S.O.U.L Circle September 4th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Welcome everyone to the first Circle of Fall 2011. Summer's over let's get back to business, let's Light up the Universe !!

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  • HI lovely people, let me be first then, today I was online and caught this post just on time and managed to find the time to join you. I gues you had already started because it was like I entered a room where people were sitting meditating, a lovely light room wth Japanese signs everywhere. Then IBelieve you came and hugged me and I felt very safe. I saw a lot of light and sunflowers as well. The next scene was we were all on the beach and we were running along the shoreline and we were all very free and happy and there was no worry anywhere. And then we were huddled together talking about things. I felt very close to you especially to Seehorse and IBelieve I think because I was not sure if there was anyone else present.

    It was a lovely meditation and it cost me a lot of energy to be drawn out of it (kids again) because I was in such a lovely place and I did not want to leave it.

    Hugs to you all, IBelieve I was missing your posts araound the place, I hope you are well.


  • Wow i just knew there were more people today ! The energy was SO much more intense, felt tingling all over my body but especially at back of neck, hands (left hand almost had a burning sensation !) back of shoulders, top of head, behind ears and between shoulderblades. First seconds of the Circle i got the image of (you won't believe it lol) a pyramid !

    Then concentrated on sending light and prayers to MJ and Sunshine and Ibelieve and everyone in the Circle, thought about TT having strong energy, and then felt the Light getting stronger, saw light blue and green colors. I saw an image of a wooden cart with 2 horses (could be donkeys lol), an image like i was in space and light was concentrating in front of me forming a single strong source (like an astronomical image of many suns together-attached image), a thing like a wormhole with light and dark zones-rings at regular intervals, last image i got was of a cobblestone road and a horse again.

    I felt a pulse between my hands, then got stronger and seemed to come from right to left like a wave of energy, lasted for some time getting stronger then weaker, stopped for sometime then started again at opposite direction.

    I had a very good feeling throughout the meditation, felt good strong energy, lasted for 20 minutes but i still feel residue energy even as i am typing !

    Paddifluff, so good to have you with us, glad to hear you had a lovely experience, hey it seems you need vacations but you never know, we may all meet one day and have this wonderful day at the beach 🙂

    Hope everyone had a great time, looking forward to read everyone's experience !

  • Hi guys,

    I was a bit late in linear time but tried to enter a state of No Time so it would meet up. I saw those spirals of black and white energy swirling like a snake into a yin Yang then that pyramid this time it started out white light then turned to a pink flame light then it was like I saw space with stars and planets. Then I came out pretty quick. My daughter has been kind of energetic and bounce this morning after her first game she cheered in last night. She did her OM thing again and kept saying OM then time. Not real sure on that one but she has been saying that when I play that OM Hindu chant the past couple of weeks. The quick in and out this week makes me feel somewhat dizzy. It's like that pyramid I see is a clear crystal which directs prisms of colored light. It's beautiful.

    By the way thank you for the prayers and light for my daughters great grandfather. He made it through the surgery ok, my car got fixed, things are trying to slowly pan out. I saw in my own life once again the miracle of how the light can help. For that, I am greatful and feel such gratitude. May you all see the light and love touch your lives in such a way as well.

    Love and light,


  • I forgot to say this when my daughter says OM like the music it is like it sends me straight in. Just started noticing that.

  • Sorry t be so late in replying but my experience left me with some questions and I ended up doing several readings to get a clear picture of the situation.

    As for the meditation:

    The angel card I pulled for today was Divine Order and Archangel Raguel.

    “Everything is how it is needs to be right now. Look past the illusion and see underlying order.”

    Raguel has pale blue energy. He guides people to act in fair and just ways and gives us faith in humanity’s essential goodness.

    I connected to the earth and sky with ease and then gathered my thoughts of connecting with the circle and specifically to those who have connected in the past and greeted them. So yes Paddi, I did come hug you!

    I felt the energy ball the whole time in my left hand and felt the white light cyclone connecting us to each other as well as the source. I then set the request for sunshine.

    Then, similar to my last meditation, felt the sense of circular movement (physically) I noted how I felt like I was turning to the right (clockwise) at first and then it would stop and turn back counterclockwise and then begin again to clockwise. I had problems getting anything else as this movement took up what little concentration I had and still maintain a meditative state.

    At one point I noted that it appeared to have a sequence of timing and so I timed the last one at 22 seconds (in my head) of no movement before it would start to move again.

    It appears I spend twice as much time in movement (back and forth) than I do in stillness. So perhaps it is representative of balance and a return to center and peace.


    Now after reading the other posts, It appears that others are also speaking interms of swirling energies the back and forth of yin yang and as well as the Pause as though an inbetween state.

    Paddi, I'm fine but spending quite a bit of time on new schedules and finishing up renovations on my home. I love your refreshing veiw of us and it does feel now that you mention it like we are all still somewhat on vacation. Just getting together to have some fun and be with each other and "No worries" What a nice feeling to be present and no obligations.

    I too had some trouble getting out of it. My usual is 10 minutes but taoday I went 18 and could have gone on for more. I even had thoughts of "why not keep going" but some pains in my body were telling me I had had enough today. lol

    So yes it was a pleasent experience that took no effort or asked anything of me but to be present.


  • GS,

    So glad your daughters great grandfather made it thru surgery well. And as for the other bounties...YES! absolutely and thank you for the return. I feel things are slow here and yet there realy is so much movement in terms of goals and good happenstances, I sometimes forget how many blessings are comming to me. Most of the downwardness is in my own attitude of sameness, complacency. I really need to get out of my own mind for awhile. lol

    Today helped and the readings prompted by my experience today pretty much said the same thing.

