Leagle issues and relationship

  • Dear As,tro Angel ,

    I would so appreciate a reading my name is Teresa Bd is 7/20/64 The man I am interested in isTom 5/30/74

    I will write more about all the other issues...

    Greatly appreciate it!

  • Dear cancer64

    I saw your post yesterday and have been pondering your situation. I wanted to use a Celtic cross to look into this matter for you.

    Here is what we have:

    Significator - The Two of Swords - whatever has been happening in your life has you withdrawing and protecting yourself. This two is a sign of a strong person who knows when it is time to shut out the outside world for a while and cherish and protect your own heart. I can sense that your situation is complicated. You are doing the right thing to turn inward and be patient through this situation.

    Your present present environment - The Magician - You are actually in a good place, the forces of Heaven are up there and you are channeling what you need from there, down to the earth. As above, so below. You are keeping your heart centered in faith and trust that everything will WORK OUT and the Magician in your heart is achieving exactly that. So the circumstances around this matter are actually working out magically behind the scenes. You are the Magician.

    Crossing - this is something you must accept, embrace, overcome or internalize to progress through this time. The Page of Cups is a very sincere and loving person, and communicative. You need to convey something to someone you care about. You are hesitating about something regarding romance perhaps. Don't be afraid is the message. You love to love, it is your nature.

    What is above you - this is your Heavenly WIsh come true - something NEW in your own self image, a new you coming forth from this matter. This is the New You, the Real You, the person you love to be, and that person is coming for you.

    Below you - the occurrences leading up to your present situation - the Ten of Wands (reversed) - you have really been saddled with quite a load, life seems to keep dumping on you, and you have shouldered it all the best you can. The weight was too much, it all added up, you laid it down. Life has been an elephant-sized weight that you carried the best you could.

    Last of the Present - Seven of Pentacles (reversed) - A material concern on your heart, This Seven is pondering some options materially. You have seen what the past has served up and you are wondering about a new option that looks heavenly. I believe this is connected with Tom. He apparently is connected with something on a material, home, security interest on your part.

    First of the Future - Strength - You are heading into a time where your animal instincts are kicking in big time. It sounds like circumstances weighed you to the point where you are "letting go and letting God" come to your rescue. This is all an internal forces working for you now, this is a very positive sign of a significant new strength developing in your life, You are a lot stronger than you think.

    Future environment - The QUEEN of Wands - Hey, look at that cancer64! It looks to me like your Ace of Wands heavenly hope says YES and you are enthroned! A new life situation where you are in control of your destiny and looking out over a new life for yourself.

    How others see you right now - JUSTICE - is this connected to the "leagle" matter you are contending with. Whatever it is, appears to be coming from without, your surroundings. Do not fear, whatever it is will turn to your benefit. There is so much POSITIVE ENERGY in this spread there is no way anything of that nature can get the best of you. Keep moving on, and rest in the fact that Heaven sees your situation and you are loved. Keep your head held high.

    Hopes and Fears - The NINE of PENTACLES - this ties back to that Seven we saw in the past, where you are pondering some options connected to your material-security. This NINE signifies an ending of some sort, that you have been avoiding? You are asked to keep moving forward in faith, take the risk that you know you need to take to gain some positive momentum in your life, all will work out well. This card also exemplifies the material blessings you know you deserve in life. This is how you see yourself. Blessed. Taking care of your surroundings. Very concerned about the health and welfare of those around you. This is the path for you.

    Outcome - The MOON (reversed) - this is a card of mystery and heavenly surrender. You are now being carried along by Universal Energies that at times feel unsettling, emotional and a little bizarre. It is all a part of Heaven's way of coming to your rescue, and turning the tables. The MOON also tells me you are heading into a beautiful mystical phase of your life, and your experience with Tom should likewise enter a heavenly newness that will be so beautiful for you. Reversed tells me that this is an especially strong energy for you right now. The moon is waxing right now, approaching first quarter. So you are in the arms of some powerful heavenly "moon-shine" flowing around you.

    I did not see many Cups in this spread as regards love, the only Cup is the one that you have to now drink from in order to take your relationship with this man you love to the next level. YOU have to take the next step, embrace this cup being offered to you and that will turn many things around for you.

