Help! confusing Libra male

  • I am a taurus girl just started dating a libra man. We've been dating a month. It started out great with romantic dates and messages, but after 2 weeks the messages became few and far between as did the dates. When i do see him he talks about how much he likes me and wants to be with me (he even said he was falling for me), but then he goes a week without messaging and then come weekend he wants to meet up. So far i have seen him once every weekend and we're intimate and then he leaves and i don't hear from him again for a week. I will message him in the week and sometimes he replies and sometimes he doesn't.

    We have just had the talk and decided to make our relationship official, he brought it up. He is going away for a month and i can't help thinking he did this so that i wouldn't meet another guy.

    I get the feeling he is not that into me and he's using me. I guess what i'm saying is i am feeling really insecure because i like him a lot, i would like this to work, but i don't want to hang around if he's not that into me

    When i do see him, he's so sweet and loving and he says wonderful things but i get the feeling there is no sincerity behind his words and that he's only saying them to keep me happy. but for me actions speak louder than words, and he is not following through on his words. So i am confused does he like me, or is he having fun to pass the time. I want to tell him these things but i'm scared it will come across as me being clingy (which i know libras hate). Please help, what should i do, how do i proceed?

  • I am a Taurus, was married to a Libra man for over 20 years and well, I felt the same thing the whole time we were married. That his actions never matched his words. I can't really comment beyond that other than, I knew in my gut that our marriage and relationship was never what I needed.

  • Love yourself more. If men see and feel that , they will love you. Whatever you dont like say to them up front. Dont think that they may not like what you said and you dont want to loose them. Make a clear immagination what your man should be. Dont get stuck with one who is making you uncomfortable, DON`T LOOSE YOUR TIME. if you feel that there is something vrong with him, move on. There are sooo many men in this world and there is one who matches you.

    good luck

  • Thank you both for your advice.

    Taurus7- you are right my gut is telling me that i should move on, because it's the beginning stages and if he is already like this now, how will he be later. The first few months are meant to be blissful, yet it's not.

    Marmelade - I'm working on being upfront because in past relationships i have kept things to myself which ended up making me really unhappy, i vowed to change that. Yes i will talk to him and if he doesn't like it, then yeah, it just was not meant to be.

    Thank you very much.

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