Please help stop a Cancer from meeting his maker ( Perspective) :)

  • 🙂 Hey guys. I'm noticing you are the most posted on and confusing group! So I guess i'm just one of the lost ones. I'm asking about a situation that I'm definitely moving on from. DONT WORRY.

    But it kind of hurts I'd like any insight if you have any:

    I had a friend(?) who is a cancer. He has had something of a small crush on me for about 10 years. I'm older and I never really looked at him like that. When I finally returned the feeling ( the vibe between us was intense). He was going thru a bad break up. After they broke up I told him that I was starting to have feelings for him yadda yadda...he seemed very pleased and flattered. No response. SINCE then his behavior to me has alternated between knight in shinning armour sweetness "anything you need you can have it. ANYTHING" to absolute level 10 fury towards me for no understandable reason.

    Intially after I told him about my feelings when i tried to have a conversation with him about my feelings or his feelings, or his lack of feelings? or the feelings of ryan seacreast he erupts and yells!

    me: Hey Boy, I think you're cute! him: I CAN"T GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED!!!

    me: why are you angry? him: YOU CAN"T CHANGE ME!!!


    lmao! <--- yeah that was my first reaction (lmao). Not that I wasnt frustrated, hurt or upset, but it seemed so obvious that he liked me and had strong feelings for me, and his reaction was SOOO unreasonable and cartoonish... that I just figured he needed to cool off...then cool off some more....then thought he needed to get slapped with a giant get the picture. ( Note: I NEVER laughed at him either in his face or behind his back, as a matter of fact I was pretty good at defusing him a few times)

    So times goes on...( its been a total of 7 months since i told him 5 months since I moved into town). Maybe a month ago. I'd had enough...he's gotten increasingly odd acting around me. Staring at me like a tiger does raw meat, but being standoffish. I've invited him to events over my house he doesnt do the same. I've begun to loathe calling him for help with anything because invariably when i do my feelings will very subtly get hurt.

    I had begun to think he was back with his ex and her baby ( it would have explained stuff)...nope not the reason.

    The last straw was a few nights ago I was out with him and some guys. At that point, I was keeping to myself. We're both uncomfortable around each other when it used to be just him, I was always warm. I'm not looking in his direction if I can avoid it. I'm polite enough.They were boys being boys...he was ogling girls in front of me. At one point he talked about some girl he is probably currently talking to, telling rude stories from high school and college. Then at points he would seem to get furious with me over innocent jokes...stare me down and rile up like he wanted to start a fight.

    OH! and he used a term that basically means: buddy, or homeboy in our language

    Okay. now DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF!!! what the hell is the purpose of that?! first off, he never acted like that with me around before. Second off if he KNOWS that i have or had feelings for him, why would he be that large of an ass to treat me like that? I was stuck there for awhile cause the guys wouldnt let me leave. And word to scorpio I didnt let my face show ANYTHING. But i got out of there mad as hell...tearful even. Is he CRAZY??

    Please help me understand Makes the Best aka ( Kill a cancer in his sleep!!)

    Thanks 🙂

  • Whoa! sorry it is so long. I hope some of u guys have patience ( bites fingernails). Really upset about this and NO one seems to have a clue as to his behavior.

  • sorry to hear about your cancer man - sounds like he has a lot of growing up to do. Glad to hear you are also moving on. Only he can explain his issues also why do you call him for help do you work with him?

  • I'm new in town and I dont know a lot of people. Because of the business he has he has access to a lot of items that I need on occassion. Like new tires, brake job, home repair. And since he knows my family a lot of "what should I do" questions end up with people repeatedly tellng me to "Call so and so".

    So his behavior makes no sense to u huh?:(

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