• im a leo and am love with a scorpio guy..initailly i was very casual regarding this relation but soon fell deeply in love with him..and after that we spent a really good time together..i cud literally fil da luv btwn us...he wantd me,lvd me,cared 4 me...then now because of his job,he had to leave this city and one month later,this country for next 9months..initialy he ws lyk "lets hav a brk up frevr bcz im leavin.."...i tried 2 stop hm bt he ws sort of adamant abt it,so i thot its betr i let hm go nd made up my mind accordingly..nd dltd hs no. 4m ma phne...almst 3 weeks latr he hmslf cntactd nd sd he wants 2 mit me,i agreed nd v hd a gud tym 2gethr...everythng ws fyn 4 nxt 1week,in the meantym hs xams startd nd v hd a nrmal smal fyt nd he stopd talkin 2 me 4 2days & dn i sd sorry &he sd ok bt dn agn he wsnt 2 nrmalize matrs befor he leaves ds city,i txtd hm,askin hm out 4 a movie..he din reply..i snt 6-7 msgs bt he din reply..i agn kpt quite for 1mnth in whch i had my bday...i xpcted hm 2 wish me bt he din..i ws upst bt dn i dint react...almst 1mnth latr,he msgd me nd wshng me 23 days of belatd happy bday..i sd ok & bhavd nrmaly...agn he sd he z in my city nd wants 2 mit me...v met,med luv,evrythng ws gr8 bt aftr returnin bak he ws lyk agn indifernt..wnever i msgd hm askin hm smthn,he wud reply nd say "bye" immediatly...last tym he did so,i dint return hs "bye"...2day sudnly,he txtd,"its all ovr btwn us,bye forevr"...i dint reply..another thing,in our 11mnths of roller-coastr relatn,i hrd ds "bye forevr" for abt 20-25 tyms and everytym i wud try and persuade hm abt nt 2 leave or asking hm wat went wrong or atleast react nd wn i wud find hm 2 b 2o stuborn,wud jz muv out,sum tym latr he wud hmslf realize nd txt,ds z da 1st tym i dint it ryt n my part???

    i realy realy realy luv ds guy nd want hm cum back 2 me 4ever,so z ds new move f myn ryt???wat shud i do nxt??

    and sory 4 da xtra-long realy cnfusd...plzzzzzzzzzz help...

  • Do you think you could just be his 'booty call'? Do you sleep together at the times you get together?

  • its nt dat wenevr v mit,v sleep 2gethr,its jus dat aftr dat mit,i wont mit hm 4 nxt 8-9mnths whch i gues quite a long tym,it ws kind of a weak moment 4 me,wn i agreed 4 dat 4 first nd da last tym...

  • please guys...suggest sumthing...

  • I think this guy is just using you and only sees you when HE feels like it.

  • den y did he see at tyms wen v dint evn touch each odr???...

  • Can you post in normal speak - it's very hard to understand this abbreviated, texting type of message.

  • ya ok..i was just saying that then why did he meet me at those times when we didn't even touch each know there used to be a time when this same guy would give me his whole day in the mid of his exams for was he who proposed and i accepted it about 1month that 1month time,you wont believe how i insulted him!..but,he was always very paitient with me...he never forced me for anything...and,trust me,i have a hell lot of tantrums and always i threw all of them at him...when i was irritated with something at my workplace,in my family,it was he on whom i gave out all my frustrations...whenever he stopped talking,it was always him who would again try and normalize the situation,even when i am may be thinking that i am talking on behalf of him a lot but trust me,there were times when he did such things which i myself being in hs place would n't have done..honestly speaking even now,i will NEVER approach him at first,never..if he does n't contacts me back,its his wish completely,i wont disturb him a bit also or force him in any way...thats my way of thinking that if he loves me,he WILL be back and if he does n't,i will move on,infact i have to..may be,i have that typical leonine ego which never allows mw to only querry,which is pinching me every second is that,did i fell in love for the first time with a wrong person???can a leo and scorpio be never a perfect couple??

  • Sounds like you may have stopped being a challenge for him - some people prefer the 'hunt' to the 'catch'.

    If you give me your exact birthdates, I can do a more detailed comparison.

