Scorp or Piscean advice please!

  • I've recently started a friendship with a male scorp and I'm scared to death. We have known each other for 2 years now, and when we first met, it was indescribable. I wouldn't chalk it up to love-at-first-sight, it was more of like two worlds colliding and it affected me very deeply, it was more of like a sonic boom. I think because of the intesity (I don't know if he felt it too, this is just me representing myself here and oh my God, he has the deepest stare I've EVER encountered), I didn't actively pursue any kind of connection, I let it happen naturally. Well, naturally, over the past two years, the friendship has started to blossom. I'm not scared of him, per se, I am afraid of how deep this is becoming... I mean, I crave the merging of souls, yes, but I am afraid that he is just playing me. They say Scorps want to know your every little secret and fully investigate you before they open up, but not this one... I'm the more "guarded" one, if you can believe it, but I just find myself being confused on whether or not he is being real, or just reeling me in to sting me. He is incredibly open with me and has shared his dreams, thoughts, ambitions... and I barely reciprocate (verbally) with my own. I do have my own, I am very opinionated and a huge part of why I enjoy his friendship is our amazing conversation. As a Pisces, I am more of a listener than a talker, but I am so restrained in showing the level of vulnerability that he has shown to me, because I fear that i will become too attached and once I do, he could very well "take the money and run", you know?

    I'm unsure if I am interested in him romantically, he comes across as a real player and is incredibly flirtatious, but I am drawn to profound, interesting people and he is BEYOND profound and interesting. I am more afraid of his real intentions.

    So - Scorps or Pisceans, can anyone kindly weigh in here for me? Scorps - does this scenario sound familiar? Pisces - should I run the other direction?

    Thanks All!

  • In similar situation and not sure what to do, is there anything that one can do? Is there any way of knowing what his real intentions are? Can you ask this of him?

    I am scared of getting hurt and am very wary of letting anyone in even though I know in my heart this guy and I are meant to be.

    Perhaps this is what is holding you back from not going forward? Find out why your being like you are and solve it? then answers to questions will appear and things will work out, be honest with yourself and where you are at? Let things unfold naturally, the more you push the less likely things will happen the way you want. Find his real intentions first, take your time in getting to know someone there is no rush when its true love.

    Usually when ppl rush others its usually at the expense of the other so be careful to not be rushed into making any decision. Keep your guard up, take it slow and enjoy it while its there. You had said hes confusing you then I suggest put some distance til you feel right within then see if you were right about his real intentions. Listen to your intuition about these things, if its tellling you your confused then back away and have some space and then see what happens next. Intuitio is right, listen to it.

  • Thank you for your input. And you're right about possibly never knowing what anyone's real intentions are, and I am not concerned on whether or not he wants to play me then sting me in a romantic sense, this is still very friendship oriented to me right now, but friendship woes can still be very hard to deal with and overcome.

    I was really interested to see what any scorps had to say about this or if any pisces on here have been through a similar situation and how they would interpret this. Sounds like you are experiencing this too with a scorp?

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