Leagle issues and relationship

  • My first thought was to let the money thing go. Do you really need the dough, or is it more a matter of feeling like you need to get it back, just to be getting it back because it was "yours" at one point? Money is a sticky wicket... you can create a lot of needless misery over what someone stole from you, took from you, lied to you about, and took advantage of you over.... better to simply release it to Heaven.... call it an investment in Heaven and wash your hands of it and MOVE ON.

    I have the strongest sense that is that is going on with you, the bs is being dumped on you to help prod you on to something a lot brighter and more beautiful in your life, a new chapter. Maybe a move is in store for you.... a fresh start in a new area. A new city maybe! Were I in your shoes I would be thinking in those terms.... you are obviously very entreprenurialy minded... you know what hard work is... you aren't afraid to take risks... it could be that the Universe is lining you up for a new life phase... the first stop could be releasing this past garbage, find a map, pick a new town, pack a suitcase, buy a plane ticket, and MOVE ON. Then you are MOVING in a new direction and it is positive and fun! I know that Heaven and your angels would be there to catch you when you land.

    I know that is probably not where your head is at... you are in "repair the past" mode in order to retrieve what you feel is yours. I would let it go. Unless you are in dire straits and need that to survive, then you have the lawyers and courts to deal with ... ugh... you have so much bright light in your heart, you are meant for much better than this... you must take some sort of step to let the pass sail away from you and START A NEW CHAPTER? Are you creative in other ways? Art? Writing? What else is going on with you besides your past issues?

    I know this may stretch your mind in some new direction you hadn't considered, it could be that one day you look back and smile, and say to yourself, "thank goodness they treated me like that, thank goodness, they stole from me, thank goodness all of that happened... otherwise i would never have stepped out and discovered this AMAZING NEW LIFE THAT HEAVEN HAD LINED UP FOR ME! :)" ...

    Here are some cards for your questions...

    "Tom is dating a woman out of state he just started dating a couple weeks ago the week before we met...will that last? how long?" ...

    I am not in a position to say how long... I drew Six of Swords and Justice... he is moving in some sort of new direction, not sure what. Establishing his own outlook, viewpoint about something, it could be this person he is dating is helping him figure out what that is... could be someone he needs right now... heaven brings us together for specific reasons... the justice says to me that all will work out the way it needs to work out. I would not cross swords with him overt it... keep a positive mind towards him, bless his life when you think about him, and focus on yourself right now. Hard to swallow perhaps, that is what I got.

    All of the legal questions, i would let it all GO, I know that is hard, and I am not in your shoes, however I do know how painful life can be when people - and it seems to come from those we are closest to sometimes - treat us wrong, use us, whatever - and you want justice to right the tables... however the way of the courts and all of that is dragging all of us down the tubes... at some point we must simply let it go, forgive and start a new chapter. I promise you that were you able to wash your hands of the whole thing, and look to Heaven to bring you justice in their own way, that you will discover a recompense that comes from above, magically, out of the blue, something you hadn't expected. The Moon (reversed) tells me that this attitude would turn your emotional life around.... a peace would settle over you like a full moon rising over your heart... this Moon has you looking UP into a beautiful night sky, instead of behind to the squalor of whatever was "back there"...

    Roger wants custody of Brad... King of Swords... how old is Brad? How determined is Roger to get custody? It could be happening for a reason, to free you up...

    Your question about Brad...

    He is a Sag, so he has itchy feet by nature. And he is a very determined soul.

    I drew the EMPEROR - PAGE OF SWORDS - QUEEN OF CUPS. He is standing between you and Roger. Bradley has his sword raised over you... I would get out of the way of that sword...

    There is no way you are going to be able to hold a Sag back once they have it in their mind to move. He would rather be with Roger? My feeling is he is getting something from Roger that he is not getting from you, not sure what that is, it has him wanting to walk away though for sure. This is a tough one, you have all of the mother instincts to protect him, it could be that you need to let him go and he would find out things for himself... a feather fell on the Emperor... you can interpret that how you like...

    Tim is Aquarius, and his moon is in Aquarius also. So he is a real dreamer and his emotional life can be bizarre sometimes.... he probably resists conformity, his North Node is in Taurus so he is driven to be more hardheaded about life choices, pushing him into places where he fights to maintain his own outlook (as flighty as it may be sometimes). Mars and Venus right over each other in Pisces so he has a strong feeling life, I mean his emotional behavior can swing wild sometimes... He also has Chiron in Gemini so he he has trouble communicating himself, and that is very close to his North Node so he tends to latch on to a view and obstinately holds to that regardless (north node calling). I would try to read between the lines with him, and keep in mind that whatever it is he is saying, expressing, may not be the reality... he is saying these things because he simply has to say something and stick to it. Best response, "that's nice Tim..." instead of "what are you talking about! That is nuts... etc".. accept him exactly how he is. He's figure it all out... eventually...

