Leo vs Scorpio

  • HELP! I am in a new relationship with a Scorpio. My children are Taurus and Aquarious, so I am used to stubborn, but PLEASE! This man tries my every nerve when he gets his feet planted! If he doesn't like it, forget it....his way...needless to say I get very emotional when this happens. However, he has a kind heart and is a good friend to many. I am to the point where I wonder if this is worth it as far as a permanent relationship ie: marriage, or if we will just be friends/roommates

  • My advice to you is ...when you see things early in a relationship that you know you cannot tolerate long term, it typically is a sign that you are prolonging the inevitable sort to speak meaning maybe he's not the right one for you. No relationship is perfect and I am a believer that they all require work, but you have to ask yourself, is this something about him you truly believe you can change?...There are some things you can change about a person and other things which will never change...if you know what I mean...My experience has been when something about the person seems intolerable in the beginning that does not dissapate over time so if you choose to continue the relationship, you may just end up waking up several years from now and recognizing that you aren't happy for the very same reason you are unhappy today and wondering why you didn't end things sooner. Just my two cents.

  • Hi, I agree w/ksq. Is he being stubborn in regards to issues concerning your children. I believe in give and take. What you are going to have to decide is if you want this man running major parts of your life. That is really what it all boils down to. My advice is not to let someone take over. And if you know (your gut) that he is leading you in the wrong direction, then don't go.

    A person that wants their own way, especially in the beginning, will probably change their direction and leave. You can more or less expect that you are going to be butting heads.

    A friendship--I don't know. You all have been intimate at one point. Roomates--no. Be friends, but like my dad used to say, friends at 10 miles away.

  • I have many a friend who have tried the Leo/Scorpio mix. It never worked. Not just because of your signs but because of the fact that he doesn't sound like he's ever learned that art of compromise. You cannot push your desires, wishes,request to the wayside just to keep him happy and you miserable. I have a very strong intuition and don't get the feeling that he's making you very happy. I also have the feeling that you become emotional because you are feeling stifled and losing a part of yourself in this process. that's just my feeling though. Personally, if you're at the point of wondering whether or not to continue, go with your instincts, they led you to that question. I really like to focus on the positive, I just get bad vibes from this, sorry. Either way I hope it helps with something.

  • so far I've known Scorpio man as an average person, not selfish or bad tempered but certainly not long-lasting relationship material for me. I have settled with a Cap for 9 years now and glad I have made the choice to marry this goat.

    there are other things that make up his personality, do you know his rising sign/ moon sign etc? these 2 signs are as important as sun sign. In general based on what you describe, he doesn't sound like a good person for you. maybe try stay as friends for a little while and see if he can change. don't let him deeper into your life until you are sure because your children will suffer from it too later on.

    My rising is Scorp so I know how cruel a Scorp can be. In my case, however it stays with words. but in his case he may become physically violent someday. I have seen Scorp men nice and tolerant, but since I am Scorp rising I know how they can be and I know what to do with them. This is something you should really consider. How far can he go when he disagrees on something? how far can he go when he thinks only himself and you are an obstacle? be very careful, for your own sake and your children. They are magnetic personalities and we leos tend to give it all when we fall in love.

    Do your self a favor. Keep him at arms length. Friends only. Go out more and meet singles. This year is actually a good year for Leos to find love, but we have to go out there and get noticed. Don't waste your time. If he is the one, you will know it sooner or later, but meanwhile, reach out and meet other singles. Good luck.

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