Aquarius girl cancer male ADVICE MUCH NEEDED!!!!

  • Hey everyone!

    I really need help here. I'm 20 and he's 22. I have been crushing on him since late earlier this year. I'm friends with his mother because we work together. She and I are basically besties. I'm very shy and reserved so it took me til late June to sum up the courage to even tell her I had a mini crush on her son. And even then I had a friend do it for me because I was scared. I'd never met him but she always shows me pictures of him and talks about him 24/7. Well when i told her, she and my other friend immediately went to trying to set us up. Just my luck he was just leaving to Florida for a week. They texted him my picture and he responded that I was cute and he'd talk after he got backfrom vaca. Well when he got back that ended up not happening really because this friend of his began pursuing him a week before I. So he didn't want to talk to someone else. A few weeks later turns out that was going nowhere. His mom invited me to hang out with her and her daughter for the fourth of July. Well she ended up inviting me as well. I wasn't exactly ecstatic because I'm very shy when it come to boys. I was having panic attacks and it was just terrible. When he got in the car he would look in my direction every once in a while and I'd kinda void the eye contact. When we ordered food I kept stuttering. Because he had already ordered and his sister did and went to the restroom. So he basically stood there watching me order. I was more than a little uncomfy. It was a mess on my end. We didn't talk much because his sister kind of badgered him the whole time (libra). I mentioned I didn't really talk much. When I did he was attentive. Which seems to be a trait of theirs??? I mentioned I felt bad about his mon having to spend ten dollars on a salad and me not eating much. Tongue ring was new. He said I did eat about a quarter and smiled at me. 🙂 after lunch we went to drop him off with his friends. I stood a bit off because I didn't want to get in the middle of their family bonding. He hugged his mom and sister and told them

    He loved them (awe) and walked up to me to shake my hand and said it was nice to meet me and smiled. Ok by that point, my rose colored lenses went off. Lol I saw him later and we were sittin on the ground. It was hella awkward I was sitting in front of his friend and he was basically sizing me up the whole time. Because he knew I was there to eye rape his friend basically. Damn leos.

    That was the day I met him. Since then I haven't really spoken to him much. Other than a few Facebook comments. Very few. A ton of girls like him I know that much. About a week ago his mom asked if he was going to date that girl who'd been pursuing him because she basically is always trying to get his attention. He said no he wasn't going to put himself out there again. She's a Gemini and basically flirts with all his friends for attention or something. Even though a lot of girls like him hes only had two prior girlfriends. And the first one is apparently debatable because he was 15 and they never spent time together or something. The girlfriend he was with(Aquarius) he apparently really loved and they broke up last November. She was very flirty and a notorious cheater. As are most girls he knows. Which is why he doesn't really want to bother.

    All I've done to pursue him is like one time telling him he was cute. And I posted something on his wall once. I'm very passive in "romance".

    I know it's weird for me to know so much about him and not know him, his mom talks about him all the time. But I did look up his natal chart to see if that had anything to do with his distance. His sun is cancer and his Venus is cancer. His mars is Leo. My sun is Aquarius and my Venus is Pisces. My mars is Gemini. If that helps.

    I want to get his attention. I was thinking about writing him a small letter. But I don't want to be even weirder than I already am. Gods help me. And his mom would be the one who gives it to him. And that's just...I donno. But I really want to. I don't want to regret not doing it. He deleted his fb. So I can't exactly message him. I'm sure he thinks I've forgotten about him by mow. And I'm afraid my reappearance would be even odder. Also if I did give it to him, I don't want him to show his friends Gods no. Advice??? Questions??? Thanks 🙂

  • What are your birthdates?

  • And as a general rule, a guy with Venus in Cancer may prefer women who come across as sweet, soft, and warm. He is not as inclined to go for women who are model-thin, tomboy-ish, or for the high-profile career type. He often is attracted to more traditionally feminine looks, simply dressed (not gaudy or flashy). Understated but feminine summer dresses, accentuated breasts (natural, not "enhanced"), an aura of innocence or neediness, and the promise of devotedness are usually turn-ons. Venus in Cancer men often go out of their way to avoid feeling rejected, and this is mirrored in their attraction to women who are not too aggressive, loud, or overly confident.

    So you could be just what he likes. But it sounds like he has some trust issues to resolve. Why not just suggest to him (maybe his mum could give you his phone number?) that you get to know each other as friends before you go any further.

  • **** = breasts ( seems silly to censor it.)

  • Thanks for a response! 😄 my birthday is febuary 10, 1991 and his is June 28, 1989.

    I have thought about doing that. But I am unsure of how to go about asking her. Plus he's always surrounded by his close circle of friends. For some reason I'm afraid of his judgement. Maybe I'm over thinking things???

    And yes Im not overly flashy or anything. Maybe a bit eccentric though. I'm an Aquarius I can't help it! Lol

  • Comparing your astrological profiles, I would advise you to press forward with contacting this guy because the potential for marriage or a long term love relationship is good. Love will have much to teach you both here, though at first issues of power, competitiveness, combativeness and even unfairness may surface. If you stick together, these attitudes can turn into more peaceful, open and accepting attitudes over time. An affair may begin somewhat conventionally, with the two of you being attracted to each other and falling in love, but after a time both will sense that you are fated to pursue a more spiritual course. This doesn't mean that you must give up physical contact, affection or sex, but that you reorient your priorities, making self-development along your common and individual lifepaths the highest consideration of all. A marriage that can sustain such lofty goals and feelings may reach high levels of spirituality. Admiration and respect can quickly replace any power challenges that may surface in the initial contacts between you - challenges of whether to seize power, exercise it or give it up. You will learn more about yourselves and your relationship through striving for and grasping power, then finally relinquishing it in favour of higher goals. Along the way, you can realize that the greatest power of all is the power of love, which should not be given up but given away, and shared freely with others.

  • Thank you sooo much! Any advice on how to approach him?

  • Try to become friends with him first before deciding to go any further. He will be wary of you at the beginning so try not to 'frighten' him off by being too aggressive or forward. Maybe tell his mother you would like to get to know her son better and ask her how best to approach him. She may have some good advice for you.

  • Well, you said much needed. I'm aquarius and ex husband was cancer. Wasn't a good combo. You remind me of myself when I'm around someone (other sex) that I'm unsure of. Be careful that your shyness doesn't make you vulnerable. These two signs are opposites. I feel your more geared towards finding your match in groups of people that you already know. This doesn't sound like a very comfortable situation. If you are truly interested in hanging out (which is very comfortable w/aquarius) find a common interest. Surround yourself with those you know.

  • Violetteviolet

    Daliolite is right - cancer & aquarius not a good match in marriage. I have seen it as girlfriend & boyfriend OK but with marriage it failed.Of course it all depends sometimes if you are meant to be you are meant to be together.

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