Captin yr help plz???

  • hi ijust can not understand what as been hanging over me last 2yr,everything in life as a big black cloud,i feel i am living in a bubble i carnt go forward i feel stuck ?

  • What is your birthdate and what do you want to achieve in your life?

  • hi my birthdate is 2,september,1963, i would be happy in my life knowing my kids ar all happy safe content ,

  • According to your numerology, Brontee, this year and last year were all about the home, family, relationships, and getting to know yourself better. It was not a time for outward things or worldly matters. In fact 2011 for you is meant to be a time of quiet and reflection, of sorting out what you really want and how you are to get it. Then in 2012, your work/career can really take off. So spend this time thinking on what you want to do with yourself and your life - and figure out what you need to be truly happy. There is no big black cloud or bubble hanging over you - you are just being given the time and space necessary for you to see things clearly and get your life on track.

    From your astrological profile, I can see you that your lifepath is the Way of Study. You are here to choose a field of endeavour or a craft and, through years of disciplined and determined effort, to become an authority in your field. Blessed with brilliance, you grasp things so quickly that you often may move from one topic to the next, avoiding the painstaking groundwork of thorough preparation. You must rely less on your own cleverness and set about gaining the perspective that only serious study of all facets of a subject can give you. Only then can you hope to bring a unique point of view to the world. Moreover, you are called to find principles or points of view in which you believe. Through identifying with principles or connecting to something greater than yourself, you not only fulfill your individuality but come to understand it. Your many years of solitary study or work on your craft will also provide the forum for many deep insights into your own nature. Your core lesson is to choose and identify with a principle or viewpoint, and amend your tendency towards restlessness and boredom. Your goal is to understand who you are by dedicating yourself to a chosen field of endeavour, using your gifts of an unusual personality, your love of truth, and your passion. You must fight any weaknesses of egotism, autocracy, or close-mindedness.

    Your karmic path imbues you with a generous imagination, while your well-grounded and disciplined approach will serve you especially well in life. In fact, your main failing will be that you may close yourself off from the world in your efforts to master a particular subject and refuse the higher challenge of allowing the subject to illuminate your sense of self. Yet you have a wonderful impulse to service that will help you greatly to overcome any shyness or obsessive need to be on top of every detail or fact, that can hold you back from enjoying higher rewards. You have the potential to serve humanity greatly through your work. There will be almost nothing you cannot accomplish, providing you take care to emerge from your shell and into the spotlight of recognition and real acceptance of your efforts. Don't hide behind your role as parent or spouse, or let it stop you from shining your light as brightly as you can. Dare to go for it!

    What you want is to be in absolute control of every area of your life all the time. You have an insatiable need to believe you have the power to succeed - and you do. But your need for control can hold you back because you can never order people or situations enough to feel safe to be yourself. You can never have enough authority to feel that it's safe to be vulnerable. At some point, you must take a chance and let others know the truth of you - your insecurities, fears of rejection and abandonment, and feelings of inadequacy. Then you will have no secrets to hide or burdens to bear - you will be truly free to be yourself without any pretense or hiding. And by acknowledging your own emotions, you will develop a deeper awareness of other people's feelings.

    And you mustn't usurp other people's responsibilities either by trying to take charge of situations in their lives, even if they are your family or friends. You are on an unending search for appreciation and acknowledgment, but others can never give you enough recognition for you to feel satisfied. You may even be scaring people and opportunities away because they don't satisfy you enough. You can be way too serious and heavy at times and may have a fear of being ignored. Only by acknowledging within yourself the contributions you make - through your excellent intuition and by nurturing others in a supportive way - and by doing the things that make you truly happy and content will you begin to feel fulfilled.

  • Captain

    Would you mind giving me a reading also. I saw the DOB and thought I would ask.

    My dob is also September 2. Different yr though. My dob is 9/02/1968.

    I thought it would be interesting to see how much difference there may be.


  • thank you i can relate to all ov the above,to which i will i will take this advice to hopefully move my black cloud thank you captain x

  • thank you i can relate to all ov the above,to which i will take this advice to hopefully move my black cloud thank you captain x

  • MatureVirgo, can you start your own thread as people's different vibes can get mixed up in the same thread? Just click on the "create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

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