• Captain, Shuabby or ANYONE THAT CAN HELP PLEASE. My friends grand daughter went missing from home after school on Wednesday 14/9/11. The driver of her fathers company (a family member) picked her up fm school said he dropped her at home and when the father phned to see if all ok at home, the sister and brother said they have not seen her. Jayde Wacker turned 16 on the 31 July and her birh year is 1995. The only things missing is her bag and her bank card that her father paid money into for her birthday. She ALSO got a Blackberry for her birthday but odly enough she did not take it with her? On checking to see what no's was received and dialed last - all of it including all messages was deleted? She has never before went anywhere unless telling the family where she is and the family is beside themselves not knowing where she is or what happened to her? They have reported it to the police but no clue so far. PLEASE PLEASE can you find it in yourselves to see if any of you can help her as we are trying any avenue and I believe in the gift that God has given you that just maybe you can help this desperate family to find their daughter. This is so appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and PLEASE GOD that they find her soon.

  • hi there, so sorry to hear your story, I do not feel like this is a case of abduction, more like a planned case of running away. I hope someone here can help you more.


  • chappie I am praying for Jayde's safe return home. But I would be questioning the family member who picked her up

    blessings & prayers

  • Chappies,

    I agree with comments here. Check with the person who picked her up at school.

  • For her not to bring the phone w/her is alarming. I'll get to a reading to see what the cards suggest. Hang in there as I will pray also.

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  • When I try to get her energy field I see someone who is running away from a life where she is being pushed to do something she does not want to do, to follow someone else's dreams. I do not see much love or understanding. I wonder about a handicap. Does her father have a business? I see a white building which could be a church or a mill, a tower kind of building on a fine sunny day.

    I do not know if this helps, your friend's granddaughter has a head full of chaos and maybe needs some time out to sort that chaos out. I really hope this is all it is. May someone else gives you better help.


  • Hi All, Thank you so very very much for your insight, may God Bless you all, what you are doing with your gift from God is wonderfull and I am sure I am talking for everyone that comes on this forum when I say we really really appreaciate the time you all give us. I will pass all your messages on right away and hope and pray to God she will be found soon. What stress and worry for parents and ALSO grandparents as well as friends? Thank you again I will keep checking here if there should be something else we may be able to help. God Bless Chappies

  • Thank you so much will be waiting your reply God Bless

  • Daliolite

    Thank you so much will be waiting your reply God Bless


  • I don't know if she was happy or not, well-adjusted or not. If you could clarify would help. This is an intense reading I pulled. I do not have my own deck, I pull from this site. It would take a better turn if she was unhappy as it would appear that she ran away. I will try to explain this reading the best I can.

    Surrendering power to an individual. Solitude by outside forces--could be beyond her control. Solitude is front and center and underlies this reading. You want to know where she is. Looks like she is in submission to someone. Time of duress. Death and Hermit paired--end of good time in life. There's dysfunction or a person who is dysfunctional in this reading. I don't know who to point to on this. I feel there's a person who has been overtaken by problems. Problems w/addiction, lust/bad influence. Bad environment--either at home or w/major character in this scenario. Might possibly be lying to oneself regarding this person. She is fighting or will be fighting this battle alone. Turmoil is not over. Fight in future. Great frustration over ones she loves/emotional time. She wants to be w/someone but can not. Can't be with the ones she loves--I read this either as can't be with someone or is in pain over this situation.

    This is an issue w/this reading--being w/the ones she loves.

    There is a lot of hard work ahead on this. Stay focused. Involves someone that she's known. Possible love interest but this person has BIG issues. She knows person to whom is involved in this. This person is from her past. Person that has influence on her. Moving away from scenario in near future. If she's not well-adjusted could be a good omen as she's leaving a bad situation. Not so good if she's in the hands of someone else.

    Again, Death is a card that indicates change. If she ran away, is better than not. So, my question is how well she was adjusted, family issues, etc.



    6 of coins--Above (important)

    Past(far)--2 of cups

    Past (near)--Ace of Rods

    Future (near)--6 of swords

    future--Nine of cups

    Her--nine of rods

    environment--3 of cups

    Hopes & fears--Devil

    Outcome--8 of coins

    I've been praying for her and have a good feeling in my heart.

  • Daliote I am 100% with you on your reading, just afraid to say it.xPaddi

  • She was definitely either fleeing from a difficult situation at home and/or fleeing to someone she feels she is in love with and cannot be with otherwise or who she feels can protect her from the situation at home. I am not getting abduction - it is coming through as an emotional outburst - uncontrolled emotions and libido of a teenager. The phone may have been left behind as I believe it could be used to track her - don't they all have some sort of gps on them now for these types of situations? If not, she knows that using the phone would enable others to narrow down her location through the tracking of the cell towers. Actually, the more I type the more I get that she was just angry about something at home - almost like she didn't get something she wanted? - and took off in a fit of emotion and anger. She wants to come home now I feel but is afraid to. I do see her coming back home soon and the advice coming through for the family is to just keep looking. There is definitely an issue with an older male here. Not sure if it's a boyfriend or her father....

