Captain Please help or anybody who can do reading

  • My DOB-10/15/1981

    Other DOB-09/17/1973

    My name is Kristin his is Mike....we dated on and off and havent spoke for a yr. I sent him an email saying I want us to be together again. Will he respond positively? And will he return?? IS this relationship meant to be and going to work out? Thank you so much.

  • Hi Kristin,

    I had resigned from doing any more readings, but was getting a spiritual "nagging" to help you...

    Was there a recent disappointment in your life or am I just picking up on the disappointment and loss of this relationship with Mike? For some reason, it feels like it is more recent than a year ago.

    It is natural at times when we are feeling lonely to emotionally go back to our previous relationship and long to have that person back - this is our shadow coming out to play. I don't feel you will be getting a response to your email and if you do it will only be for a self-serving purpose on his part - a short reunion of a physical nature only and then gone again.

    What is being shown to me is that you are feeling depressed and unfulfilled and the wholeness you are seeking can only be filled by you. This man - Mike - cannot and will not be the source of the love and fulfillment you seek as he is part of your past and should remain there.

    I am getting that you are in need of "beefing up" your own male energy at this time - developing more confidence in yourself and establishing strong and clear boundaries with others. Release any self-rejection or self-criticism you may be feeling - especially if those feelings are generated by any perceived rejection from others - and open yourself up to the unconditional love of the Divine mother and your Self. Nurture yourself and remind yourself every day and in many ways that you are beautiful, perfect just as you are and loved just as you are.

    There is a message coming through for you that the best way to raise yourself to a more positive vibration right now - other than loving and nurturing yourself - is to throw yourself into doing something you love - something that fulfills you. If it is not your job, then volunteer work or some creative project. But there is also a caution not to over-exert yourself because this will drain your energies - not getting enough rest and not taking good care of ourselves is a major cause of depression and this depression is what makes your Shadow come out and do things like long for this ex-love. Protect your energy - do not allow your body or mind to become fatigued by knowing when you need to take a step back and refresh your soul - and you will be better able to remain more emotionally balanced and steady.

    "Pace yourself" is also coming through, which reiterates the statement above, but I think it is also a reminder to allow your life to flow and not be too anxious for a relationship to enter.

    Not sure if you have ever considered counseling, but it may be a good idea or something to try. There is an element of inner despair and hopelessness at work here and I think it would be wise to not try to overcome it on your own. We can all use a little help now and then.

    For right now, try to stop dwelling on things and get outside - breathe the air - feel the breeze on your face - take a walk - bring yourself back to the moment. Getting grounded and in the moment is the best way to overcome being trapped in an emotional haze or fog. Then call up some friends and go see a funny movie or something else fun that will make you laugh. Joy and laughter is the best way to get yourself out of a rut.

    Sending you the healing energies of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael...


  • Thank you so much for your response to my question. There is just this pull towards him so its hard but I know your right. So thank you for your uplifting message it helps alot.

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