Gemini man and Gemini woman relationships

  • I'm a gemini woman dating a gem man for bout 3 months....sometimes I see it working and at times I don't. The other twin comes out in both of us often due to stress at work. Like I said I see us growing as a couple,but it feels at times he backs up (supress) his feeling. Do you think these 2 crazy same signs can work?

  • Because both of you have a natural affinity with communication, you connect really easily. Both you and your Gemini partner will satisfy each other in full measure. Gemini is the twin of the Zodiac, so a Gemini may also be your karmic twin. You’ll spend hours talking, sharing ideas, telling jokes and generally enjoying each other’s company, either just as a twosome or in a social situation. You’ll like the fact that the Gemini you have attracted not only communicates but also is capable intellectually. A Gemini can understand your ideas, and will bounce back with concepts that stimulate your creativity and idealism.

    The weak spot in this relationship stems from the fact that Gemini, being a mutable air sign, is not very grounded. One of you will have to anchor the other. Both of you have a tendency to skim the surface of a topic — you both prefer to be the bee buzzing around from flower to flower, rather than the bee who settles down and builds the hive. If you’re looking for a continuing relationship, you’ll have to deal with issues of money, stability and security. They may not be your favourite topics, but you’ll have to give them some consideration. It’s also vital for you to get in touch with your emotional side. Both of you are basically ‘air heads’ — you have restless minds, and they stop you getting in touch with each other at the heart level.

    The relationship can be very playful on a sexual level, but this will only last if you move to a more meaningful and committed relationship. You’d best give some careful thought to all this— you are both good at hitting the ball, but neither of you is much good at the follow through. And marriage is a follow-through thing: it requires tenacity and determination, which are not your best things.

    Geminis born between 22 May and 1 June are quite good partners for you; they have a great mental, social and communicational affinity with you. Who will get the first and last word in could mean a few ego scraps from time to time, but generally you will enjoy your time together.

    Geminis born between 2 June and 12 June will be more sensual and are far better suited to an emotional and physical involvement with you. Both of you will make a lot of time for each other’s physical needs in this union. Discussing your sexual and sensual needs will occupy much of your time together.

    Geminis born between 13 June and 21 June are more likely to be associated with you on a karmic or spiritual level. They could help resolve some of your deeper life issues (or bring them to the fore). If you usually find it difficult to share the more private parts of yourself, you will find it easy with these Geminis. They will make it enjoyable for you to offload. This is quite a good match for you.

  • wiseowl , what are your birthdates? just wondering, i always felt certain gemini women would be a perfect match for me and others just for a fun time. i am june 1 st .

  • Thank you Captain for the great advice! He is definitely hot and cold.....One day he is purchasing tickets for us to go to a concert and the next few days I don't hear from him....CRAZY!!!!

  • Hey Earthwindandfire,

    My birthday is May 23 and his BD is June 10th

  • Captain,

    We've been only dating for 4 months now......I know Its still new and unfortunately I have to deal with bull in the beginning, which is very frustrating. Should I back up or should I continue to be the anchor for him (like you stated earlier)?

  • Wiseowl, the signs are that this doesn't have a good outlook a long term committed relationship such as marriage. It works best when both of you are free to pursue your own course and interests. Projection often features here, with your partner projecting his dark side on you, and you projecting your deficiencies on him, both at an unconscious level. Your partner will value communication with you, valuing your opinion highly and thriving on your attention. You on the other hand may just tolerate your partner's garrulousness, or even criticize it, without realizing that you are equally talkative and are yourself open to rebuke.

    In your love affair, your partner is especially prone to the mechanism of projection, and you - often wilder and more unconventional than him - may suddenly find yourself the object of his uncontrollable passions, perhaps in a negative way. Such desire or emotion may have smouldered for years, often under the guise of friendship or a professional relationship, before bursting into flames suddenly. Frequently unrecognized or unacknowledged hidden dreams and sexual fantasies, in which you would play the main role, are not uncommon with your partner's particular profile.

    Marriage is not recommended here, as you two would be very prone to fighting - if not sooner, then later. Critical and verbal abuse may follow bouts of lovemaking, and moods of all sorts can wreak havoc on the relationship. Friendship is a better bet, but has a tendency either to dissolve or to evolve to another level. Often you Wiseowl can play a dominant role in what resembles a teacher-student type of relationship here. You or your partner may even be seeking a relationship that mirrors a close family tie that was enjoyed in childhood such as brother-sister.

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