We Could All Use a Good Laugh...

  • Please share any jokes, funny anecdotes or quotes here. It just feels like we all need to lighten up a bit!

    This one makes me laaaaaaaugh (my humor tends to lean toward sarcasm so my apologies in advance if I offend anyone 🙂 )

    Person A: I keep reminding myself that when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.

    Person B: That's just so we have something to jump out of.

  • Here's a real life story---trickster stye. I was home alone cleaning house--enjoying the sweet solitude and on my fireplace mantel was a pretty vase holding one of those vineing plants that grow anywhere even just in water. And thinking it might be low I gently reached up and pourd in a little water and suddenly the whole plant flew out of the vase like a rocket !And landed across half the room! I jumped back paralized my mind racing--trying to make sense of it--did I just really see that happen? My heart was pounding! What the freak! I slowly walked to the vase looked inside then went over to pick up the plant and as I got closer realized staring at me was a big bright green tree frog! How it got inside the vase who knows--aparently when I added water it hauled as s and took the plant with it!

  • This is funny and I needed it today after going to a new church yesterday and the second half of the class was spent talking about the finances of the church. When I got up to leave a woman came up to me and said you look familiar to me, I told her that we just moved to this state and that I was just infused with Knowledge and Wisdom about the churches financial situations. She laughed because that days lesson was on Wisdom and Knowledge

  • OK, that frog story freaks me out a little 🙂

    Scanning my database for a joke that is "appropriate" for a public forum (teehee). In the meantime, let me just say that boy am I ever glad that the latest Mercury retrograde phase is OVER!!!

  • Bummer - there was a funny photo to go with the Merc retrograde comment, but it was denied!!!

  • Well, since my funny photo didn't come through, how about just an injection of pure joy and love? My great niece at 4 days old...

  • This is from the Ellen Degeneres show that aired today. She does a segment on funny text messages....

    Person 1 Text: Your Great Aunt died today. LOL.

    Person 2 Text: Why is that funny?

    Person 1 Text: It's not funny. Why would you ask that?

    Person 2 Text: Mom...LOL means laughing out loud.

    Person 1 Text: Oh my goodness! I thought it meant lots of love. I sent that to everyone. I need to call everyone right away.

  • Hi All,

    Great thread WG your niece is beautiful oh how i miss baby cuddles, time goes to fast ,

    Love the Frog story Blmoon what a hoot

    . I have a funny story a couple of years ago i was sweeping my floor and i swepted all the dirt into a dustpan then i went and emptied it into my washing machine that was doing a full cycle of washing at the time . I couldnt believe i done that ,i think i was doing so much that i got bamboozled . See WG i told you that reading was accurate . LOL

  • OMG LoaP - That washing machine story is HYSTERICAL. Maybe you were just trying to clean the dirt, hahaha. You really do push yourself to exhaustion, don't you? 🙂

  • I was babysitting a couple of days ago. The little girl just turned 5. she was playing with some toys and I told her to clean up and she says "You know what Sierra? I don't love you but I suuuuuure do like you a lot." That made my day.

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