    Okay that is a lot Teresa, I hope I didn't dump too much on you there. Bottom line you need to break free of lot of things that you feel compelled to right, correct, uphold... relax more... let Heaven intervene in their own way.. I would go for walks more and sing more... whisper often how LOVELY your NEW LIFE is and keep saying "thank you heaven, thank you Universe, thank you for my lovely new life, and I trust that all will work out nicely... and smiles a lot, even though you may have to get some masking tape to hold that smile in place... 🙂

    You are dealing with a lot of serious issues (legal etc) that I have no direct experience with... I tend to run screaming AWAY from lawyers and the courts. As I have been thrust into life situations where others were suing me, and so I tend to simply adopt an attitude of "fine, take it, you can have it, it's yours... and I will go outside and do a painting (I have an art background) or write in my journal (are you journaling? You should do that, a great way to release stuff in a safe environment). Take what I say with a grain of salt and you pray and seek other counsel as needed.... your heart will tell you what to do...

    Everything will work out sweet and nice for you though... as long as you maintain a heavenly perspective... your steps are guided... even though at times you feel like they are being guided into an inferno... keep the faith, you are doing fine...

  • Even being homeless I kept my faith,..and my purity....God knows that! I have gained an inner stregnth, I would have never believed possible and I am Thank ful for that!

    Yes, that is quite a testimony!

    If I can only get my children to see that..instead of listening to Roger's views that I am a failure! That would make me the happiest person in the world!

    I believe Tom will help me with that in time.

    I was tol told by this psychic that we would meet online and sugeste dgoing on to dating sites.

    So a couple weeks in to Aug. I started putting my profile together but had no camera to be able to put an updated photo...so I had not finnished and then had to conccentrate on finding a place to live. So I was looking on Craigslist for room share and was habing no luck finding some thing for Brad to stay as well, I advertised on Roommates for a month no luck there..I thought I found a place and the guy renegsd fon our agreement with the amount of rent and Brad being there and did let me know until I called on the 28th to see if I could move in that day...then he told me. .By Aug .28th I had run out of time because the wo.man i had rented from, had a new tenant coming in. and I was praying, because I could not bare staying in my car again!

    God was with me again, because the tenant did not show up that day so, I had a place to stay for another day .Looked at Craigs list and found a share with in my price range but I did not ask about Brad becasuse at that point I needed some place to live! So when I called I told him I needexd a place Now and he said it was no problem that his tenants were movinng out that day, that he would be home around 5;30, to come on by ... whem I got here, IHe appologized about the house being a disaster, that hes mhes in the Navy and comutes and has no time to clean, I told him I undestood and not to worry about it! He showed me the house and told me I am welcome to use every thing and I told him my situation with Brad and He told me he loves kids annd that Theres room down stairs that we can paint and set up a room for him and he wont even charge me for ha ving him here! I wanted to hug him right there but refrained and tod him how grateful I was! We talked for hours and have so much in common!

    It turns out that this is the man I had been waiting for for the last year! I knew it as soon as we met! This is Tom! He has an amazing generosity and uniqueness about him he is genuinely caring! Has a wonderful since of humor he is so uppbeat! He has been through a lot in his relationships as well. he started daating some one a week before I moved in and he is trying to see where thiat relationship goes but she is out of state whiccch is hard and the fact that I am here and we get along so well is confusing to him. We went out and had a couple drinks and even though I was trying to let him figure things out with Kelly ...we were both drinking and ended up in bed...and I felt that it wa a mistake because I really did not want to caus the confusion and wanted him to ccccome to me later after he did. ( i jbow in my heart that this relationship is more a fascination with her nd just that people need relationships that are there on a daily basis, He left that next morning to spend the long weekend with her and we did not get to talk about thurs night until yesterday. whenhe got home and I asked howw the week end went he did nit allaborate and just said it was relaxng and it was "ok" ...so I was not sure how to take that? I would have thought he would have been more excited but he was just kind of hiding that from me, We ended up being intimate again that night, and I dont like being in that posission so planned on talking to him last night. he was planning the same conversation, We talked and I told him that I had only been with a couple men since my divorce and they were not relationships and I had not bothered dating because until him I had not felt close enough to any one no onne mfakes me feel as happy as he does! he says he feels like a real ... and appologized for leadinng me on, but he really wants to see how things work out with Kelly...I told him I undertood (but I could not help from criyng) ...He asked if I I was comfortable with staying here and being friends and room mates? I told him him that true friends, who get along as well as we do that I can truly lean on and depend on are very hard to come by that I was noot going to give that up! Our conversation ended on a good note, but then I screwed up! and started feeling insecure mainly about my body image because there is no comparison to kellly (she is a wieght trainer and built like a rock and even when I ha ve been in great physical shap e I have had three babies who weighd nine and almost ten pounds and they ha ve left a lot of tretch marks and being a red head I cant tan..so very light skin tone...and wrote him anote about