    Four major arcana cards in this spread so you are in the midst of more than simply a "situation". You are facing some very strong life phase changes that are taking you into an entirely new chapter in your life. The MOON being your final resting place, a reflection of all that you have believed in through your life is manifested as a lovely RULER OF THE NIGHT which is who you are. You are meant to shine in all the lovely dark corners of life, bring light where there was no light. You are the moon, a very reflective and intuiting person. That is your home.

    Should you decide to share more details we can dig deeper wherever we need to. Let it be known by all of Heaven though, that you are on a path of great strength and transformation, and JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL on your side.

    My blessings and wishes for a wonderful outcome in what you are facing.

  • Teresa, if you don't mind me jumping in, I feel pulled to answer you.

    I would not recommend this for a love relationship.

    You are attracted to unpredictable individuals like Tom, and insecurity will only make your love affair burn brighter. But unless this relationship can galvanize ptractical energies, its passion may sweep it away. You will never be quite sure of Tom's extracurricular activities, nor will he be able to predict your moods. An exciting mercurial person like Tom may trigger your psychological instability, sending you over the edge. You need someone more grounded and reliable who can earth you. This relationship could see early burnout or eventual catastrophe because of its disruptive nature. This matchup is missing stability because the two of you have similar unsettled energies.

    Tyrannical attitudes can emerge here, as well as mutability and a sense of uncertainty. This will make each of you nervous, even when you are apart, and when you are together, the discomfort and insecurity can multiply unbearably. In an attempt to create order, one or the other of you will try to dominate - Tom passively by digging in his heels, or you aggressively by making demands. You will usually be more irritated by Tom than he will be by you, for he represents what you fear in yourself - your own qualities of distractedness or flakiness. It is you Teresa who is more apt to be the tyrant here as your own insecurities boomerang in this relationship. This does not bode well for the longterm or for a relationship at all.

  • Tersa

    I also looked at your charts to see how you and Tom fit together.

    WIth your Sun in cancer and also your North Node (life path), you are being summoned to be the most nurturing person you love to be. Tom has his Mars over your Sun, so his aim is true. Right to your heart. He is a Gemini, loves to communicate, and you have your Venus right there to love him back through these "discussions" :). Also your Mars is there also, right next to your Venus. So he is getting a double helping of Teresa in his sun self, coming and going. That is a very unique way you two fit together, it is quite lovely. This makes him feel very, very comfortable around you. He knows he can open up to you and can trust that you will love him, and at times provoke him a little (your Mars) to open his heart more. You are a nurturer so you are always about getting to the root of the matter.

    Your Chiron is in Pisces, so there was some little broken place in your past that resulted in a something interfering with your intuitive nature at times, which explains your North node calling being to develop your nurturing (and intuitive) role even more. These are all water issues, sometimes you "sense things" about Tom that you resist expressing, you need to let that intuitive side of you be expressed fully and lovingly. He needs that from you.

    His Chiron is in Aries, so he has some issues being the determined, forceful person he needs to be sometimes. His Venus is there, asking for your love, and he is ready to love you right back. Its just that there is a little broken place in his ability to show his love decisively. He holds back perhaps.

    Your moon is in Sagittarius so your emotional expression runs very fast, forceful at times. You are ready to jump into anything emotional in nature, talk it out, embrace your feelings, and you like him to come along for the ride, sometimes he does. His moon is in Libra so he tends to keep his emotions under check and sometimes that bugs you, you want him to open up more. He will in time.

    His North Node is in Sagittarius so he is called to a lively nature, travel is indicated. He might have itchy feet to move occasionally. As a cancer you like to stay put and keep the home fires burning bright, so this could be something you will have to work on over time.

    Your Mercury is in Leo, so you like to think up ways to express your love, maybe you like to make things that surprise him, cards, letters, little ways that tell him that you love him. As a Gemini he would LOVE that, even a little post it note in a place where he will stumble upon it that says "Hey, just thinking about you and wishing you a wonderful day! Love, Teresa"... that would send that man to cloud nice. And cloud nine.

