New and would love a reading

  • Hello Captain,

    My date of birth is 06/06/1967

    My huisband: 18/07/1965

    Would appreciate if you could kindly do a reading for us as things have not been going well for the last 2 years. My son and I want to move to another country but my husband does not want to move.

    Would appreciate if you could shed some light on the situation

    Best regards


  • Seranade, life direction is a powerful theme for the two of you, who seem to have an instinctive psychic link that enables each to understand exactly where the other is in his or her life's journey. Yet you two are oddly detached - maintaining your boundaries, you keep a watchful eye on each other from a certain distance. Should one of you veer off course, however, the other will step in to help. You both have a practical side that your relationship brings out. Authoritarian attitudes should be guarded against here but are sometimes necessary in planning for the future. The two of you may find yourselves acting out your relationship in the public eye. If well directed and acting in accord, you are capable of making steady progress together.

    A love affair and marriage may be affected by your husband's attempts at dominance. You Seranade will generally go along with beneficial ideas that lead to greater security, but you also want your opinions to be taken into consideration and you can be adept at evading your husband's grasp. The two of you may have communication problems. Your husband won't always understand your often far-out ideas. And if difficulties arise on the physical or sexual plane, as they may well do, it will be tough for the two of you to sit down and talk about them. You can have trouble getting in touch with your feelings, Seranade, and your husband, although he is more sensitive in this area, may be reluctant to discuss private matters.

    A working relationship is the most favoured one of all in this combination but, if you two can try together to overcome the problems mentioned here, this can be a durable and close love match. If you cannot, then you must move on.

  • Thank you for yr reading Captain. Needless to say you were spot on. I've been trying to make things work becoz of my son but at times I'm not so sure.

    Can u let me know what you get from these two dates of births

    Mine: June 6, 1967

    His: December 2, 1973.

  • This relationship works for a supportive short term love affair but would struggle to succeed as a marriage. It is highly spirited but the deep feelings it also shelters, and the desire to withdraw from the hubbub of daily life, would allow it to serve as a true retreat for both of you from an often hostile and uncomprehending world. People who know you would be surprised that two such outgoing and extroverted individuals would seek a quiet life together but they would be forgetting your more soulful sides - certainly the sides that this relationship would bring out. A love affair can be very close here, despite your completely different personalities. Having previously encountered rejection and misunderstanding in relationships, the two of you in love will feel great relief at finally being understood and accepted. Your ties can go very deep, creating a loyalty that neither of you might easily permit anywhere else. Outsiders may be shocked to see you two free spirits committing to each other so deeply. Perhaps it is because you see yourselves so clearly in each other that you can empathize in this way. In marriage, you would have to be careful neither to close yourselves off too much from the world and become withdrawn and isolated, nor to exhibit a bitter or defeated attitude, especially around your children. Together you have a tendency to retire from your multifarious but often unhappy social activities. You can wind up as a pair of disillusioned, cynical and cranky old recluses if you focus overly on life's negative side.

  • Dear Captain,

    I would love for you to do a reading...mine is Feb 11, 1989 and his is June 19, 1989. We've been friends for years and at one point there was a romance starting but I freaked out. We're still friends and now I think I'm having feelings for him. Should I pursue my feelings or let the relationship be as it is? Would we even work as a couple? Please and Thank you!!



  • Owlblues, if you want a reading, you must start your own personal thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic' button at the top of this page and I will answer you there.

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