Is this just insanity on multiple levels????

  • Ok...not sure where to beging with this.....

    I am a married woman-my husband and I met 13 years ago. He is an amazing man,husband and father of our children. We are best friends, we enjoy the same things and we are happy. We have had the normal ups and downs of married life and we have always stood strong beside each other and grown closer from our trials. We are so very close on so many levels- he knows my thoughts before I say them and can complete my sentences and I can do the same for him! The bond between us is an amazing one. So- the cause of my post--- about 5 years ago we relocated to a new area for work. Everything remained great with us. I then met a man at work and before we ever spoke it was like there was this incredible connection. It was not just on my part- he felt it just as stong. Within 6 months we were great friends. There was a connection that continued to grow. He has a family just as I do and the confusion of the deepening feelings was felt by both of us. Our relationship and connection has continued to deepen and is very much at an intimate level now- 5 years later. Neither one of us ever anticipated things to escalate to this point.

    The confusing part is that I am just as close and happy and connected to my husband as I have ever been!! I have tried to put distance between myself and my male friend but we are always drawn back to each other. When we are together there is happiness and a feeling of its where we are supposed to be. I do not know what to do to find resolution??? Neither of us(my male friend) wants to destroy our families and I cannot imagine not having my husband there with me- but it feels like something always draws us back. We have tried not being around each for several months but as soon as we are it is like its the right place to be.

    Is it possible to have two soul mates and be so closely connected to both?? Or is this just insanity??

  • blueintensity,

    Yes, it is possible to love two men at the same time. The man at work is no doubt one in which you knew in another lifetime and may have been married to. This time around the match is reformed in another way. One in which will not have a happy ending in the long run because neither of you will leave your spouses in which you were to be with this time around.

    My suggestion to you is to find another job and close the chapter of this man at work relationship once and for all. Will not be easy of course, but something that you can carry memories with you that will bring you joy later on.


  • Shuabby,

    Thank you for your advice!

    Is this a common thing -to encounter a love from another lifetime and feel the connection yet have a connection that is just as strong with someone else too? I really feel confused by this and the connection to both men. I really appreciate any insight you can give. I have been actively searching for another job for a while now and hope that something comes thru very soon.

    Again, any advise or guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  • blueintensity,

    It may not be a common thing to encounter, just some do, when they do , it is usually the same feelings that they have for their spouse. If you two were meant to be together than it would have happened in the beginning and did not, Both of you chosing other mates to marry for love. Perhaps later in life you just may meet again when old age sets in and the children are grown ect, than the test of true love would shine thorugh.

  • It is possibal, but if yiu really luv your hubby, this is the sign that your mission something with him.. deep in you

    Have you thought that?

  • Thanks again Shuabby! I appreciate all of your help 🙂


    That is the main reason for confusion. There is nothing missing with my husband. Our relationship is amazing. The other was not sought out - it was a look and an instant connection. It sounds absolutely crazy- I know...but that's just the way it happened. I thank you for your post and always welcome any guidance or advice offered.

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