Ladies! please help me with a new Cancer crush.

  • Ok ladies please give me your advice!

    This is the first Cancer women I have been interested in and I am wondering what you Cancer women like in a man and what you don't like. This particular women goes to my Church and is 26 years old. I am 34 born July 21st. I don't know her very well, in fact we've only talked briefly, but I have seen her around for several years because she used to go to my last church! No I did not follow her to my new church lol! she came months after me and I don't believe, in fact I am fairly confident, that she didn't come for me either. I live in Cleveland and there are not a lot of Churches like the two that her and I have gone to so it's not too surprising to see her there. In fact, the pastor who started my old church is now one of the pastors at my new church.

    Anyway, she seems really sweet, intelligent, and not at all hard on the eyes. On her FB profile, (she added me today) she seems like an outdoorsy person. I on the other hand am more of an indoorsy (this should be a word) person. She likes to cook, and seems very adventurous. I do enjoy a little adventurer for sure but again, I don't enjoy being outside all the time. We have similar taste in music and movies which is nice. I think she may be a little more conservative than me but not overly so. She does have a tattoo on her wrist so I don't think she is too uptight and she likes the show Arrested Development which is a HILARIOUS show, and would probably offend ultra conservatives.

    I see her every Sunday. I go to church by myself and she goes with a variety of friends, both girls and boys. Last Sunday was actually the first time we have had any extended conversation and she seemed to be enjoying it, but these things can be hard to judge. I try very hard to not make presumptions about body language. Some girls are very touchy feely while others will hardly look you in the eye. Both can mean something or nothing at all and I get really annoyed with men who presume a women wants to jump in the sack with them because they touched them or just smiled at them!!! Men can be so pathetic!

    So as you know I am a Cancer man but I honestly have zero experience with a Cancer women so any insight would help.

    Here are a few questions I would like answered. Feel free to add anything you want!

    Do Cancer women

    1. Desire men who are outgoing/forward or more reserved?

    2. Desire financial security more than emotional security?

    3. Prefer to spend most of their time alone or with their lovers?

    4. Do they like chivalry (having doors opened for them, holding hands, cuddling on the couch to watch a movie?)

    5. like to flirt? (this is probably a silly question. Who doesn't like to flirt lol!)


  • By the way she was born July 3rd

  • I am not a Cancer, but I have many friends who are, so I will tell you what nInhave observed.

    Some of it may sound a bit dontradictory, but I believe it is a balance you must first understand tio appreciate,

    They love home and family...these are very important to them.

    They love to stay home and definitely need alone time on a regular basis.

    They love to be by the water...where are you located? Beaches, lakes, pools, ponds.,,,any setting with water is where you will find them if they have time.

    They are very sociable creatures, but will withdraw very quickly if overwhelmed,

    As far as men, they definitely need emotional security as they are very emotional creatures.

    I would say more outgoing men may catch their attention.

    Forgive me, I have to come back to this...I can't see the print,

  • Thanks Scorpioreader!

    That is one of my biggest worries is my emotions and insecurities. They have gotten much better over the past several years but it can still be a problem from time to time. We Cancer's are great at false confidence but it can fall apart quickly if the women seems to be smarter or more outgoing. All women want a confident strong man and it is almost always a challenge for Cancer men. It can be a real pain in my ass!

  • I just found out that my crush quit her full time job to be a missionary, so this may be a short lived crush 😞

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