Taurus-Cancer-Libra MESS!

  • I am engaged to a Cancerman. I have fought very hard for him, but as time has gone on, I have become more entangled in a situasion I do not want to be in. I have never gotten along with his sister, who is friends with his ex - girlfriend, who still is part of their family's life. A couple of weeks ago, his mother slapped me through the face (she was staying with us for 2 years and took control over my whole house and I did not like that very much..). As my love life is still going down the toilet, I have started a great job over a year ago, where I met my boss (Libra). We have become friends and I do not want to fall in love with him, although there is definitely an attraction. I feel guilty. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Majestictwilight,

    While I don't profess to be psychic, I can however, see that you are in a bit of a entanglement. It appears to me your Cancerman has some "house cleaning" to do in the form of moving his mother out and putting some emotional "space" between himself and his ex-girlfriend. Also, you my dear should not allow anyone to physically abuse you or strike you. His mother, no matter how angry or upset with you should not have slapped or struck you in any way. That's considered assault and could (should) have landed her in jail!

    Anyway, as for the Libra boss - well he may be truly a wonderful man, but just a "heads up" here, mixing work with a personal relationship rarely works out and depending on certain labor laws, may be in violation of some (i.e., manager/employee personal love relationship - could be mis-construed as sexual harassment or some other thing inappropriate for the workplace). Just advising you to be careful and protect yourself.

    I don't doubt with all that is going on in your world that you are hurt, frightened and confused about your current relationship with your Cancerman fiance' and understand the need for some emotional support is great. My advice would be to find a quiet place where you can think things through uninterrupted and make a determination about your current relationship. It is always best to finish one "chapter" in one's life before beginning another. If you choose to end your relationship, then do so before you move on. Allow yourself some time to heal and bring closure to that relationship's energy before opening yourself up to a new one.

    I hope I've offered something here that will resonate with you and give you hope. I am so sorry things with your Cancerman are disappointing as I've heard they can be a great match for us Taurus girls.

    Blessings and light to you,


  • Thank you very much.

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