seeing a mother, but not in a physically. Is the father raising the children alone? She feels as though she is teaching a lesson. I am not convienenced that she is alone, nor with an asailiant. I do agree that she is extremly confused and doing some bad things as a result of personal conflict. I believe that locating her soon is vital and that she believes she is in control of her situation, and doesn't realize the danger she is in. Go to the place where the father purchased the bank card for her birthday, ask the bank to do a serch of everwhere the card has been used, you'll find your girl. I believe a friend is aiding her.

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