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  • I've been dating a Virgo man for a few months (3) and would be interested in hearing any stories, experiences, etc from others. I seem to find a lot on male Cancer,female Virgo relationships but not as much otherwise.

    It has been interesting so far. there are lots of things I am learning about myself as well as I find intriguing about him. He fits so much of the Virgo traits and I am a true Cancer.

    care to share your Virgo/Cancer experience?


  • I was also seeing a virgo man... very complicated man! why dont you ask for some insight from magikal. she was most helpful with me x

  • Go to to the thread "Heart of a virgo Man" started by a cancer woman, you'll get quite the insight. Be forewarned for lots and lots of reading but just remember that not all men are the same.

  • Not all men are the same, but lots of Virgos share similar characteristics, as one can't help noticing from the "Heart of Virgo" thread. 😞

  • Good morning VS, how r you today... I was trying to be somewhat objective, and also must be honest since there is a virgo I can vouch for personally. I will take the rest of this over to the other thread...

  • Very hard to understand, me being a Cancer as well, I have been seeing him 8 months, he says that he wants to work it but doesn't do anything about it. He says he going to think about it. i HAVE been patient as well keeping my options opened. But I have never knew I had lots of patience until I met him. Because I trully like him. At times i want to give up and something tells me to stay there. However, at the moment is like I am almost giving up.

  • I would like to say virgo male and female are similar in traits just that different in gender only lol .

    Yeah virgo is not easy to handle bc most of time driven by negative force and easily dishearten in a relationship probably you would see him getting distant and distant bc he don't have the movtivation to keep thing up or he feels that he hates commitment and feels suffocated and need to find space to begin himself again. Virgo dislike feeling vulnerable and often quite egotistic and hate begin manipulate and another dislike is getting intimate too quickly and he 'd be certain that the woman he is really love else he would be back ing off after a short fling .Virgo don't waste time on focusing non fruitful relationship. Virgo often do check lists if you are meeting their criterias and often the lover is under close scrutiny ,sometimes unknowlingly turn off the virgo.

  • Is better to understand, however, if they talk about it. Then we can understand. I am an understanding person. But is hard to understand someone that doesn't express themselves. Because if he says that he wants to work it out then. I would feel he will come out and do something. Therefore, we wait. and nothing. I don't know is too complicated for adults at this stage. I would think, kids will go through this. 😉 I think as a cancerian, he likes that we threat him good. His eyes tells me. I have not told him am in love. I can't tell someone I love them because am afraid he will just be like. Whatever, so I threat him as a. special friend. Trying to keep him here and not backing him up. Till when I will try this? I don't know but my heart is too presious to waste it, I don't want to hurt me nor him.

  • HI everyone,

    i thnk i cn help u at this but u need to elaborate ur story. wt a virgo guy wants is a friendship with lots of communication bt that must nt be about commitments, it takes so mch time for them to realize that wt they realy want. 8 months r nt too mch so u hv to wait 4 hm long enough. try to gv hm liberty and dnt force anything otherwise u will loose hm so soon.donot talk emotions. and ys dnt ever show u r dying to hv hm in ur life coz once u tell hm how mch u love he will never cm along with u and ths is true gal. i will tell u the best strategy, jst tell more about ur relationship.


  • Thank you! Well i as well feel if i don't tell him know my inner feelings as that I ilike him then he won't open up to me... We had a texti not too lng which I hate becasue I rather tlk about it. however, I told him that I was here for him for good and that I wanted to be a friend taht I didn't wnt to jump to something that wasn't going to work out. That I wanted to know him deeply one on one basis that iwasn't looking for marriage rigt away. I wanted to give the moments to meet him, take vacation, dinners and go from there. I told him that if all that works, that the day for us will come. All his was on an email. THen the next day, he said he will read it. THe day after asked him if he had read it. He text back yes. I asked what did he think he said yes good. Nothin else. THen he mentioed some other day. That we had to do something with s living far, (we live and hour away) are schedules are busy as well. However, I said that i was willing to talk about it and dscuss it. I asked if he prefered that i lived closer, he said he wasn't sure. He said he wil think about it. Itsbeen 2 weeks he is been thinking abou it. .haha so patient me is been here. My heart inside is just wating and waitng. Because, I do feel for him. and I know becuase I seem to to be able to see other people, My chest hurts when I think about him. I am deeply in love. He knows i like him lots but i have never told him i love him. I don't want him to run. I just want him to comunicatewith me. He does't call as he used to. He texts more. and then dissappears and text or will call after one or two weeks to say hello. he avoids any serious talk. He rather joke around than to talk anything serious. I know he talks to other people but he says he wants to work it out but is been 6 months since he said it. I wonder how much more i need to do this. Wedon't spent time as i will like. He only comes around 1 a month is more like a long distance dating. Even though we comunicate thourhg email and text all the time. And phones when he feels like calling. Because when I call him he doestn't answer all the time.

