Jeff Jawer: Friday's Grownup Full Moon

  • This is a reposting of Jeff Jawer's blog entry from July 15, 2008.

    The Full Moon is usually a time to howl. Whether it’s wolves in the night or partiers on the prowl, there’s something about that round night light in the sky that raises our emotional temperature. Astrologically, its intensity is explained by the opposition of the Sun and Moon—the monthly polarization of the forces of will and consciousness (Sun) and feelings and instinct (Moon). We are naturally excited and stressed by facing contrasting ideas about who we are and how the world operates.

    Very early on Friday morning (3:59 am Eastern Time) the Full Moon in earthy Capricorn opposes the Sun in watery Cancer. Capricorn is practical and committed to taking care of business while Cancer is sensitive and committed to taking care of family and feelings. Both signs are interested in security, they just come to it from different directions. The Capricorn Moon is orderly and disciplined, able to ignore personal discomfort to address challenging tasks. The Cancer Sun in caring and cuddly, protective of the inner sanctums of home and oneself. Feelings are strong with any Full Moon but this one, although challenging, is really about mastering those feelings. There may be some howling on Friday, yet the insecurities provoked by this event are more likely to result in a breakout of organization and planning than panic and partying.

    Every Full Moon is an initiation, a potential awakening to a new state of awareness. This month’s lesson is that emotions are not waves that take us wherever they choose to go, but that they are instincts that are ours to be mastered and applied as fuel to advance our interests. Although Capricorn can party, especially on a Friday in July, the message now is not madness, it’s about maturity.

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