  • my birthday is on 27.07.1992...and his birthday is on 31.10.1989..please help..

  • This relationship is easier for friendship than love. You two share a belief in being truthful no matter what. Your relationship increases this quality. which may well become its core focus. Things aren't too easy between you, since you both tend to be demanding and believe in giving your all to a situation, people and your activities - or not at all. At the same time, you both often see the truth as something relative to each situation, rather than an absolute written in stone that never changes. For the most part however, both of you agree that honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour and sticking to the facts as much as possible are of paramount importance.

    Astrology predicts friction and conflict here. And given that you are two of the most stubborn individuals of the zodiac, friction is indeed a certainty. Disagreements and emotional upsets will result from your love of honesty. Yet there will also be occasional lapses in truthfulness if either of you feels put on the spot or made uncomfortable by the relationship. But friction can also mean passion. Although you Leogal are a fire sign and your friend is water, your relationship has a strong and earthy physical connection. Sexuality is usually important in this relationship. In a love affair, honesty continues to play a part, being combined with passionate and erotic intensity. Marriage or a long term live-in relationship here may be no less passionate than the love affair but is certainly much more demanding in terms of responsibilities, and can become very unforgiving and conflicted if the duties and promises of a committed relationship are not maintained. Your pride and your friend's perfectionism will have to be sacrificed for the sake of compromise, if this relationship is to have any chance of succeeding.

    Personal issues to be overcome here: you may have an obsession with being freed from the conventional roles that people are always trying to assign to you, Leogal, to the point where you may run away from your own love life because it scares you to be too close to others. You may fear becoming pigeonholed, so you must explore all the possiblities that lie before you and pick the one that suits you best, even if others don't approve. With maturity, you will be able to accept the perks of love and children when they come your way and be able to develop your creativity to a deeper level. You yearn for a place where you can feel safe, protected and doted on - somewhere where you can feel you truly belong and are safe to be yourself. To find it, you have to let go of any dependence on others to provide it just because you think you need it. You must take charge of creating what you need for yourself.

    Your friend's personal issues involve him wanting to be honoured, respected, loved and even worshipped by others, to the point that no amount of success will satisfy him. He fears being a nobody or a regular person and wants recognition of his talents and personality. He is willing to sacrifice making deeper more intimate bonds with family and friends if it means making a name for himself in the world. His need for the approval of others is almost insatiable and he will do almost anything to get it. He wants a lover who will adore him and return his passion but is willing to wait (for quite a long time if necessary) and be patient while he makes his way in the world to get all that fame, money and recognition he so desires.

  • yes,you are right..we have never lied to each other..honestly i am ready to wait for my whole life and i adore him also..actually may be because both of us are very stubborn at some point..but anyways i would now rather prefer leave it all on my fate and see what destiny has in store for both of us..anyway,thanks a ton...

  • captain,can you please tell me,how can i make him understand that i still love him and is there for him as i was 6months back...i never meant to disobey was just that i was angry and wanted to do anything to show it off..can you please tell what is exactly the kind of girl he will love..i guess you can tell it astrologically..please tell me and help me out for the last time..

  • You could try telling him what you posted here.

    And you can't make yourself into someone's idea of the perfect lover - you can only be yourself and be the best 'you' that you can be. Role-playing or living a lie for someone is only harmful to both of you. You must be honest to yourself above all.

  • thats what i cant tell him.. my ego does not allow me to do i want a way by which i can improve in whatever situation i am..he is in marine and all and he is leaving inext month for 9months..i just dont want him leave with our such a bad fight and subsequently my over-reaction..i want to make it all good but at the same time,i dont want to hurt my own ego..

    and regardindg the other thing,actually at times i myself when sometimes i sit down and think about the kind of impaitient,egoist and stubborn i i thought of asking what will be the characteristics of the girl who will be a perfect match and do i have even 1 or 2(at the max) of it..honestly i cant changed myself..i have tried a lot of times but always ended up failing..i was sort of trying to match..

    its true that i love him a lot..every second,every moment i think of him and about him..i want to improve my relation and ofcorse not by changing myself completely..but ya,something i really want to change in myself is my temper..but its not only for him but for everyone..i dont want to hurt anyone but its just i CANT control my temper and this time its him whom i hurted and which finally repurcated back at me..

    so,need some serios help..