    Blessings, Teresa. I hope that gives you something to ponder! 🙂

  • Teresa

    I also wanted to show you the actual spread, I had overlooked uploading that... and I have my little angel figurines and a candle burning brightly for you... blessings... the Universe has you in their arms...

  • Dear AstroAngel,

    Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, for doing this reading!

    It is so encouraging and uplifting to hear!

    I have had a tremendous amount of turmoil; betrayal from every one I have trusted, almost all my life, but the betrayal from my oldest son Tim (1-22-85) is the one who hurts the most! He is bi-polar and refuses to do any thing about it! He is also an adict so there is no logical thinking!

    Makes promices and never follows throujgh!

    I opened a store and he was supposed to work for me I wa strying to use partnership in a year for incentive for him to take responsibility .... He hadlived with me for 6 months prior and had gotten off the drugs and alcohol but as soon as soon as we started working on the store and he ot back wuth the wrong influences and started using again...he stole a lot of money from me, and his loyalties completely changed ! I was trying to talk to him, and get him to take responsibility and figue out how to make up this money...he refused to do what I had asked ; I fired him, he blew up and while I was trying to walk out of the store to leave, He reached above me and slammmed the door to keep from lleaving and slamming my right hand in the door gouging and breaking my index and middle finger of my right hand!

    He has slandered me to cover his wrong doings and that hurts mopre than any thing else! He has negatively influenced my youngest son Brad I am being forced to take legal action against him...he has destroyed my reputation...telling people I am skitz and bi polar...no one trusts me! And encourages Brad to do the same!

    He needs to get the help he has promised over and over again to get!

  • I believe much of the isues have excelled because of mmy ex husbands influence, manipulations (Roger (4-30-63)

    He has caused issues with all y children just out of retaliation!!

    My son Brad 12-20-96 and I were extreemely close and since our divorce Roger has made sure to interfere with our relationship to the point of convincing Brad I pretty much a failure...and wanting to live with Rog and now he is seeking full custody and I am not allowing it! A normal loving parent does not come between children and thier mother!

  • Stephanie 6-9-88 is very addicted to drugs and alcohal I have trie interviening and she feels she has no problem, her fiance and her have a baby plus his two young kids who a living with this disfunctional family and I dont want them there! I tried talking to his mom with no avail...I dont know if i shouild call social servicves my self..I haave been praying they get caught!

    I am pretty sure it was Blmoon who did a reading a year or so ago who told me she saw police lights ...do I need to take initiative or will it happpen another way?

  • am so worried about all of them!!

    Both Tim and Stephanie made false police reports saying that I am skitz. and with out medication! Brad is lieing saying I hit him! i told him HE KNOWS the truth..trying to get him to change all these rumors going around but hes not taking me seriously and wont listen to any defence I have because he has been so manipulated.

  • John Kenny was the owner of the store who I made the mistake of trusting when he convince me he was a christen and woulld work with me on any thing I needed , when I signed the contract. He sexually harrassed me and when I refused he pulled the house next store that I was supposed to rent from him out from under me...I was sleeping in the store on the floor...he came in and told "there are sollutions to the issues"! I refused

    He had suggested people to hire that stole form me knowing my finances were very close at that time. I confronte the women who started all kind of rumors and destroyed my business!

    The nest person I hired was no ifferant his name was Patrick..he was was worsee than any of htem! I ended up cccccclosin g the doors

    I was so depressed that I sat in my drive way seriousely contemplating suicide...If I could have found my sleeping pills I would have ...I had never felt so drained, so betrayed especially from my own son and my nephew david and brad was being very defiant!

  • But I kknow that Brad is 14 and being influenced by Roger, steph, and Tim!

    I was accused of calling the police on Tim which I did not so I defending my self with that! I was worn out!!

    I love my kids with all my heart, they were always the one thing that kept me in this world when things have gotten unbearable and that night they would not even listen to the pain I wa feeling...I NEEDED them!

