B-day reading :D, is it getting better :/

  • My b-day is in 3 days ,7.9 and right now i'm feeling depressed cos i'm not moving to another city college and my family is kinda fucked up like always and really wanted to move out. And my love life is non existing.

    So i wonder, when something will work out for me.:O

  • Hi Doree

    Well, believe it or not, it is working out for you right now. I know, that sounds crazy. You are depressed, you have experienced some real disappoints lately and you feel like your life is going down the drain. I have good news for you. It's now, all is happening for a reason and that reason is that you are developing some very beautiful gifts and talents. It's only that your special flavor of personhood is being guided and beautified through some tough experiences.

    Here is what I saw for you:

    The Six of Swords (r), The Two of Swords, Strength (r), Death (r) and the High Priest.

    Here is the interpretation:

    First of all, you are in the midst of some very strong karmic developments, we have three Major Arcana cards out of the five which is a powerful message that what you are experiencing is a major shift, phase change in your life. Also, the fact that I ended up with FIVE cards for you tells me that you are in the midst of very powerful change energies, fives are unsettling to say the least. You are making a passage from youth to adulthood, from an earlier time in which you wondered about your life "why is this happening?" to a time where you will smile and say "ah, I know why this is happening!" ... you take heart Doree, you ARE destined for beautiful days ahead. WHEN will something work out for you? ANSWER: The moment you smile in the mirror and say "something is working out for me right now, and from this moment forward!" ANd you smile and you don't stop smiling because that is your gift, your smile!

    The Six of Swords tells me that you are heading quickly towards some kind of move, I know it doesn't look like it right now. However there is a calling on your life of some sort, psychic perhaps, you are destined to help others in a very beautiful way. THose who are called into such paths must experience some real heartbreaks, and often are surrounded by family situations that really suck. (Don't ask me how I know that :). It is the sign of a heavenly hand on you, there is something about you that in this life had required the experiences that you have had to endure. So, I still see some sort of move coming for you, this energy is turning right now, so be open to signs as to what that might be, to where, or in what way. When I was laying the cards out I overheard "More than a Feeling" by Boston on the radio. Do you know someone in Boston? a friend? Something there, or you have a feeling for someone that could shelter you for a time? I am not telling you to move, simply be open to some opportunities that you had not considered for a move. Physical.

    The Two of Swords tells me you are withdrawing more into yourself as a result of these real disappointments, and that is good. You are called to explore the inner realms of spirit, your heart, and so one stop on that journey is to feel some real pain, and not run away from it. You are very sensitive, very intuitive, and often these are the very souls who are hit the hardest in life by situations that vex your soul, that you scream out to heaven, "Please someone up there HELP!" Believe me, I know the feeling. You are being watched over closely right now, your REAL family is above, angels and fairies and wisps of smoke from a chimney, and a leaf that chances upon your path. Blown there by your Guardian Angel. Stay quiet right now, listen to your heart and remember that you are never alone, that all of heaven is around you right now, protecting you, helping you in ways you can't even fathom. You are beautiful to heaven, to us all. This card is upright so this is a solid present situation for you, it is where you are living right now.

    The Strength (r) cards tells me you have victory over this present life experience very soon. Do not believe for a moment that this is your lot. You will reign in life by virtue of your determination to stand strong in the face of great adversity. Strength is also a card of an almost primitive animal nature in you defending you, protecting you, almost a survival instinct that is occurring for you right now. Your heart is guiding you even without your awareness. YOU ARE STRONGER than you realize. This energy is ramping up for you.

    The Death card (r) tells me you are in the midst of a profound personal resurrection. You see the BS of your present surroundings and you KNOW you are meant for better things, and you are! Death is a sign that the old self that was a prisoner of circumstance is passing away, and a new you that lives above this garbage, is coming forth. This card brings some powerful transformative energies to you. Reversed so this is becoming a strong force in your life. Think CATERPILLAR TURNING into a BUTTERFLY!

    And The High Priest (Hierophant) tells us that you are under a powerful guiding principle from above. This is a card of deep spiritual reflection and guidance and instruction. You are reading a lot now, you need to be reading powerful spirit books, anything that solidifies your belief in yourself. I can see you writing one day, turning these experiences into powerful life lessons that others draw from. There is a bible verse somewhere that says something like "we comfort others by the same comfort that we have learned", so whatever you are going through will be a powerful force in your life for good as you turn the corner. This is not reversed so this is a solid present situation, stay grounded in your spiritual self, read, pray, meditate, do what you need to do to stay connected to your higher realm.

    There are THREE High Arcana cards out of five, and the minor cards are both swords. so this is a sign that you are in the midst of a MAJOR life change.... you hang in there Doree, it will get better soon, you are on a Heavenly roller coaster ride... keep your seat belt fastened tight, put up your tray table into the upright and locked position and HANG ON that is all you need to do... and SMILE SMILE.... you have a beautiful smile and that will keep you centered over these coming weeks as you experience a fantastic and wonderful transition in your life from the old you to a Butterfly You!

    Here is a little drawing I did for you, from all of us on this forum for you........... I didn't know how many candles to put so I PUT ONE BIG CANDLE which is your light that you shine, because you are a Lightworker and you have a beautiful gift to give.

    I am holding you in my thoughts and my heart, you hang in there much better days ahead for you. LOVE, FROM YOUR FAMILY in HEAVEN.

    P.S. A love life will come for you too, I saw that, something beautiful... The Emperor and the Sun... for now, hold yourself in your own arms... and Happy Birthday to you.

  • Ooops... I had to resize the sketch! Here you go... MAKE A WISH! 🙂

  • Doree, a typo in the first paragraph.... change "now" to NOT. Your life is NOT going down the drain! I am having a piece of your cake now, even though we are three days out I couldn't wait. 🙂

  • awww thank you :*** you are so nice , thank you for your answer and sketch. it's my 20. birthday and i hope thing are getting better,i'm starting my new therapy and hope that will help me too.:)

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