Scorpio man cancer girl relationship

  • am a scorpio man i have a cancer girl have friend.she 3yrs older to me.that she is 24 and am 20. we spend more time in texting each other and share many things. but sometimes i get scolded by her since making her angry. it was second time this keep her happy forever and watch my words so she dont get angry. how to run relationship smoothly without any frictions.

  • Dear Yadhav

    Cancer at 24 is very difficult to understand. Mood changes from sweet to cranky .

    If she is already showing her anger to you now she has definitely have that crazy mood swing. She will drive you crazy and thats the way they are. You cant do things to prevent her from getting upset. You are hurting yourself. You will be walking on egg shell all the time. Do you want that? Thats not fair to you. Just be yourself and see how things work out if it does not and you are suffering move on.

  • @Yadhav

    I'm a cancer girl, yes we are moody but most of us sure know how to control our moods. Firstly you can make a cancer girl happy by being yourself. in all honesty we are very sensitive and we read too much into things and situations. We love man who can make us laugh, who take control and who can accept us for who we are. We also love attention, give her that and she might just give in.

    Good Luck

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