  • I ended up in a hospital for nine days, my contract stated I had to be open...while in the hosp. John sent notices to my po through his attorney that I only had a certain time to get my belongings out ...Tim offored to get my belongings out and I told him not to believing once I spoke to John and told him what i had gone through, it would be alright, I was wrong! He was very CILD HEARTED and did not care! called me the day after I had gotten home pretending he was going to help and some one wanted to buy my stock for me to come take inventory,,, well it was Patrick who wanted to take it over ...9a good portion of my stock had been stolen at that time I believed it was Tim, but now believe it was Pat so there would be less inventory for him to purchase! They only purchase my tock for 3000. and was supposed to pay my electric bill and try to sell my coolers that I left believing that Pat was trying to help...my fax machine crock pots and kitchen supplies I was supposed to be able to pick up...He has stolen all of it! I ahd it writing and he stole th econtract out of my files! so now i have no proof!

  • If I hir e an attorney will I win with all of them?

    I have six more months to file a greivance against my divorce attorney for negligence...will I win?

    I went t my Dr. for help 2 12 years ago because I felt I was being poisened by my husband ...she took blood and believed my ex husband when he confvinced her I was psychotic and I did not know at the time but she threw the blood a way!!!

    It is too late in virginia to file malpractice...I dont know how to handle it other than going to her supriors.

    Is there arsnic or cyonide in my blood?? I know it has been too long to be in my hair...

    looking back I believe it was my sister as well...Is there any way to prove they did this to me??/ I am afraid ..my sister is out of prison...has she changed or do I still need to fear her? Karen 1-17-62

    Thats an awful lot huh



    Next; is the attorney O hired for my divorce, I have six more months to file greivance against him!

  • Teresa

    I can't even begin to comprehend the junk you have had to deal with. You have gone through a lot with your family and the people connected with that business. Incredible!

    I can see that you are a fighter though. No one goes through what you have had to deal with for no purpose. I can see that you are developing some incredible inner resources in your own self, you are digging in deep into your inner reserves, and finding supernatural strength to contend with life in general. Amazing that you are still standing however the wonderful thing is that you still ARE standing. What a testimony.

    I am looking for some answers for you...

    Should you call social services about the situation with Stephanie?

    The STAR - I would give it some time, anything the Star touches can be transformed. I just got back from giving a lady a reading down the street from me, and it I had the STAR show up for her in a reading about her daughter in jail right now for some drug related issues, and i had a very strong sense that matters were going to work out for her, that her life was turning around. And I am going to give you the same message, that this situation with Stephanie can still turn around and they get their act together, with Heaven all things are possible. Try to maintain a positive view as regards them. See that turing around and it can happen.

    I sense some real worry going on, and that is not going to help you... i drew the TWO of PENTACLES and that to me is always a card of travel, getting away, taking a breather... my goodness Teresa, when is the last time you got out BY YOURSELF and took a trip to some new surroundings to refresh your spirit, I have the sense that you feel totally immersed in these horrid occurences - and most having to do with family! - you REALLY need a time out for yourself.

    My advice would be to take a drive, or catch a plane somewhere and be pampered a little. Have someone wait on you. See if you can find a nice SPA somewhere and relax... you deserve it. I know that won't magically transform the family stuff, however it would sure help YOU and right now YOU is who you need to be most concerned about.

    You asked about an hiring an attorney, and I drew the TWO of WANDS which sees you taking some sort of action. From my perspective your case sounds pretty solid, of course I am not an attorney. Will you win? THE EMPRESS - says YES you will win.

    You asked if there is arsenic in your blood? Holy smokes... I can't believe anyone would do such a thing.. I have heard of it though happening, what is wrong with people? I drew the Moon which says no, you are fine there.

    Your sister has not changed (Nine of Swords) - however DO NOT be in fear of her. Her issues are in her head. The way to deal with her is to pray for her whenever her image pops into your mind... take a moment and wish her healing and well being, that will protect you.

    Oh you asked if there was any way to prove they did this to you? The SUN says you should look to the future instead of to the past on this... let it go, I am not seeing the whole blood thing as a real issue at least from the cards.

    The attorney... you have six months to file for a grievance... I drew the Six of Pentacles which again is a card of benevolence and mercy, I would say let it go. I know it is painful as hell, what you are feeling that all of this crowd has done to you. Teresa my general sense is that you need a NEW LIFE where all of this stuff is in the past and you can move on with your life (THE SUN) and let this stuff recede into the eternal sea of forgetfulness... and (I know this is hard to do) but also forgiveness... that will move you toward the light, and then your angels can go to work building something beautiful again.

