Maybe its just me

  • I love my cancer man to death. We met 5 years ago bygoing to a barbaque of a friends house who I havent seen in years.( my husband passed away a year before) I just happended to sit next to him we talkedfor a long time. He asked for my phone number I didn't have it one me and gave him my business card to call me at work and would give him my #. He called. I'm a tauras 5/1/1957 he's a cancer 6/24/68. After a month of talking on the phone we went on our first date. We had a great time. We both said not looking for a relationship. That was 5 years ago seeing each other every weekend( He lives 2 hour away) 6 times a day 2 years into this releationship I found out about the age differance. I never went out with a youngerman. I got over the age thing.

    Everything was fine till april. I seen him once we talk less. I keep wondering what I did? I asked If he wanted to end it he said no He would tell m he was coming down and than make an excuse after weeks of that I stopped asking. I asked if their was someone else he said no I belive him.

    It is effecting my job. Or somthing is going on at work. I don't talk about my personal life at work. Somthing shaddy is going on at work. mybe they want to fier me I don't no.

    Now my man also told his friends that he can't han out that much because ofhis new job and he hurt his back. that is true about his back and job. They are his friends I would only see them when I was with him. One called me and said it was bull-crap! he is going thew some change I didn't get into me and my man.

    should I end this give him back the cell phone.

    I feel like I did when my husband passed away. But this man is aliveI wish i hate him, i love him. I wish I could say somthing bad about him, nothing bad to say. I lost 15 lbs I went to the dr all my test are fine. I want to stop hurting, crying and makeing belive I'm happy. All I dois work come home and cry myself to sleep I stay in my house I want to move to where no one knows me or how patchtic i am

    thank you for letting me vent


  • At first this love relationship can seem like a magic spell has fallen upon it, so attractive and intuitive and spontaneous does it appear. But all spells eventually wear off, and reality remains. Your overly romantic friend was attracted by your harmony, repose, and beauty but, if he is now seeing the real you and it differs to his original vision, there will be problems. If he has seen your moody, controlling, and stubborn side, it may have burst his ideal 'dream' of you. But this doesn't have to spell the end of the affair. You just have to try to be more warm and affectionate and less bossy to him and snap out of that dark funk you can often slip into. Negativity, power struggles, and loss of respect is what will kill this relationship so don't let it happen.

    Unless it has already...

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