Yet Another Cancer Help Thread (though somewhat different than the rest)

  • Hey all. I did look and read through many pages and threads to see if my own issue had already been addressed. I didn't really find one that did, however. But I did get some of my questions answered... such as the utterly confusing hot and cold behaviour. It certainly is quite difficult to fully know where you stand with this sign. I am constantly fluctuating between wondering whether the gentleman I am interested in actually likes or not. 😛

    ANYWAY... onto my issue.

    Okay, so about four months ago, I met a lovely Cancer man. We did seem to hit it off right away and actually ended up starting a physical relationship right away (the same day, actually), which is somewhat outside my nature. I've never been intimate with ANYONE else after the first date... EVER. I just really could not resist it this time.

    We currently have a 'friends with benefits' type relationship going. The thing is, that I've started to be interested in more than that. I do not want to rush anything, of course... this is more for (near?) future reference. But, I am wondering how do I turn 'friends with benefits' to an actual relationship? Now, with other signs, this has never been a problem... it has been relatively easy, in fact. But, he confuses me so much with the whole hot and cold thing. One minute we seem close and then distant the next. Sometimes he seems concerned about what is going on in my life, and others I don't know if he cares at all. Anyway, I'm sure you all catch my drift. He really is a great guy and appeals to me on so many levels. The most obvious being in the emotional, intellectual and physical areas.

    Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. =D

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey MsMonster,

    You are very welcome 🙂 Glad I could shed some insight with my Cancer experience!

    Love and Light surround you!


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