Please help me interpret a celtic cross reading...

  • I've been dating this guy for about 3 months now. Lately, I've been seeing how different our personalities are. My guy and I got into a fight the other day and although we've already reconciled yesterday, I can't help but wonder where our relationship is heading and if it's still a good idea to continue it.

    I did a celtic cross reading so I can have some guidance on my next actions. I'm fairly new to tarot cards, so I hope you guys can help interpret them:

    What Covers You: Queen of Swords

    What Crosses You: King of Cups

    What is Beneath You: Strength

    What is Behind You: The Fool

    What Crowns You: Seven of Cups

    What is Before You: Nine of Pentacles

    Your Self: Nine of Swords

    Around You: Knight of Cups

    Hopes and Fears: Page of Pentacles

    Outcome: Two of Wands

    Any inputs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks also for reading.

  • Gently bumping this thread. Hope someone can help. Thanks 😃

  • Hi Alhana,

    I will try my hand at it, see what you think...

    What crosses you - You are strong and defiant about yourself right now, very focused on your own perspective and determination to be unwavering.

    What crosses you - the King of Cups - this sounds like the BF, wanting so much to keep everything lovey-dovey... as the Queen of Swords though you are not so sure... something tells you that you need to protect yourself and so there is not a total freedom of emotional flow between you two.

    What is beneath you. Strength - this is what has been at the root of the relationship issues, leading to the recent argument. I have a strong sense that there is something you are not getting out of the relationship. Strength is like a primal protective energy, and there has also been some judgmental issues coming between the relationship... you may be feeling judged in little ways and you are taking steps to defend, protect your heart.

    What is behind you - The Fool - the giddy, start of the relationship, all is new and lovely and little birds are singing... then you start to sense that something ain't right... leading to the argument... you are protecting your heart is what is happening. Your angels are looking out for you!

    What crowns you - Seven of Cups - you are certainly imagining some new possibilities for your life outside of the relationship. Sevens are I AM IMAGINING NEW directions...

    What is before you - the Nine of Pentacles - you are in a better place materially. You are looking out for yourself first and taking care of business around you. I don't see the BF in this picture.

    Your self - the NINE of SWORDS - this ties back to that Queen we saw. Usually the Nine of Swords is like a self-torture mentally, where you are making things up needlessly. Not in this case though, this nine is the number of ENDings, and that could be the answer to the question. In any case you are stewing about this matter... and you have much better things to do with your time that stew.

    Around you - the Knight of Cups - you are feeling some pressure from your environment somehow to stick it out with this guy... oh, things will work out with him, don't worry... blah blah... I wouldn't listen to it. Listen to your HEART.

    Hopes and fears - Page of Pentacles - deep down you are hoping a guy shows up with a little more material promise for you - you have a feeling there is someone else... out there... then a part of you thinks but what if I don't find him, then I will be sorry I let this guy go! Again, I would listen to your heart and your angels, pray about it, and take the steps you need to that place you in an attractive position for the New Guy coming into your life. Is that your hope?

    Outcome - Two of Wands sees you taking action, being decisive, and not being lulled back into a situation that will only turn into more trouble down the road. Twos are Decision cards, and you must decide to take care of yourself... my sense is to move on... however you listen to your own heart in the matter. The kind of arguments like you just had are indicative of some cracks in the foundation.

    Peace and wisdom.

  • Hi AstraAngel, thank you very much taking time to study the spread. After reading your interpretation, I realized that I should trust my instincts more because it was trying to protect me from a possible heartache. It's been really rough lately, and I hope I'll have enough strength to walk away from our relationship.

    Thanks and more peace and blessings to you.

  • yes and I just drew the SIX of SWORDS which seems to confirm everything we discussed. You taking a voyage, moving to calmer waters ahead. I would encourage you to take a very nice trip by yourself, or with another friend or something to help move your mind away from this situation. Love yourself, wrap your arms around yourself and treat yourself. Those arms are your angel loving you, and regardless of what happens in this situation, your angel loves you dearly, with all of his his heart.

    You have some beautiful days ahead - Page of Pentacles - expect a message soon, some good news about something you have been wondering about this is unrelated the to relationship, something you have been working or planning that you had given up on?... something out there you had forgotten about, well it was not forgotten by Heaven! Looks like something you will really enjoy, nice.

  • Dear AstraAngel, yes something just happened yesterday that is related to my dreams of having my own business. It was just an opportunity but I hope I can take advantage of it. But it's really hard when I realize that I have to walk away from my guy, even when I know that it's the logical thing to do. And it really hurts when I realize that he hasn't been reaching out to me either, that I'm not that important to him. It's been a week since we last talked and the silence is cruel and deafening.

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