Yet Another Cancer Help Thread (though somewhat different than the rest)

  • Hello MsMonster,

    The best advice I would give you, at this juncture, without knowing any more than what you have already expressed is, 'COMMUNICATION' is the key!

    You need to just initiate a dialog with him on the subject, being as open and honest as you can be without sounding demanding or controlling as we Scorps can sometime come across. Cancers are very emotionally sensitive and we, Scorpios being sometimes a little course in our expressions could easily wound these inwardly gentle souls. So be mindful of that once you two do have a conversation on this front.

    Cancer and Scorpio is known to be a VERY INTENSE and promising mix!!! These two water signs coming together have all of the elements/potential for success, in most cases. The intensity/passion that sounds to have exploded between you two in the beginning, as you expressed, is not uncommon for this match, lol!! It will be important to build a friendship for a more successful romance in the long run. That is the biggest disadvantage to starting a relationship that you desire to grow into something more meaningful, when it starts out right away on a sexual level. It makes it difficult for one or the other to be taken serious, down the road in some cases. The potential is there with these two signs though 🙂

    I will tell you too, as I have experienced, the name of the game with Cancers is PATIENCE. IF you have it, they WILL provoke you to use it, IF you do not and you pursue a relationship with them, you will GAIN IT! That simple! The early, establishing stages of a relationship with them can be very challenging, but once the trust/security has been established, it can be a very rewarding relationship with them. The do tend to ‘disappear’ when they are being introspective about their feelings/emotions; this is the way the process their feelings; they have to close themselves off to do this. Once they have come to terms with themselves and the situation they do re-emerge more confident, secure and determined. The older the Cancer, I must say, the more mature and emotionally stable they can be. The younger ones are usually more ‘all over the map’ so to speak, but they never truly become completely.

    They are a sign that is ruled by the moon, so they are prone to vacillating emotions; so be patient! They themselves feel victimized by this phenomenon 😞 You as a Scorpio female will, likely never meet another man that will stimulate you as completely as this species has/does! These two are pieces of the same puzzles so to speak, lol!

    Wish you the best!


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