    He is not at allaffectionate, neither less in public. We spent one time a weekend away in a hotel. and We went down for breakfast while we were in line waiting, I decided to give him a small kiss, he turn his face back opened his eyes wide open. WTH, I felt like crap. So you know who knows if time will tell but when I D K.

  • Don't be surprise that virgo doesn't like to show affection in the public bc it is very awkward even a small gesture like small peck or holding hand would quite an issue. Infact it nothing wrong to a virgo behaviour that unknowingly hurting someone. As for getting down to serious talk about deeper understandingt that require alots of stamina and patience from their partner to break icy cold and aloof virgo ..quite emotional draining i must say.

  • You are right about that. It is draining. I must say. That I have been very patient myself because I know that this guy and I. Once we get our terms straight we get along. Till then. I wil be lost n space.Soon I hope however, I am stil here.

  • My experiences with a Virgo----

    Virgos seek out their prospective partners instead. They're shy, but very, very observant. Active listeners, too. His initial approach is to make you feel as if he has no agenda. He's scoping you out instead. Everything about them in the beginning might appear aloof, but it doesn't indicate that the emotions are not there. Virgos are cautious, and very picky! They hate to feel vulnerable. But when they do unleash those out!

    I was with my ex Virgo for three years. The best way to deal with them from my experience, when they criticize, simply shut them down! Be firm, trust me, they will eventually adapt. Let them express themselves romantically first, if you do this initially, they will sit back and get too comfortable. They're not very romantic. They can also be selfish, picky and demanding w/o reciprocating. Shut that sh*t down!

    Demand and expect total reciprocation when you're dealing with these men.

    But I'm a Taurus. We have an uncanny way of dealing with Virgos. We won't budge until we get what we want. They understand Bulls very well. So they give in. LOL! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. It seems that every day i learn and tend to be more patient. Hopefully, he understands that there is someone here Thats trying hard to understand and is willing to work out.

  • I am a Cancer girl and have trouble with a Virgo man. I hope that someone can help me. I have read a lot of your comments here and they all describe him in a way.

    We were dating for 6 months now but it was a long distance relationship. I saw him every 3 weeks and stayed with him for the same amount of time. At the beginning he was so in love with me, crazy about me, he was a sure thing! Later he was bothered by my constant attention (SMS, email). He has a very responsible job and says that he cannot talk to em constantly. I understood that and didn't nag him anymore. Later we talked less and less, he hated using Skype, Facebook... One day we had a conversation and he said that he doesn't know if we can go on with this relationship because he doesn't know what he wants, he wants a career, I don't live in his country. So I got really scared that he will leave me and I did everything that I got an internship at his job for one month. I didn't see him for 1,5 months (the longest) and he was always writing me, being sweet to me, telling me how much he loves and misses me. When I came to the airport, he was cold. I was confused. Afterwards we went home, had "fun" and after that I sensed that something is wrong and I asked him what. He replied if I really want to have this conversation now?! I understood what is going on. Long story short, he left me! Just like that, out of the blue. I stayed with him in his flat for 1 month because I had a job contract. At the beginning he was sure it is over, later he said he needs time and he still loves me and doesn't know what he wants! By the way, I was his first girlfriend. he says that he is not a relationship person. We were acting like that we are together, we had the best time of our lives. The last day he took me to the airport, kissed me very friendly and left. He said it is too hard for him. After a couple of hours, I arrived home and he just cut me off. Like I never existed, no text, email... Over!

    He said he needs some time to think. My question is, should I leave him alone completely (no SMS; emails) or send an email saying "how are you?"? I am afraid that he said he needs some time to think that I would not worry so much. He can't see me cry, he cries if I cry.