    those insecuruutes and how I cant keep a mans attention through a good personality and heart! .This stems from him bragging about her being in the shape she s in..she is a body builder.!

    Now I dont know how to face him when he gets home.

  • As far as me being a cancer and "wanting to be at home" While thats true to an extent, I do need my time at home...I love my home ....My rising is Scorpio and I am on the cusp of Leo..so zI actually love going out and being around people and doing new things! I would much rather be out doing things with some one I enjoy being with than being at home. So thats not an issue its some thing I am looking forward to with him....and is a huge attraction for me

  • also...we are going to a party on Sat. night as friends and I wonder if throwing in a "little competition" with conversation with other men might help a little??? Or would it be harmful? lol

  • I put almost penney I had into that store..I started out with thirty thousand dollars everyy thing I made went to pay pay role and inventory ....I have been homeless...trying to get my footing!

    I am not the first person John has done this to he is a billionare who has made his money off of preying on those like me..I did not know this until after I opened and had people warning me about him! He harrassed me..fact is if I had slept with him...I would probably have not had the dificulties I did, I woud not have lost my store and ever thing in it! He lied and manipulated me into signing the contract!

    Brad is 14 ...used to be the best child around never in trouble until last year! I was trying to tell Roger how defiant he was being that he was smoking dope and Brad lied saying that I was the reason he was being so defiannt ! It wasw my fault and was treating him wrong! He lied and said he wasnt smoking and Roger defended him on thatj! There was sio much crap in my house and paraphanilia I called a police officor last summer to talk to him because Roger would not it my only hope! He explained how much trouble he will get in to if he continued and had Brad throw every thing away! Even when i had weed in my hand to show Roger..he took Brads side ! Roger is not being a father too him! He is being an allie and Brad ended up expelled from school because of taking drugs to school twice! I tried to get Rog to put him in private school and that did not help,,,he claimed it would be detrimental to brad,,,the only thing it was detremental to was his wallet! All this time Roger is making me out to be the bad guy because I wanted to take action before things got bad...he is being brads friend and defender to Brads detriment! Roger knows that the beswt way to get to my heart is to come between my children and I! we have shared custody and this is not the way its supposed to be!

    He downs me to Brad and in front of him! He is not supposed to say any thing negative about me nor am I...

    He has not supported any logical disiplin for Brad...I told Roger that he is going to end up in Juvy and hes going to be bailing him out of jail some day!

    He is fourteen and he does not deserve to learn the hard way and end up in jail because his father does not do what he needs to do....Roger has convionced him that I am the bad guy Brad has convinced Roger of the same ! I want to force Roger to get coiunciling for Brad and I because Roger has has created so many issues because he wocreated so many issues because he wont listen! Brad has lied saying I hit him and no matter how much I try to convince Brad that He knows the truth and try to explain to him how damaging these rumors are to me...he does not care!

  • also Brad haa a lot of freedom while roger is at work to do what ever he wants!

    he is going to alternative school and has very short hours!

    If it werent for Brad I wold have left and gone some where;;It breaks my heart not seeing him...we were very close before my divorce and dod every thing together ! I was home with him from day one! Roger NEVER spent time with him I was the one who took him fishing and swimming, played basketball from the time he could hol the ball we threw the football and did all the Dad things that Roger neber did with him, and to the park and played with his friends!

    Roger neber pai dattention to him or my other kids or me...until I filed for divorce and then its mor the fact that he doos not wnat to pay child support!