    Four of Pentacles tells me that you should see something new showing up materially, perhaps a new business or something that you can put your heart into again.... Eight of Wands tells me that whatever that is will be very exciting for you, a new business or something you have been pondering to start up...

    Four of Cups... how is Tom helping you here? I have the sense that he really, really wants to help you somehow, a shoulder to lean on, are you doing that? Let him minister to you in ways that relieve you, and gives you peace... i have the feeling that he is there for you.

    I hope that gives you some ideas or things to consider. You really should get away though and take that time for yourself, at the least take plenty of walks and let the memories drain from you.... you have BETTER DAYS COMING.

    And... Please please please take anything I offer as simply my perspective, and you should always listen to your own heart in these matters. Talk it over with Tom also. Trust your heart, do what you feel you need to. However the sooner you can break free of the past the better. Oh and another thing, your family... I don't care that they are your blood family, no one has the right to abuse you like that. Heaven can bring you a new family. (Read the book of Job).

    Peace to you in supernatural abundance Teresa.

  • Oh and we probably should not mention full names on the forum, that can backfire. I think first names are okay or make up something. (John) I am guessing that would be tarot.com's guidance.

  • Tom is dating a woman out of state he just started dating a couple weeks ago the week before we met...will that last? how long

  • Thank you for all your insight! you have no idea how helpful it is!


  • A few more direct questions;

    how do I handle the situation with Pat and ,theft of my store colers they are over $2000. worth of coolers and atleast 600. worth of other equipment my electric bill was 1200. he was was supposed to pay! He stole the agreeement out of my files so I have no proof...

    Should I go make a police report any ways? I was so angry last week i called him threatening to go public with every thing he stole from me and it did not phase him.

    Do I file charges against Tim ?

    Roger wants custody of Brad how do I handle that?

    !Brad is saying he does not want to be with me..I believe that much of that has to do with the freedom he has there while he is unsupervised...

    I know that you have already done so much but coulod you do a reading for Bradley so I can know where his head is atand hat to do? His bd is 12-20-96

    And for Tim as well his bd is 1-22-85

    Thank you AstroAngel!

    Thank you for the beautiful angels and candles with my reading and sending this beautiful photo! !

  • I have never had a honest, loving , giving, careing, healthy, relationship, in my life...I have never known what it is like to recieive true love! I give it and have never received it back...men pretend in the beginning. I spent many lonely years when I was married to Roger, We were together 17 years! There was no true intimacy between us! My divorced was final

    a little over a year ago (on my birthday) and I've had the freedom to do what I want and have dated very little...men only are interested in one thing ..I am not! I was asked out quite a bit when I had my store and didn't .

    I spoke to a psychic almost a year ago and she told me I would be meeting a man in Aug. of 201.1. Who would give me the love I deserve, Who would be honest, considerate,faithful, and give the intimacy I need so much...he would accept my son , they will have a great relationship.

    He would help take care of my Mom and he would not only would he not run away from me having Huntingtons but not judge me psychologically like so many other's have done and used to thier benifit to get away with what they want;!

    I have been waiting for him, He does not even know it! It has been such a long and lonely year waiting for him to come in to m y life! I am so very Thank ful He is finally here!

  • I am writing in broken segments because I keep hitting either keys on my laptop or on my mouse that causes me to lose what ever I have written and then ed up writing it again...of course its always at the very end of a conversation that i end up losing it! lol!

    When I talked to this psychic I could not even comprehend having a normal, loving relationship!

    Knowing I was going to meet him was the only inspiration and hope I had last April, sitting in my drive way..and all the months since when I had no one to count on or talk to who was not judgemental about my depression and the fact, I had no control until my meds were changed in June.

    All that time I prayed for help, for a place to stay, I was spending two weeks here and two weeks there trying to find a place I could afford and was in Brads school district, at least that was one thing Rog could not hold over my head! I could not find any thing that I could share who had enough room or would allow Brad!

    Just about every one i stayed with had hot tempers no matter how hard I tried to help or to stay out of the way...I ended up sleeping in my car because I was kicked out!

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