New & would love a reading!

  • Hello all, I am new here, my name is Claire and DOB is 04/06/80 and I feel like I need a reading if possible please?. I do, do my own Tarot readings but the last one confused me somewhat and usually i can use my instincts to pick up what they are trying to tell me, but this time i was totally confused. I am feeling a little confused myself and at a crossroads in my life at the moment, so I would love anyone that could give me any insight or guidance.

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Hello, anyone out there.. don't worry, I am just being my usual Gemini 'Impatient' self ;o)

  • I'll do a reading for you. Probably won't post until tomorrow--ok.

  • aw thank you, veryy kind, when you.. only when you have time 🐵

  • Sorry this is late--almost forgot. Bumps are good (but only on here LOL!!). Hope this can be of some help. It's interesting w/o much info.

    In present, I feel that you're realizing mistakes, problems haven't been resolved. Watch were you're going. May be facing regret soon. Feel strongly that another person is involved in this regret or circumstance. Possible attraction for "bad boy." Before you move in any direction, need to get in touch w/your feelings. I feel you're being shown as the Queen of Cups. I feel the real question here is regarding economics and emotions regarding the present state. In future authority figure weighs in, feel you will be alone facing something alone. Might be turning to authority figure etc. Are you thinking about getting back into a relationship or something that is on shakey ground. The present time is a period for you to realize that you can shape your own world. There's some life-lessons for you to learn in the here and now. There's several pairings w/what I feel is someone else. Looks like relationship--avoid temptaions.

    far past--7 of cups

    past--6 of coins


    above--5 of coins

    below--queen of cups

    future--7 of rods

    King of swords

    You--2 of rods


    hopes & fears--emperor

    outcome--9 of swords

  • Hello! Many thanks for this, much appreciated! and very accurate, thank you 🐵

    I was a bit :oO reading it, (that was a mouth open face) by the way!

    There is a bit of a bad guy on the horizion as in bad boy as he attached.. never good, plus so am i so all could be very complicated so will steer clear, but i just feel the attraction that's(but we hard;y ever talk!) all so a bit tricky... anyway I won't let it be and will avoid temptation thanks for the warning too, appreciated. I do tarot cards also so good to read into them also.

    Thanks again, so much. very kind of you to do this for me. 🐵

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