    When I filed It was to get both of us out of a stressful situation..when I told Brad I was filing for divorce he wa relieved! He had no freedom to have fun with his friends with out getting yelled at for laughing or having pillow fightss whe they were at the house! We walked on egg shells! Brad did not want to bve with his Dad more than every other weekend...and Roger took him camping and change dhis mind to being with him every other WEEk~ Brad was angry with me and I believe that it was because Roger blamed me for our marriage not working!

    When I hung in there for years..through Roger s addictions whiich I did intervention with his family and that caused tremendous resentment from Roger to me! IHe was geting more and more retaliative, and emotionally abusive ! Brad doesnt know all of this because he did not see it I hdid my best to uphold thier relationship...I have never said any thing negative! to Brad abou is dad! Roger has broken every part of our divorce agreement and whaat the state has set as rules for shared custody! I am afraid though that if I fight Brad will just retaliate and run away...He needs couunciling! he needs good influences to be around so he understands what life is supposed to be and how people are supposed to treat each other!

  • roge is ay but a good influence!

    The reason I am so upset over Pat and my property'''He was one of the only people i had confided in tha ti have Huntingtons Disease....he looked it up on line so realized the seriouseness of it and that there it is neurolically dabilitating, and there is no cure! He knew that what that the money I had put into the store was all ZI had and it was my future!

    "He knew ...he promised that he was helping me and would not stab me in the back the way I had een by other employees stealing from me ...He promised I could trust and count on him!

    when I closed he was taking over the contract... he mad eme believe he was helping me! he was buying my stock to pay john to help me get out of the contract with him... he said they did not need the coolers but he would sell them for me if I left them here... Ithat I would be able to pick up other thingds that I wanted to keep that he claimed he did not need or want! He was supposed to pay the ele ctric bill in trade for some of the stock, he never planned on doing ay of it...even knowing that I havnot even got a place to live because I dont have money! He still refuses to follow through on his promices! I had to cash out money market that I only had 549. in to pay my rent to Tom... I had 1800. to my name when i CLOSED IN aPR. That i have been living on all these months trying to recoop emotionally!

    If it weren t for the fact that he knew that I have HD and depression it would be different.

  • You cant get any more cold hearted than that!

  • I am trying to start a new business with pre paid legal Services...but cant seem to get past mental roadblocks! The corperate office had not sent all the marketing the literature and been trying ot get get it! For a month now...but more so the blocks I am putting on my self! I dont under stand why I cant seem to get past just contacting people I knpow to sell id theft memberships! the other ide is memberships for Afordable lagal assistance that I truely believe in! I have wasted too much time...I need to get income coming in but also have not been able to concentrate on it because of always havein got worry about where zim living and all the other issues! I had not had any one to talk ito about what I was going throuh so when I lived with Sandy for those couple weeks zI spend a lot of time talking to her...so, zI need to get on the ball and get things done! It would certainly help to have the materials ZI need! they said it should be here tomorrow

  • I was so happy when I moved here and during the tie that i have spent with tom but now I f feel depressed and crying......fact is that even though he and kelly just started dating and just getting to know each other...there is no love between them yat...He cheated on her with me before he left and after he gat back home... last night we talked about if things dont work out between them that we would give "us "{a try....but How in the workld could I trust him with MY heart??

    May be I need to keep looking...

  • I want to thank you for your imput CAptain...lots of food for thought,

    I want to find out his rising sign and see if there is hopefuly better news than that. I will let you know when I find out


  • Hey Teresa,

    I will be honest with you... your story has so many twists and turns and people and what they did/he did/what happened and you look like a cork bobbing on an ocean in the middle of a hurricane. The one statement you made seems to bear witness with me, and that is "can I trust him with my heart" and the fact that you have some hesitation there tells me that your heart is sending a signal to watch your step. You need to break away, get some quiet time by yourself and spend some time in prayer and meditation. Are you journaling? You obviously like to write like me. You should be turning all of this stuff into a novel or at least keeping a journal to gain perspective. There is no way I can process all of the details and ins and outs of your situation. I can only tell you that your answers are OUT THERE (in the sky, heaven, the Universe) and to keep walking by faith that all will work out. Miraculously.

    Here is a journal book that I use... these are really nice you can get them at Barnes and Noble. Moleskine journals. Also, you might need a talisman or something to help defuse these issues, I saw a book the other day on making those. I will see about creating something for you. "For the weapons of our warfare are not material, they are mighty through the power of Spirit to help us overcome any problem in life" 2 Cor 10:4 paraphrased - your answers are not going to come by trying to fix anything, your hope is ascension and leaving it behind while you find a new path in the Light.

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