Help better understand my short reading please?

  • hey all.....

    i was wondering if there were any kind souls out there,who could help me understand the cards i got this morning? partner has a lot going on right now,and im worried for him,so i wanted to pull a few cards and see if i could gain some clarity on his situation and maybe the outcome of it all?!

    Here goes...

    Knight of cups first,which is the card i generally recognise as being him,

    Ten of swords,

    Seven of cups,

    Seven of swords,

    Nine of cups.

    These cards werent dealt in any particular spread,was just a quick look this morning.

    Ive read my book on the meanings,but i feel i could do with a little more understanding of the connection of the cards etc,and whts going on for him....

    Woul be great if anyone could help out a novice in a tight spot,and maybe any intuitions that you get from this post,as we really are having a tough time at the moment..

    Thanx so much..light and love..xx

  • Well I can tell you with the ten of swords next to the knight, along with the seven of swords - my gosh he really has some chaos going on in his life. The nine of cups is the wish card - that anything and everything is possible at the moment - so that does mean that he will come out of whatever he is dealing with soon. With the balance of swords and cups it's almost like the two are trying to cancel each other out - like there's a constant struggle within him and his situation. I don't pick up any financial problems - is this more emotional than anything?

  • hey,yeah i guess this could be more emotional,but i feel with him that he is having to fight his emotions all the time...i guess i needed to know that the outcome was going to be ok,because if we dont get the outcome we need then it could be awful,and i couldnt bare to imagine how things would be.thankyou for taking the time to help me.xxxxxx

  • Hi;

    This reading is not good. Can you change him, or give it some time?

    your cards are not good.. they show a lot of pain and wishfull thinking, and back-stabbing.

    Something is not right in his situation. Try back in a couple of weeks, see if anything changes.

  • hey,

    this reading wasnt for was for my partner...What youve said pretty much sums up what he is going through,he is in a lot of pain,and wishful thinking for how things should/could be for his circumstances,and we are both of the belief tht a 'friend' of his has been upto something behind his back tht could be affecting him now.

    I dont really feel the need to change him,(and couldnt if i wanted to,lol!) as this reading was about how these circumstances are affecting him and to get a bit of insight to what he is going through...

    Asi thought,hes not in a good place...i just hope we have a stroke of luck and his situation gets sorted... 😞

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