    I feel a real strong bond with this person and just can't convince myself that I will never see him again or never be with him again. The strangest thing is that if you look at us, I am quite attractive and he is not and I am the one who was dumped. But I love him and I find him cute. I cope with his fussiness, constant complaining, I turn it in a fun way. I also helped him change a bit and gain a lot of confidence in him self and his EO is not sky high and I am devastated and lost.

    I am also worried because I have read a lot that Virgo men have 2 sides, there is no third option. Either they want you and they would do everything for you, or they don't and they threat you like you were never even in his life. This is my greatest fear.

    Should I wait for his move or send a nice SMS or something to let him know I am thinking of him?

  • If you truly like this man and want to end up with him just leave him be & do your own agenda.

    If he calls or comes or doesnot call or doesnot come let it be. Thats the way it is with Virgo man

    when they are dating. Keep yourself busy and donot be too much into him. They dont like that.

    You must not have any preconcieved ideas because thats not the reality of it. If ever you meet someone new and you think this new guy is much better ADIOS VIRGO MAN!

  • Thanks for your comment Magickal! I thought the same but it is so hard to just ignore him (with right words don't write to him every day). I have decided this for 456 times now but always I send at least 1 email a day and he replies so cold and distant that the situation is even worse. I know I must just leave him alone and "wait". I am afraid that this is just his excuse to let me wait and wait and afterwards say that too much time has passed and we can't be together again. That is maybe his game?! I have never been so devastated in my life...

  • To all my fellow Cancer girls here - Look for the thread mentioned earlier "The Heart of a Virgo Man". This is a thread I started over two years ago. (You ask how long must you wait? I gave up after two years. A couple of women who posted had been waiting 5 years or longer.) Your situations are all different, but if you can wade through the many posts discussing this personality, perhaps it will answer a few things for you. You will see there are trends. I hate to generalize based on astrological signs, but there does seem to be some common traits with these men as the stories that show up on the forum have uncanny similarities. As an emotional Cancer I can tell you, there is probably a rocky road ahead for you. Very difficult to deal with men who hide so much.

    Cancers require security in all it's forms and we are willing to work to have that. If that is not what you are getting or feeling, then these Virgo men may not be a good match. They are confused and confusing and seem to be able to love you without ever really wanting to be close to you. As a Cancer I predict you will experience more frustrations ahead, but I will certainly hope that I am wrong. 🙂 Feel free to join us in our ongoing conversations about Virgo men and their antics on the "heart of a virgo man" thread. Lots of women there with Virgo experience and very warm, supportive hearts. These guys can really hurt you, whether they mean to or not, it doesn't change the fact that some of their behavior does hurt - and deeply at times.

    I have read many times that Virgo and Cancer can make a good match...personally, I am not so sure. I even have a Virgo ascendent and yet it doesn't help me get over their ability to disconnect emotionally and think more about their needs than yours. At the risk of offending, the advice you are being given to play the game to wait Virgo out is not going to work for you. Too much talk here about "his" needs and what it takes to win his heart. This is because our natures are not to be methodical, analytical and unemotional. Please take it from one with experience here, you will drive yourself mad if you try to reshape who you are to be with them. Oh sure, you will learn much about yourself if you want to continue in this (this is because you question yourself over and over again - and what you are feeling and what he is feeling, and on and on), and that's all fine - always good to introspect and learn about oneself, but what you should really want is someone who loves you for the wonderful caring person that you are and wants to participate in a relationship with you - because you are you. Someone who wants to share love and knows how to accept your love without hesitation or confusion or any kind of strategy.

  • Like what Jenever 7 said you are headed for more frustrations. Ask yourself why do you want

    to be with a guy that makes you sad and frustrated?

    I know about Virgos I married one but I learned to accept the way he is and HAS NOT

    become a problem to me. He is a quiet person but thats the way he is. I dont want to change his

    personality after all I dont like guys that talks to much.

    Keep your options open theres other guys there that will make you happy.

  • Jenever7: Wow, that was really greatly written. Deep down I know that but on the other hand I think there can be a chance for us. For me it is sooo hard to find a man that I really like and feel relaxed with him! Maybe I am too picky but in my life that happened only twice, my Virgo and someone from 8 years ago! A lot of nice guys want to date me but I need something more than nice. Virgos are really a mystery to me! I am afraid of them in a way because they are not mean, they don't want to hurt you but they do the most. Thanks for all of your support... 🙂

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