AstraAngel, please help! Need insight and a second opinion!

  • Hi, again! Could you give me your opinion on this Celtic Cross spread, please? The question was if a certain ex would contact me soon and would we reconcile. I got from it that there could be a possibility, but it would be rough at first. I'm new at this, so I don't fully trust my own

    readings. I would love to have your opinion. Thanks so much!

    Cetic Cross

    Significant: The Lovers

    1. Knight of Wands

    2. The Devil

    3. 4 of Cups

    4. 5 of Pentacles

    5. 5 of Cups

    6. 3 of Cups

    7. 9 of Wands

    8. 9 of Pentacles

    9. 2 of Cups

    10. The Heirophant

    Also, do you get different readings at certain times of the day? I noticed mine are more negative at night and positive in the morning...and it'll be the SAME question?!? What gives? I know people and situations change, but really?!? Have you ever heard of this and am I the only one? Thanks again.. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Hi Kb063 - nice to hear from you, and let's take a look...

    The Lovers as the Significant - wow I just got goose bumps big time so there is a lot of love energy swirling around you like crazy - is it your ex? Let's see... whatever it is has you in a very significant love flow somehow... very nice...

    Your situation - Knight of Wands- you are more focused on yourself right now than the ex.. you are shoring up your own self image, taking care of who you are. This seems to bear out what you said about it being rough at first should you reconcile. Because you are not going to take any bs, you know yourself better now and you won't be shoved around. Eventually the ex would get the message. Eventually.

    Crossing - the Devil - some self-imposed limits, a feeling that you would be going back into prison should you get back together. Unless you can dispose of this energy you will face some problems still in the relationship. My guess is that since you are doing spreads about the question you have concerns about its viability, right?

    (the following four positions I always read in this order - CROWN - BELOW - BEFORE - AHEAD so I hope that is what you had...regardless we will still get some good stuff...

    Crowning you - Four of Cups - You are really holding out hope for a nice, really nice spiritual love relationship, I mean you are looking to Heaven and wanting something really sweet and nice. You sure deserve that too. I would not settle for second best.

    Below you - the root of the issue - Five of Pentacles - You felt left out in the cold with him, maybe he shut you out in some ways that really hurt at the time? It is hard to let some of that go. You want to believe things would be different now... would they really be any different? Honestly?

    Before you - Five of Cups - well I have to tell it to you straight - I see a new thing coming in the love dimension and not with the ex... this is still under development though, in any case you are leaving one thing emotionally and moving to something else. Are you moving to a new improved Mr. Ex? Are you sure? Honestly?

    The Future setting - Three of Cups - you are celebrating your decision to take care of yourself first and look at the rewards... you are enjoying a new freedom emotionally. I see this with maybe several new people all congregating around you, enjoying your freedom with you. Are you celebrating with mr. ex? Hmm.... I don't know..... really?

    Future setting - Nine of Wands - You are wiser, wounded, and stronger. You should defend your new found strength, it came at quite a price and you should cherish all that you learned. Your future setting shows you standing strong for who you are. You have the scars to show for it and you are not going to forget how they got there in the first place.

    Surrounding influences - Nine of Pentacles - Others do NOT want to see the sequel to the movie "You and Your ex". Someone is telling you to let the old stay old and continue the nurturing process of yourself. Don't lose ground by giving into something that you worked so hard to free yourself of.

    Hopes and Fears - Two of Cups - well this says a lot. You really have a longing for something REAL and NICE with someone, preferably NEW. You have a fear that you will cave to the influence of going back to the Ex. I would say stick to a new dream, and keep your options open.

    Outcome - the Hierophant - I have been seeing this card a lot today with other folks readings. I would say the same thing, go find a good book to read and tell the Ex you are "thinking about it". Maybe a good sci fo novel! The Hierophant also tells me you are really seeking higher truth more than anything, and that is where you end up. A very intuitive, wise counselor, someone that others can trust. This tells me your focus is in the right place, in heaven and fulfilling the calling in your life first and foremost - GOOD FOR YOU!

    Okay... take it with a grain a salt... lol... follow your own heart you will do the right thing i know.

    As to your question about readings at different times of day, that is interesting. I would probably not ask the same question twice in one day I think that is the message from your angel. I can't see where the time of day should influence the cards.. you could be a little more tired at night and the powers of interpretation not as fresh as the morning.

    Okay Kb, take it easy... things are going well for you... keep doing whatever it is that you are doing.... 🙂

  • I do think there is a new love coming in... that Lovers card.... you already know what is behind door number one.... what about door number two that you haven't seen yet... hmmm......... :):):)

  • Oh, that sounds very, very good:-))) Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the spread for me...I really appreciate it! It's been pretty rough lately so some good is wonderful to hear! Thanks again and blessings to you! 🙂

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