    Foundation/Basis of the Matter - Why she is Missing: Strength

    Jayde: 4 of Cups

    What's Crossing Her: 6 of Pents

    What's Above: 8 of Wands

    Recent Past: The Emperor

    Current Situation: The Devil

    Near Future: King of Cups

    Blocks/Inhibitions: Knight of Pents

    Her Current Environment: 8 of Cups

    Advice for the Family: The Hermit

    Outcome: 10 of Cups

  • Watergirl--I got a lot of same feelings about this. Hermit next to Death concerns me. Also, 2 of cups in past w/Devil in future. Also, cups w/Hermit--experiencing emotions alone. I also picked up that she misses everyone. My outcome didn't seem as ominous as the present situation did, so let's hope for the best.

  • Hey Daliolite - I think in your cards the Hermit as the basis was the shadow side of the hermit - not being wise and acting impulsively. Death may be that she is regretting what she did (also reflected by her as the 9 of Wands) or just wanting to change a situation - getting her way. 2 of cups in the past - also the shadow side I think. Then followed by Ace of Wands. So it is either about a guy she has feelings for that she feels she cannot see otherwise - knows or told she could not see him - OR - she was upset about somthing, like not getting her way and then got angry and impulsive over it. We both got that 6 of Pents - you as above and me as the crossing. For some reason I just feel like there was something she was told "no" about. Your 6 of Swords in the future I think is about her calming down. We both had a high emotional card in the future as well - 9 of Cups and King of Cups. I feel like she will be coming home but these cards could also point to her being stubborn and wanting her way. Your environment card of 3 of Cups indicated to me that she was upset with her family, but could also indicate being too indulgent with her emotions - either with regard to her family or this potential man she is involved with. I got the Devil as the present and you got it as hopes and fears. My interpreation was anger. I think she is hoping this outburst will help her get her way, but is now also afraid of the consequences of her outburst. I wasn't sure about your 8 of Pents as outcome, but my 10 of Cups outcome indicated her coming home and a happy ending. Maybe your 8 of Pents is about her potential punishment - let's hope that's the worst that comes out of this 🙂 That being said, The Hermit as my advice card has been bugging me a little - I think the family needs to talk to her friends first, but talking to her teachers or a school counselor might help as well. She was definitely po'd about something and if the family truly does not understand what that is - digging into what has been going on in her life outside of the house will be a huge help.

  • I forgot to mention that at first I had a weird feeling about the family/friend person that dropped her off, but that was before I did my reading. Also, the fact that her phone was left behind and wiped of its history made it clear to me that she chose to leave. I also put the Tarot cards away and pulled my Spiritual Guidance cards for the family - pulled two cards asking what they should do to bring her home safely. The cards were Despair and Restriction, BUT both cards speak to calming your mind of fears - that things are not as serious or bleak as they may seem. That made me feel much better.

  • My feeling is that she has issues withher father and that money is involved because I heard her say she would pay it herself otherwise her father wuld get mad.

    Poor kid tell her parents to take it easyon her when she returns.

  • Hi - my 2 cents - not psychic info - just from knowledge of having a teenager - you are right about the phone. It was left behind because it could be used to track her. It was wiped of messages and phone numbers for the same reason. You are also right - she wanted to either be with someone her famility did not approve of or she was "escaping from something at home" To find her, all of her friend at school and people who were not her friends should be interviewed. Someone will know if she had a plan, or if she was seeinf someone the parents did not approve of. teenagers have secrets. They are good at it. Even the ones ho talk to their parents a lot don't tell them everything. I do not think it was a case of abdcion but she could easily get caught up in a situation where she might want to come home but is either afaid to come home or is somehow "vrainwashed" into not coming home or finds it dificult to leave where sh is hiding to come home because she may feel like she is betraying friends if she does come home. I hope you hear from her soon!

  • Im so sorry to hear of this as there is nothing worse to have a child go missing, im so glad many people have come forth on this site to try and help you .

    My thought and prayers are with you and your family for her safe return .

  • Daliolite, Thank you for your reading much appreaciated. I cannot BELIEVE the response we have from ALL of you and just want to say a thousand THANK YOU'S!!!! I have actually copy and pasted ALL your replies to her parents so maybe they can make something out of it (did not want to leave or read everything over the phone as I am in Gauteng and they are in Cape town - very far- about 900kms?) I spoke to my friend this morning and she told me that what they also found was A LOT of used bus tickets to and fro (from home and town I presume) And a friend of hers told her parents that her and the friend met with someone she met on Facebook ? They also went to see a phychic in Cape town and she told about driving around in a car? Maybe you can shed some light onto that? What they cannot understand is that she did not take any clothes with her and no money was used from her account as yet? And only a little boy saw her walking down the road? Nothing happened for her to react so drasticly as she did either? Ther are sooo many questions when something like this happens but I am truely very gratefull (and the family as well) for ALL of you trying to help. It all sounds possitive and that is the main thing TO STAY POSSITIVE. God Bless and Thank you again. Will also keep you up to date. Chappies

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