  • Leogal, looking at your astrological profile, I see you have a tendency to get depressed. You are highly empathic and feel other people's pain and emotions like they are your own. You also have strong intuitive and psychic ability. Your destiny is to attract public attention but you must make sure it is in a positive, not a negative way by working on your issues and fears. You must deal with your need for ego stroking and approval before you can fuflill your goals and ambitions. The search for truth and higher values will figure prominently in your life and your naturally high standards will ensure that your talents and abilities of charisma and creativity are combined with a rare degree of integrity, since 'selling out' in the interest of fame or fortune is not generally part of your agenda. But perhaps your greatest strength of this very promising life of yours is that you are gifted with a lot more insight and empathy than many other people possess. If you can use that empathy and integrate it with your leadership ability, creativity, and passion, you will find much joy and success along this journey. Just don't allow your high standards to get in the way of self-expression.

    And stop looking for someone else to provide that safe, protective environment that you crave, somewhere you feel secure and loved and accepted, where you can just be yourself. No one else but you can provide that safe place for yourself - inside you. You have a tendency to depend on other people for your care when you are quite capable of doing it for yourself. When you pursue a goal that excites you or find a cause or work that builds your self-respect, then you will develop feelings of confidence and belonging in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Also try to lose your fear of betrayal and the insecurity of embarrassing yourself by opening up to others about your real feelings. By not revealing your emotions, you will find that people misunderstand or even mistrust you. Angry and depressed with yourself, you may fear exposing your shadow side. But when you trust yourself and others enough to show your true self, you will gain the confidence and courage to understand that even if you make a mistake, it's a natural part of your path, something that everyone must go through in order to become a better and wiser person.

  • ya,you are absolutely right reagarding my character i have told you my problem,my date of birth,his date of birth and subsequently by which you have known quite a lot about please tell me what should i do exactly in this situation so ythat i dont end up in a bigger fight and hence messing up the thing altogether but kind of improve it..please give me a solution..i am clueless about what to do!

    today is the 9th day we have n't been talking..though i dint react verbally i did things which he once forbade me to do to express my anger and that i guess made him even more angry and therefore,the situation even more complicated but now i want to correct all those things but dont know how! asking from you for a really good solution...

  • He actually forbade you to do something??? Oh dear, you don't need a dictator for a partner. Maybe that's why you are so angry - he doesn't let you express or be yourself, always wanting to change you to what HE wants. Does he try to change himself for you and give you more attention than his work? A good relationship is all about compromise - on BOTH sides. Stand up for your rights.

  • if i say yes..he did give me more attentin than his work for sometime where he relly needed to give serious attention to his career..actually once he asked me not to do something but then again when i started arguing,he was like,"ok fine,go ahead but a bit conciously because i think its a bit dangerous for you"..still for few days i continued doing that but then realized his words to be somewhat right so stopped it completely..i told him also about that and he seemed quite happy..that was a kind of forbading but not exactly..again the other thing i did was once he gifted me some things and there were some photos with which we were quite emotionally attached,i in anger destroyed them and when he got to know about it,he said "bye" to me..i am angry because he knows i am like this only..when i get angry i have no control over myself..i cant be cool like him..i get serious about everything even if its done just jokingly..but why did he dint understand this this time..this is the first time he dint make me understand that whatever i did was wrong like he does everytime..i agree he doesn't have that much of time..he is running around from one city to another but still..

    i know i am very demanding and all but there was a time he really used to fulfill all my demands..listen to all my utter bullsh*t at the end of the day when he used to call me..before we used to like talk a lot..17-18hrs a day on phone but now due to his job,long-distnce calls became unaffordable for us and thus we hardly talk these days..before we used to sort of tell each other our whole day's routine and what we did etc etc..may be this is only called communicatin gap..i dont know why i am telling so much to you,but i am feeling good to share..

  • The thing is, your friend is very wrapped up in getting his career off the ground and he will devote himself to that at this time and not you - and there is nothing you can do to take him away from that ambition of his. You either have to accept that you won't come first with him for a long time, or you find someone who will give you the time and attention you need right now.

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