    Seehorse & Paddi,

    The way you two naturally let go and live in the moment of meditation amazes me. I think with seehorse it may be his natural water go with the flow spirit but you Paddi are earth. How do you do it? Practice perhaps or attitude and practice?

  • Hi IBelieve I had the swirly thing as well, we were turning circles on the beach and laughing, completley free of everything. it was so nice. I guess for me it is practise, I know my stolen moments are brief and I have learned to switch out of this world very quickly using breathing methods, what kicks my pretty behind is trying to switch back in to this world when a kid comes looking for something. So yes, practise. learnt it when I was learning to be a yoga teacher, the quick 5 minute meditation state for those of us with busy lives. i will look it up for you. And you were giving me very motherly hugs. Thank you.

    HUgs to you and if you want some healing please be sure to ask.


  • Thanks Paddi. I will lwatch for the tool if you find it.

    I have been trying to do a dailiy meditation practice (just five mintues) yet can not get it down to daily!!! I at least keep for the most part a twice a week longer practice and well, it is probably the patience with the process where I lack. Like "how long is it going to take before I get good at it" attitude?

    I am a beginner. I just have to understand that and quit trying for more and more.


  • Ibelieve,

    Here are some thoughts that forth when i read your post. Complacency is but a limitation that we place upon ourself. It is like an attitude, there is always a choice. Once we realize this, we become liberated from it. Just like towards the first of the week, I got stuck on the fact my daughters grandfather may pass. Then I read the posts Sh and you guys posted. I realize he has his path and I should accept where his path leads him as I do mine. Then the thought that there are things much worse than death, and that death is only the beginning. Strangely somehow this brought more peace and allowed the attachment on his path to be released and allowed another option for the path of light to work.

    As for meditation, I set my intent a few minutes before bed each night. If I did not meditate at least a few minutes each day right now, the energy coming my way for me to transmute would build up. I was asked before I made the jump recently, would I have the courage to make the jump if it meant helping the whole. After reading what Sh sent me about a pebble in the pond. I saw the energy of the collective struggling in the other group I am part of. That night I set my I intent to reach the zero point or peace with and made the jump. Then I had the urge to go in the eye of the hurricane while many sent light to the hurricane. It was a very unusual experience but the many helped in dome way even though our approaches differed. Most of last week, I felt like winds from the storm swept through my life for releasing. Once I started to release attachment, those areas started showing light and gratitude came forth. I hope this makes sense.

    Love and light,


  • GS,

    Yes, it made sense and in a sense I know this. I am the one in my way. I make the decisions on movement or lack thereof. I was in a rut and came out of the rut and now seem to have gone right back to holding my breath.

    For one, I have stopped doing my nightly meditation/prayers for bedtime and I beilieve this may be the root of my stagnation at present. I will endevor to reinitiate this into my life.

    Thank you.


  • "I saw the energy of the collective struggling in the other group"

    struggling as in "not going with the flow" ?

  • Hi Ibelieve,

    We all have periods like that. Mine was last week. You guys brought such inspiration to me, it helped immensely. This last month has been different to me pretty hard to explain. I just know the collective consciousness takes some getting used to for me. Some of it I liken to childbirth contractions...usually that is when I feel like crying uncle....then the release and transmutation come....right now I am in the catch your breath and sigh with relief cause I am at a plateau where the integration occurs. Seems cyclical in nature.

    Love you dear sister in light,


  • Sh,

    I will attempt to explain what I meant by that statement. I did this transmission last month where I began to transmit energy with a group. Just so happened that their transmission was one of the collective...the one consciousness we've talked about. I always imagined that as total bliss...but the part I neglected to think about is how each others both positive and negative affect each other. It was almost like a domino effect. It's like more kept sinking into a stuck while others were trying to hold balance. I was one of those getting stuck. Then its like I became aware of what was happening and tried to find my center and balance again. Then that question came up about the timeline and about the pebble. Then I decided to make the jump....while I have had some trouble maintaining it regularly, others made the jump and seem to be stabilizing it. While it was nice to know I was not alone with the trials and stuck energy, I felt like a student learning how each pebble affect the pond or ocean. Then I was shown how each needs help at times and felt gratitude for that help. It's like each is set at a different point which is unique. It's like a group effort of raising each other up. Each becomes the helper and the helped, the student and the teacher. Duality and non-duality as one. Does that make any sense?

    Love and light,


  • Now i have to ask another annoying newbie question...

    "I was one of those getting stuck"

    Stuck where ?

  • Hmm..time here is 11:11...

  • 11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed into our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter which, when activated, signifies that our time of completion is near. This refers to the completion of duality. When the 11:11 appears to you, it is your wake-up call. A direct channel opens up between you and the Invisible. When this happens, it is time to reflect on whatever you are doing for a moment and Look Larger. A transfer is in position. You can enter the Greater Reality if you wish pray or meditate and seed your future and also, you can be seeded by the Invisible. You can ask for help in some specific area of your life or simply listen quietly and receive a revelation.

    The appearance of 11:11 is an always beneficial act of Divine Intervention telling you that it is time to take a good look around you and see what is really happening. It's time to pierce the veils of illusion that keep us bound to an unreal world. You have been chosen, because you are ready, to step into the Greater Reality. To lead the way for others into a new way of living, into a Greater Love. To ascend from

    duality into Oneness.

    The 11.11 is the bridge our vitality and oneness. It is our pathway into the postive unknown and beyond.

  • "This refers to the completion of duality"

    The spiritual AND the material world together. 2 dna strands, different but equal, both irreplaceable.

    "made in His image".....

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